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05.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hotties Who Were Sorority Girls

I get the impression that the college girls in NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING are going to be a wee bit more wild than the geeks of THE HOUSE BUNNY or even the lingerie-clad bitches of REVENGE OF THE NERDS. What I'm sure will remain is a bunch of highly attractive, scantily dresses females who drink, smoke and indulge too much for the sake of laughs. I'd love to say that movie sorority girls are a caricature of reality, but after looking up which celebrities were sisters, well... I might have to admit that Greek Row is full of hotties being naughty. Here are but 10 of those ladies.

#10 - Kristin Chenoweth

Her career has included bits that suggest a former sorority girl wrecking havoc in the world but it turns out Kristin Chenoweth was a Gamma Phi Beta in real life, so her on screen persona doesn't fall far from her off screen one. Tiny, perky, talented and whipsmart, this is exactly the kind of sister I would have loved to have had, if I'd been a college sorority girl myself.

#9 - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Because she grew up a rich girl, of course Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a sorority girl. Still, Delta Gamma and whatnot behind her, I get the impression that JLD is more down with the people than her illustrious roots would suggest. To be funny for the masses means you understand them on a unique level.

#8 - Heather Locklear

I wish that Heather Locklear still had a career in chewing up lesser bitches on night time soaps instead of being a former heavy metal wife twice over with a dark history of drunk driving arrests. A Chi Omega girl when she was a student at UCLA, Heather seemed so much better than how her cards played out. I still have hope for her showing up as one badass, chic grandma on some enterprising future soap.

#7 - Carrie Underwood

I'd always gotten the impression that most of the people who competed on "American Idol," were high school dropouts who loved music so much that they were willing to risk everything to make a career out of it. That might still be the case for 90% of them but for winner Carrie Underwood, her past included college with a stint in Sigma Sigma Sigma, where that gracious smile and sheen of perfection originated.

#6 - Lucy Liu

A Chi Omega girl, Lucy Liu definitely has that icy upscale sorority bitch thing when she wants to let it shine. Never more evident than the time she spent as a lawyer/judge on "Ally McBeal," all of those years of coordinating charity events and getting other girls to do the dirty work while she mingled have paid off in her current lucrative career.

#5 - Elizabeth Banks

I can totally picture Elizabeth Banks as one of those wild, heavy drinking, spinning her bra over her head while dancing on a pool table kind of college girls. Chances are, she never really hit that crazy streak if she had her sisters from Delta Delta Delta on her six to make sure that her shenanigans didn't get too insane. But I can picture it and that picture in my head is pretty glorious.

#4 - Jennifer Garner

I love that the sweet, charitable, all-American Garner has had a sexy career. It must have been picked up during her time as a member of Pi Beta Phi, learning to be flirtatious and wicked while maintaining the impression that she's as pure as the driven snow.

#3 - Jenna Dewan

Just another notch in my belt of beliefs that Jenna Dewan is way too hot and far too cool for her goofy husband, I found out that she's also a former Pi Beta Phi member. I had thought that perhaps because of her intense dance training, Jenna might not have had time for Greek row or school lessons in general, but it seems not. Just like it's surprising that a woman this fine and refined would end up with that Dumbo-eared goober. (For those with non-working sarcasm detectors, I have a long running history of knocking Tatum, so no flipping out over Mr. Der-Der-Der, aiight?)

#2 - Jamie Chung

When she started her journey on the road to fame, Jamie Chung was a college student and Kappa Kappa Gamma girl looking to pay her school loans when she applied to be a part of MTV's "The Real World." Chung is leggy, lovely and sharp, everything that you would expect from a young lady raised in the Greek world.

#1 - Sophia Bush

A member of Kappa Kappa Gamma when she was a collegiate, it doesn't surprise me that the hot, fit and environmentally conscientious Sophia Bush was a sorority girl. She's perky, overly involved in her charities and exactly the kind of woman that you want to become rich enough to afford as your arm candy.



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