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12.16.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hotties as Slave Leia

It's here, you freaks. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS has finally been delivered to the doorsteps of your collective fanboy dreams, complete with old Han Solo and a revisiting of the hottest thing to come out of the STAR WARS universe - chicks in Leia's famous gold slave bikini costume. Here are ten of my favorite hotties to put on the chains & buns.

Dishonorable Mention: Kim Kardashian

I knew she had dressed up as Princess Jasmine from ALADDIN for one Halloween, but have any of you seen the failed pilot that Kanye West tried to get Comedy Central to pick up? It included a muppet referred to as "Beary White," a smooth talking bear who dropped some naughty bombs and tried to pick up on Kim in a Slave Leia costume. Kanye wanting to be a storm trooper is one thing, believing people will find him funny (or Kim palatable) in any manner other than ironic? I just... I can't even...

#10 - Yaya Han

I got a bit hooked on the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes at various conventions, where people compete to have the best cosplay game. One of the stars of the show, Yaya Han, has been doing the cosplay thing for some time now and takes her job seriously, which means that when she goes full Slave Leia, she's all business. I don't know why an Asian Leia is so sexy to me, it might just be the Yaya.

#9 - Jennifer Aniston

I may not have been a big Ross & Rachel shipper (to phrase it the way the kids are these days) but the times when their relationship on "Friends" entered territory that many young 20/30somethings tend to encounter, it was a lot of fun. Probably never so much as the time when the mismatched couple tried to spice things up by trying out their respective fantasies. For those fellas with geeky tendencies, Ross wanting to see Jennifer Aniston's Rachel in that famous gold bikini was good luck for all of us Aniston fans.

#8 - Alessandra Torresani

I recommended putting the video on mute to avoid the horrible parody song in this video and focus on the hotness that radiates from rarely appreciated hottie, Alessandra Torresani in her Slave Leia costume. Alessandra gets points points for being an actual geek girl (she was photographed playing Magic: The Gathering with her personal set of cards while on the set) who knows her stuff.

#7 - Adrianne Curry

I'm really not a fan of Adrianne Curry on the whole but I will recognize that out of all the reality show celebrities who keep showing up to various conventions, she seems to actually know something about the characters she's dressing up as. A tough little fangirl with spunk, Curry was doing her Slave Leia thing long before others jumped into the Jabba jelly to join her.

#6 - Sara Jean Underwood

I keep trying to figure out what exactly Sara Jean Underwood has done to become the cosplay, geek girl hottie that she is. Sure, the G4 appearances added to that but otherwise she's mainly a model known for wearing next to nothing... and yet, she's still not as famous as the other why-are-they-famous people. Her Slave Leia game is spot on, though. Simply check out her STAR WARS spread she recently did for Playboy.

#5 - Yvonne Strahovski

Not enough people watched "Chuck," myself included. I've only recently caught onto the show thanks to NetFlix and I'm beginning to wonder what it was that kept me from watching it when it was originally on. I know I certainly would have tuned in sooner if they had made a bigger deal out of star Yvonne Strahovski donning a Slave Leia costume for a mission. Oh, and if you think she was hot in the episode, listen to her talk about it in her Aussie accent for this interview.

#4 - Olivia Munn

Sure, she's more of a fake geek than a diehard fan, with even her boyfriend calling her out on that fact, but it's hard to deny that Munn doesn't make for a pretty babetastic Slave Leia. I'm sure that it would be easy to blame her for all of the super hot wannabes that have flooded convention floors in the past few years. While not an ideal trend for the diehards, it's not exactly the ugliest thing in pop culture to catch on.

#3 - Maitland Ward

I know a lot of you aren't amused with my Maitland Ward love. This is clearly not the top ten you are looking for. What's great about Ward's Slave Leia is that she has the curvaceous, feminine body to fill it out - there are no protruding ribs or jutting hip bones. Just the softness and welcoming body that any fat tub of lard would want chained to him. Maitland never seems to take herself too seriously in costume either, enjoying the attention she gets from fans at conventions. Who said being a STAR WARS fan meant you needed to be a hardass?

#2 - Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell not only ditched her famous blonde locks when she took on the role of Zoe in the movie FANBOYS, she also put her best geek girl foot forward with the best knock-off Slave Leia so far. For the scenes of KBell in this iconic costume alone, it still makes no sense to me how this movie sat on the shelves for so many years and then was given a lackluster straight-to-DVD release. It's not the laugh-a-minute comedy that some might be looking for but it's still a novel attempt at capturing the madness that is the STAR WARS fan realm.

#1 - Carrie Fisher

Many have tried it. Some have come close. Some have failed spectacularly. But they're all trying it because Carrie Fisher did it first and Carrie Fisher did it best. So far, I've yet to see any who can top the original.



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