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02.14.2018by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Women of Marvel

Happy Valentine's Day, bitches! All I got for you this year is a list that you'll probably hate because for some reason, fandoms seem to shit all over what they claim to love, don't they? There are plenty of tasty ladies to choose from in the Marvel universe, including some in the latest offering, BLACK PANTHER. So be kind and rewind your memories to the ones who have come before and wait to complain about Brie Larson not being included because we technically haven't seen her as Captain Marvel yet.

#10 - Karen Gillan (Nebula - GOTG movies)

As much as Gillan talks about being awkward and weird and utterly lacking in physical prowess (admitting that she relies heavily on her stunt doubles because of her gawkiness), she sure fools everyone as Nebula, the slighted faux sister of Gamora. If anything, her husky voiced anger makes her even more seductive. Which probably says more about me than her, but I digress. Lady is hot as hell in blue.

#9 - Lupita Nyong'o (Nakia - BLACK PANTHER)

While there were several teaser pictures surrounding BLACK PANTHER in the built-up hype suggesting that women were going to be featured as more than just decorative playthings, I wasn't sold until I saw just how much we got to see of Lupita as Nakia. And she is resplendent not only in her beauty in this movie but in her sheer badassedness as a Wakanda warrior.

#8 - Marisa Tomei (Aunt May - SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING)

People bitched and moaned about the latest SPIDER-MAN offering featuring Tomei, who was deemed "too young" to tackle the role of Peter Parker's alternate parental figure. Realistically, the previous Aunt May was really too f*cking old to plausibly be the sister of the dude who spawned a teenager (seriously, how many of your parents have a sibling who is decades older than them? I've done the math and if Peter's dad was 40 when Peter was born, then MAYBE, just MAYBE, having a 60-something - and that's being kind in terms of how old Ben & May were portrayed in the comics - might have worked but we're talking about a series that was created when people were finished having children when they were no older than mid-30's, so... I dunno, that shit just gets in my craw), so Marisa is perfect. In terms of age and all that hot aunt praise that was reaped upon her in the film.

#7 - Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts - various Marvel movies)

Gwyneth is one of those completely out-of-touch-with-the-little-people kind of celebrities but she is a super fine addition to the Marvel franchise. For someone who was born into celebrity, Paltrow still looks relatively "average" in that hot Hollywood sort of way, which makes her easier to digest in her supportive rock role as Pepper Potts. Tony Stark - and us fans - can't imagine it any other way.

#6 - Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones - Jessica Jones)

This is going to be my only entry from a Marvel TV show because while there is some tasty talent in Netflix's bevy of bodacious Marvel universe shows, Ritter has always been my only when it comes to exceptions. There's something deliciously wonky about her face that never ceases to grab my attention and keep it and when you pair that with her being a badass and showing off that awe-inspiriting white girl booty in those simple blue jeans, well, take my f*cking money, Netflix.

#5 - Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie - THOR: RAGNAROK)

Tessa Thompson is breathtakingly beautiful in my eyes. Dress her up in leather, give her a bottle to get blitzed on and show her kicking some crazy cosmic ass and I am a puddle in my seat. While everyone else I know was going batshit over Cate Blanchett, I was aching for a little more Valkyrie in my diet.

#4 - Olivia Munn (Psylocke - X-MEN: APOCALYPSE)

I don't consider myself to be the biggest Olivia Munn fan (at one point, before I knew much about her off-screen personality, I thought she was super fine, but that's waned considerably with the more knowledge I gain) but holy shit did she look outstanding as Psylocke, wreaking havoc in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. Too bad a hot body in a skin tight costume can't save an otherwise lackluster film.

#3 - Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlett Witch - various Marvel movies)

When the first on-set shots of Lizzie in her Scarlet Witch costume were revealed, the majority of them seems to be taken by a drone, which meant that we got to focus downward into her filmy black tank top as she swirled about, pretending the CGI flames were already attached to her hands. Her Russian accent has suffered over the course of her appearance in the Marvel films but her hotness hasn't scaled back at all.

#2 - Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow - various Marvel movies)

It kinda doesn't matter which movie you pick, although I might be partial to IRON MAN 2 ScarJo, in which we first get introduced to Black Widow with her atrocious curly red haired wig. There are very few women who can beat Scarlett in overall beauty or sexiness, even with her now short hair.

#1 - Rebecca Romijn & Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique - X-MEN movies)

I suppose that we could consider this a top hot character in the Marvel universe but it sure as shit doesn't hurt that the character was portrayed by two of the sexiest women of their respective generations. Very few actresses have the bodies let alone the chutzpah to pull off a role in little more than body paint & prosthetics, so you've got to give the both of them props.



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