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01.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Women from Game of Thrones

Howdy to a whole new year. It's hard to think that we're edging closer to the 20-years-since-Y2K-craziness marker but it's even harder to process just how popular the HBO series "Game of Thrones," a twisty-turny-topsy-turvy-killy-beheady show could become. You used to have to stay up until past 2am and tune into Cinemax in order to see the amount of hot, naked women that this fantasy series serves up. Since one of its stars is getting her leading lady big screen status with the release of THE FOREST this week, I thought we could take a look at the great company she keeps.

#10 - Michelle Fairley

I don't care if I'm the only one who thinks that Mama Stark is a good looking woman. There's something innately powerful about a mother who is willing to shed blood for her children and power is sexy. I see a bit of Joan Allen beauty in Michelle. It's a solid, dependable, reassuring old school beauty. And while Fairley's character is one of the few who didn't turn heads by doffing clothing, she's still a remarkable character brought to life by a great actress.

#9 - Sibel Kekilli

Perhaps more intriguing than her on-screen character of Shae, the prostitute who ends up romantically entangled with Tyrion Lannister, is the fact that Kekilli has an equally red-light district history herself. Kekilli acted in porn prior to a straight acting career, which she was blasted for in the German media and denounced as intelligently as Shae might have protested, if poor women had more sway back in GOT ages.

#8 - Carice van Houten

There is something wicked, wild and dark about Carice van Houten and her womanly ways. As the Shadowbinder priestess Melisandre, van Houten seduces powerful men, gives birth to darkness itself and scares the crap out of people with her mysterious (and yet super hot) ways. Carice exudes this in her persona so strongly on screen, I can't say I'd be all that comfortable in her real life presence either.

#7 - Rose Leslie

The only thing that archery great Katness Everdeen was missing was flaming red hair. "Love them redheads..." as McConaughey might say and Rose Leslie is no exception. Ygritte is wild, strong, beautiful and capable of bringing sourpuss sissyboy Jon Snow (and the rest of us) to his knees.

#6 - Sophie Turner

She wasn't a (US legislated) legal age of 18 until she'd been on the show for a spell but that hardly diminishes the fact that Sansa Stark was a royal-in-waiting worth waiting for. Sophie Turner has that red hair that is so hard to not become bewitched by, as well as a unique beauty and a perseverance that astounds.

#5 - Lena Headey

She's a bitch and she knows it but that's the biggest appeal to nutty Cersei Lannister, the brother f*cking queen of hot. Lena Headey is a laidback, tattooed mama in real life, the sort you can smoke a cigar and drink some whiskey with but on screen she is powerful, graceful, conniving, cunning and just plain awesome in a whole different way.

#4 - Natalie Dormer

Dormer had been lingering around the sidelines for a bit before landing the role of Margaery Tyrell, the lady who couldn't wait to reign. That adorable smirk of hers has paid off ruthlessly - Dormer is now entertaining a number of higher profile roles that she hadn't in the past, all while maintaining her brocade with an iron hotness.

#3 - Esme Bianco

Bianco didn't have a big acting resume prior to "Game of Thrones," but that wasn't a prerequisite for being a hottie on the show. As Ros, Bianco was the favorite of many GOT regulars at the brothel outside of Winterfell for obvious reasons - she was funny, fit and sexual in the manner that guys looking for paid company love. Without spoiling too much, let's just say that I was sad when she ended up getting Game of Throne-d.

#2 - Nathalie Emmanuel

I'm cheating a bit, using a nudey shot of Emmanuel while I've been chaste with the other images. That's because Nathalie getting nude for the first time on "Game of Thrones" is still considered a huge highlight for fans of the show, myself included. It's one thing to be a hot computer geek in a FAST & FURIOUS movie. But to seduce as grandly in a wordy, violent, period drama? Whoa mama.

#1 - Emilia Clarke

The mother of dragons is really the mother of all hotties when it comes to the "Game of Thrones" world. I have never seen more chicks who dig cosplay go nuts when Daenerys burst on to the scene, giving them a huge variety of fun costuming opportunities. With or without plastic dragons adorned to the cleavage? Hair down or in braids? All of the hoopla around the fan favorite has turned Emilia Clarke into a instant A-lister and I can't really argue with that promotion.



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