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11.22.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Sexiest Superhero Moments

I'm still trying to understand why people were so grumbly about JUSTICE LEAGUE. Was it because we didn't get a sexy scene, other than seeing Batman pine for ol' Supes while everyone else commented on how hot Wonder Woman was? How about I just show you some other sexy moments from superhero movies and you be thankful that the movie industry is still catering to the comic book universe. Or perhaps think of this as something else to complain about.

#10 - Black Rubber & Tortured Psyches (BATMAN FOREVER)

Bowling For Soup have a song titled "Val Kilmer" in which they proclaim that he sucked as Batman. I think the blame lies in Schumacher's hands (he did get even worse with BATMAN & ROBIN) but a young, hearty Kilmer was pretty darn sexy in his "I don't really want to be here" kind of way. And Kidman before all the Botox was truly a sight to behold.

#9 - Adamantium Boner (X-MEN: THE LAST STAND)

Before he got old and paternal, before he had lousy origin stories told for the sake of a paycheck, before Jean went off and made sweet love to her favorite female TV lawyer, the sexiest thing our PG-13 rated superhero eyes got to see was Wolverine hooking up with the newly born Phoenix. And damn, it was hot.

#8 - Casablanca With Implants (BARB WIRE)

Once upon a time we were in love with the glossy, overly primped perfection of Pamela Anderson, when little was known about her personal life and we could sit back and focus on the more important things - her X-rated Barbie doll looks. Mix that with her trying to be a superhero character in a adaptation that suggested the story line of CASABLANCA and Rick ain't never seen anything like this before.

#7 - Backseat Changing Room (IRON MAN 2)

It's surprising to me that most people forget that we were first introduced to ScarJo's Black Widow during IRON MAN 2, when she was quietly infiltrating Tony Stark's world, but I'm sure Favs hasn't forgotten. A brief few seconds show Scarlett unzipping in the backseat while Happy is not-so-attentively driving before the fury of her training has her taking out multiple targets in a tight black leather get-up.

#6 - Sexiest Fisherman Alive (JUSTICE LEAGUE)

Someone over at People magazine was smoking some crazy shit when they put that doughy old dad-bodied country singer on the cover of their Sexiest Man Alive issue. It's especially telling that they did it during the same month that JUSTICE LEAGUE was released, with all of the gratuitous bare chested Jason Momoa scenes. Remember when everyone used to make fun of Aquaman? Now even the straightest of dudes I know are eager for more fishy goodness.

#5 - Red Hot Movie Debut (THE MASK)

Remember when Cameron Diaz was young and still had that enticing baby fat in her face that gave her features a retro movie siren vibe? Before she got all stringy looking and still had tasty meat on her bones? Cameron has had her share of hot moments in movies over the years but none that can rival her movie debut in THE MASK.

#4 - Frosty Bondage (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS)

January Jones brought a whole lot of contention to her performance as Emma Frost, with most people wondering if she really was constructed from cold inorganic material. In a way, it could be considered a flawless turn if that was intentional, but I think we all know it wasn't. And while it's still creepy AF to have Magneto strangle her with a metal bed frame, the way that body looks in diamond form is as close to perfection as CGI can get.

#3 - Mystique & Beast Get Freaky (X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST)

There is a lot of sexy when you get Jennifer Lawrence out of her clothes but perhaps never more so than when she's getting paid for it. DAYS OF FUTURE PAST had a lot going for it, so I'm a bit baffled as to why it wouldn't push that envelope even more and keep this scene in the movie. JLaw was still dating Hoult at the time this was shot, which adds an extra element of hotness to it.

#2 - Sand Saref Towel Drop (THE SPIRIT)

Eva Mendes has always been hot. She's also wickedly funny when everyone else is painfully failing at keeping a straight face. There were a lot of issues that I had with THE SPIRIT but Eva (and her bare ass) being the best part about the whole thing isn't one of them.

#1 - Upside Down Kiss (SPIDER-MAN)

You can tell that a chick wrote this top ten because kisses could never be sexy, right? Not even a braless, nubile young Kirsten Dunst nearly poking out of her wet dress while she purrs a thank you to the otherwise unf*ckable Tobey Maguire after he saves her from nearly getting raped. Nothing sexy about this at. all.



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