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04.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Single Ladies in Hollywood

It's not too unbelievable that 30-year old Anna Kendrick (holy shit, how the hell is she 30 already??) would date 47-year old Sam Rockwell, her co-star in this week's new release, MR RIGHT. After all, Kendrick once dated director Edgar Wright, who is 12 years her senior. However, as much as Hollywood would like to pressure us into believing that young chicks are interested in dudes decades older than them, the reality doesn't quite match up. That might be why so many of the hottest chicks today are staying single and avoiding the trappings that come from being a famous couple in Hollywood. Here are 10 of the hottest single female celebrities today.

#10 - Nicole Beharie

I don't know whether to envy Nicole Beharie because she counts Michael Fassbender as one of her exes, the fact that she is the only Julliard student to receive the Robin Williams scholarship by unanimous vote or because she's built like a damn brick house. All I know for sure is the guy who gets to be with her will be entertained in more ways than one.

#9 - Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev is a former gymnast. And while I doubt you'd be having THE BRONZE-style sex with her, that flexibility Dobrev learned from her years of training has to set your imagination running into dark, twisted little alleys. Nina is also smart, sassy, bilingual and fun, judging from all of those pictures of her goofing off on yachts during her downtime. It's a win-win-win kinda deal here.

#8 - Emilia Clarke

Voted Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive in 2015, mastering her craft as the mother of dragons AND John Connor, winning red carpets with that infectiously charming grin of hers, I can't process how Emilia Clarke has remained single for so long. Sure, she's a busy lady but if she was able to carve out 6 months in her schedule a few years back to date schlubby Seth MacFarlane, I'm sure there are plenty of you fellas out there funnier & more fit than him for her to use her airline miles on.

#7 - Selena Gomez

I was torn between putting Selena on this list or Rihanna and then I realized: if I were a dude, would I care more if the chick I wanted had Chris Brown or Justin Bieber for an ex? In that case, Selena wins. She's also winning by not jumping into another public relationship, sticking to taking care of her health and working on her career until she's ready to let another person in.

#6 - Amanda Seyfried

Out of all the ladies to go through breakups last year, it was the relationship Seyfried had with fellow actor, Justin Long, that bummed me out the most. The two of them both seem like down-to-earth people with a desire to make others laugh, although Amanda's deep love for her pup Finn might come before any two-legged dude. Guys without dog allergies and a deep well of comedic intentions might be the best bet for this leggy blonde.

#5 - Kate Hudson

I imagine that being with Kate Hudson has to be a rough gig. She's a whirling dervish of a woman, going from drama to comedy to musicals, all the while anchoring herself by being a dedicated family woman. If you can manage to hang on, what you get in exchange is a smart, funny, entertaining and super fit partner in crime.

#4 - Jaimie Alexander

In high school, Jaimie got kicked out of her drama classes because she couldn't sing but instead of wallowing, she joined the wrestling team and started kicking ass that way. Years later, Alexander was picked up to play Lady Sif, the badass sidepiece to Thor, proving that you don't always have to be the delicate flower to get the dude. Since her recent breakup with Peter Facinelli fell through because he couldn't handle the distance, you might have to be a flexible dude to get with this warrior.

#3 - Kaley Cuoco

My biggest complain about Kaley Cuoco is that she seems to be a bit too big of a sucker for love. Prior to marrying that tennis dude who thought the bottle was more important than the funny (and rich, don't forget rich) lady he was lucky enough to be with, Cuoco jumped around a bit in relationships, always on the lookout for something serious. Now that she's had her heart bruised, it's good to see her focusing on her cornerstones - yoga, nails & horses - before jumping in too quickly again. If you can handle what I imagine is a bit of needy smothering, the luxury you'd live in with this cool chick might make it worth it.

#2 - Hilary Duff

That butt. Those thighs. That balcony blowjob she gave to Mike Comrie after he proposed to her. The fact that she left him when he wasn't measuring up. How she hasn't just immediately rolled into another relationship after her divorce, simply to have another warm body next to her on the red carpet. Hilary Duff is beautiful and fit, hardworking and dedicated to her family, knows herself and isn't afraid to display her strength. The guy who does get to be with her is a lucky bastard.

#1 - Margot Robbie

I think it's pretty clear to regular readers that I have a major girl crush on Margot Robbie. She's fierce enough to stand up to the heavy Hollywood male hitters, holding her own against Leo, Jared and Will. While many might dismiss her as being just another pretty blonde, this lady has bite and isn't afraid to use it. Couple that with her natural Aussie accent and airport strolls where she's decked out in Raiders gear like an uberfan and you have the kind of woman you should bend over backwards to get to know.



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