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12.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Roommates of TV & Film

I don't feel like trying to drum up yet another Xmas top ten list. We can tweak it and tweak it and tweak it so that the titles are never the same, we're still going to end up using the same list of movies or shows that get used in everything. Instead, I'm using the limited-release indie comedy, BAD ROOMIES for inspiration this week and presenting you with a list of the top hottest roommates from TV & Film from over the years. I'm sure I've forgotten plenty, feel free to add your own hot roomies.

Bonus - Brad Pitt (TRUE ROMANCE)

In looking up roommate characters, I figured out who my favorite roommate character of all time was (sorry, Nick Frost). I don't know if it's because I've met so many Floyds over the course of my life, whether they were my roommate, my roommate's boyfriend or the roommate of a guy I was dating. The lovable stoner who never leaves the couch and always has his DIY bong within arm's reach is an enduring stereotype that I don't mind continually seeing over the years. It has nothing to do with Brad Pitt being so damn hot back then... I swear!

#10 - Janeane Garafalo (REALITY BITES)

When I was young, I wanted to grow up and have a roommate like Janeane's Vickie from REALITY BITES. Sure, she had intimacy issues (I refuse to slut-shame a fictional character) but she was a sardonically funny, loving friend that you would want on your side. Amusingly, I never did get a roommate like Vickie... I was recently told by my first roomie that I was the Vickie in our apartment. Funny, flawed, excellent at working retail... Go figure.


Once upon a time, Bridget Fonda was a Hollywood family name and a 1990's darling, pulling in some of the plummest roles available. She was so cute, so worthy of our protective nature that she helped to sell the ridiculousness of SINGLE WHITE FEMALE when people should have rejected the concept on sight. (In actuality, women sadly have a habit of trying to make themselves more like their respected female friends, although never to a twinning degree like in the film.) As for her desperate singleton Seattle roommate character in SINGLES? I can see why her roomie was always making herself scarce and trying to drum up a boyfriend rather than hang out with her. Still doesn't make her any less adorable.

#8 - Lara Flynn Boyle (THREESOME)

It kills me to have witnessed what Lara Flynn Boyle did to herself over the years, with the extreme weight loss and plastic surgeries. Back in her prime, she was gorgeous and seductive, rasping out lines like a quick-witted beauty queen, making it a blast to watch whatever she did. THREESOME is oddly enough one of my favorite movies of all time, written well, acted well and made at a time in my life to make an impression (I'm realizing how much of the top ten this week centers in the '90's, and making note of it).

#7 - Cameron Diaz (THE SWEETEST THING)

I'm never going to not like Cameron Diaz. I might fight with myself about the degree to which I like her (or am willing to tolerate some of her stupid career choices) but Diaz is a badass bitch after my own heart. She's always taken interesting roles rather than looking for perfect vehicles to further her success and while THE SWEETEST THING is far from being even a mediocre movie, it was one of the few that championed girl power when the movement was beginning to seriously wane.

#6 - Jessica Pare (LOST & DELIRIOUS, POSERS)

At some point in the early 00's, Jessica Pare started booking a lot of small-budget movies that allowed her to vamp it up to the extreme. LOST & DELIRIOUS as well as POSERS aren't particularly great films but Pare makes them interesting with her breathy delivery and unique, gap-toothed beauty. She followed up in her career by showing off her perfect breasts in HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and her panting sexuality on "Mad Men," making her perhaps the sexiest woman in Hollywood who rarely gets the recognition for being so.

#5 - Minka Kelly (THE ROOMMATE)

Poor Minka Kelly. Not only can she not seem to get her acting career rolling in the manner befitting of a gorgeous starlet like herself, she ends up playing the beautiful but boring characters in most of what she does book. THE ROOMMATE ended up becoming one of my favorite Awfully Good movies, mainly because seeing Leighton Meester chew up scenes with her wild, blank-eyed stare was such a hoot. (Kitten in the dryer? Why, of course!) Much like most of us have had a good looking but flawed roommate over the years, Kelly manages to not even have character flaws in the movie, leaving us to drool after her but ultimately not care about her fate.

#4 - Kysten Ritter (The B in Apartment 23)

I just finished up watching Ritter in the first season of NetFlix's "Jessica Jones" and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the show yet. I AM sure, however, regarding my feelings on "The B- in Apartment 23," a sitcom with interesting aspirations (Van Der Beek as Van Der Beek is still one of my favorite things about television, EVER) and a realistic touch. You might not have liked Chloe on the show but dammit if she wasn't like someone you know (and grudgingly tolerate because they make your life that much more interesting). If you've tapped out on your shows and are looking to watch something, I always recommend bingeing on this show.


This entire movie made me wildly uncomfortable, as was its desire. While we should have been lusting after Biel and feeling bad for Sossamon for the enduring trial that it can be, having a roommate far shinier and more sought after than ourselves, mostly THE RULES OF ATTRACTION put a spotlight on how ugly our young adulthood can be. Coming off of her run on the chaste series, "7th Heaven," it was even more of a twitch-in-your-seat sensation to see Biel strut down a hallway as the drunken college chick who does the football team. Brutally honest, sure. But it also stripped away some of the satisfaction of getting to see Jess in her undies.

#2 - Suzanne Somers (Three's Company)

She created such a ruckus trying to get paid more than the studios were willing to pay her that Somers ended up becoming the role model for the revolving roommate (much like the Spinal Tap drummer situation). Still, when I was a little kid and "Three's Company" was in heavy syndicated rotation, I couldn't think of a more fun person to have as a roommate, even if it meant awkwardly sharing a bedroom with her. Chrissy Snow was the enjoyable kind of dummy with the loyal heart. Too bad she couldn't have stuck around longer.

#1 - Jennifer Aniston (Friends)

Back in the glowing first few seasons of "Friends," it was hard to imagine getting a roomie hotter than Jennifer Aniston in her prime. Rachel Green isn't the roommate that I would have wished on anyone - self-obsessed, spoiled, whiny, low-income-earning, brother-f*cking, etc etc etc... Rachel was far from perfect. But Jen's magnificent breasts before she started going all bobbleheaded on us? Hell, we were happy just to see a glimpse of her perfect ass on the cover of Rolling Stone back in the '90's.



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