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03.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Reporters in Film

After thoroughly turning me off by taking those big budget dollars that the studio execs are throwing at her and churning out SISTERS, a comedy that didn't try to be awesomely female-centric but rather a bromance flick with women in the leads (why pay money for that when you can just wait for the Apatow Squad to disappoint/fulfill you again?), Tina Fey is trying to get me to check out WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT by being more feminist and getting Margot Robbie to rub shoulders with her. (That lady is hard to resist.) I'm still undecided on whether I'll go to see this movie while it's battling it out at the box office this weekend but it did give me an excuse to come up with a female reporters ten spot, so all is not lost.

#10 - Manuela Velasco ([REC] movies)

She might not be the prettiest and she might not be the sexiest but [REC] star Manuela Velasco is a badass. I give everyone permission to pretend that [REC]3 never existed and condolences regarding [REC]4:APOCALYPSE being a huge letdown but in the first couple of installments of the shaky cam Spanish spooky franchise are damn frightening and Velasco is the key point in getting that fear across. Those gigantic eyes of hers glazed over in terror had me reeling.

#9 - Alison Lohman (WHERE THE TRUTH LIES)

I don't what the hell happened to Alison Lohman but I sincerely miss her. While there are some who didn't find her sexy enough to play the celebrity reporter in WHERE THE TRUTH LIES, I never thought of the role as being one where she needed to ooze sex appeal. Instead, Lohman is a grounding force in a film that has been sadly overlooked (I watch Kevin Bacon movies, hell, even in BEAUTY SHOP Kevin Bacon is a muthaf*cking boss). With a timid return to the screen last year in THE VATICAN TAPES, Lohman finally ended her 6 year absence from the big screen. Now, who will pick her up and give us aging fangirls our golden girl back?

#8 - Kate Hudson (HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS)

I like this movie. I know I shouldn't. Out of all of the rom-coms available to get addicted to, this movie is on the lower rungs when it comes to being respected for personal movie preferences but dammit, I like this movie. I mainly like it for Kate Hudson, who sparkles and shines and takes material that would have fallen flat in the hands of anyone else (plus, the chemistry she has with McConaughey is undeniable, no?). While there isn't a good story being told and certainly not one to brag about when it comes to accurate portrayals of female reporters, Hudson is still the tastiest frosting.

#7 - Amy Adams (MAN OF STEEL)

While I love me some Amy Adams, her version of Lois Lane is my least favorite (Margot Kidder is #1, Erica Durance is #2). However, how can one be seen as a super babe or a great actress in a film that requires so little of you in your craft? I have my problems with MoS, the least of which is Amy, who manages to always be a champion no matter what the project she takes on.

#6 - Jennifer Connelly (BLOOD DIAMOND)

Aside from being a highly difficult movie to watch (and one of the other films I would have preferred to see Leo win his Oscar for instead of THE REVENENT), this proves to be more evidence of an actress who is underestimated when it comes to her acting talent. Jennifer Connelly speaks softly, in that sweet lilting voice of hers but when she's given the right material, the delicacy with which she can deliver powerful lines is astonishing. Her bravery in taking on roles that other actresses wouldn't go anywhere near is inspiring. And she's still damn hot too.

#5 - Kate Beckinsale (NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH)

I am actually not a huge fan of Kate Beckinsale. I like the lady just fine but I still can't quite comprehend the undying fanboy oozing idolatry of such a mediocre actress. Sure, she's beautiful. She's fit. She's hawwwwwt and all that. But when you have a movie like NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, a film that's actually interesting for everyone BUT its lead female, you should be paying closer attention. Hell, love her as an action hero (even though she's not doing the stuntwoman work) but admit that she's the weak link in the casting of every other film she's in.

#4 - Christina Applegate (ANCHORMAN movies)

Applegate is always funny and forever a babe for those of us who grew up watching her slink about as Kelly Bundy or evade money troubles in DON'T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER'S DEAD. But Christina takes it to a whole other level when placed beside Will Ferrell in the ANCHORMAN movies, pursing her lips just ever so slightly and tilting her head while maintaining her professional cool. Veronica Corningstone was a parody of the changing landscape for female reporters during the '70's and '80's but Applegate made her uniquely awesome.


If you're asking yourself why the hell a reporter would need to be in a sexy Spears-esque schoolgirl uniform for a movie that's being hawked mainly to small children, clearly you don't understand the masterful combination of a Michael Bay produced project featuring Megan Fox. She might look waxy and strange if you catch a look of her out in the wild but when the slick production gets all high-def, Blu-ray worthy, you want that beautifully phony face in the center of the screen. And who said female reporters weren't allowed to be sexy?

#2 - Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother)

Here's where I feel totally comfortable in cheating. I didn't quite want to have this be a top ten about television AND movie reporter characters because it would have been far too complicated to narrow down to just ten. And it was difficult enough to begin with. However, out of all the ladies who have played reporters on TV, Colbie Smulders rocking it out as Robin Sparkles Scherbatsky is one of my favorites of all time, perhaps only because she embraces the emotional instability that I often feel in life. If you too have felt like getting drunk, crawling under your desk and having a good weep, I feel you. Robin feels you.

#1 - Courteney Cox (SCREAM movies)

Once upon a time, I wanted to be Courteney Cox. Not only did she have one of the coolest (and perhaps the most bizarre) early career resume including spending time with Dolph-Man & Ace Ventura, but she was one of the highest paid women on television when she took on the strangely un-glamourous role of plucky reporter Gale Weathers in SCREAM, one of the first movies released during my adolescence that unsettled me nearly as much as the material it was mocking. She was tough, tenacious, sexy, intelligent and just plain awesome.



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