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05.10.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Mother Daughter Movie Characters

Moving on and away from the father son aspect of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2, we're heading into a week filled with summer box office hopefuls who also seem to understand that they're not going to be banking much following the biggest superhero sequel release this season. Jax Teller trying to be the Heath Ledger KNIGHT'S TALE King Arthur isn't turning many heads. But how about Goldie Hawn returning to goofball comedy while trailing Amy Schumer as her awkward & emotionally stunted daughter in SNATCHED? They say there's always room for one R-rated comedy every summer and this one is written by the same lady who banked big on THE HEAT. Or maybe it's just good fodder for looking at some hot mother-daughter combos. I've forgotten a bunch, I'm sure. Add yours in the comments.

Honorary Mom: Furiosa & The Wives

I think we all recognize that MAD MAX: FURY ROAD was a different kind of superhero film. And that Charlize Theron brought the hurt as a different type of hero. Kinda like how moms do, every single day. So I'm going to put this here and let you think about that.

#10 - Meryl Streep & Amanda Seyfried (MAMMA MIA)

This might have been the sexiest that Meryl has looked in recent years (I think she was stunning during her SOPHIE'S CHOICE period, even if I'm alone on that) and when she gets a chance to sing, dance and be funny while getting paired up with the angelic Seyfried (who sadly was not put in a bikini for the role), well, it's enough to tickle more than just your funny bone.

#9 - Patricia Clarkson & Emma Stone (EASY A)

I have a deep love for Patricia Clarkson that probably isn't matched by anyone else. There is something about people who possess magnetic personalities that makes them infinitely more attractive to me than someone more traditionally beautiful. Clarkson is up there. Match her up with Emma Stone playing her daughter, give them a funny scene on top of the hood of a car where they discuss the intricacies of how shitty growing up can be and you have magic, if only for a moment.

#8 - Famke Janssen & Maggie Grace (TAKEN)

The main thing that bugs me about the first movie is that we all know Famke is a badass. Even when she's stepping into the role of a traditional mom-type, we still know she's tough as shit. It's hard to process that she wouldn't have had a hand in tracking down her daughter right alongside Liam, growling into a cell phone and making ass kicking promises you know she was planning on executing. (I haven't seen the sequels, so if she gets a chance to knock off some bad guys later, let me know and I might actually watch them.)

#7 - Cher & Winona Ryder (MERMAIDS)

Say what you want about all the plastic surgery that Cher has had, back at the onset of the '90's, she was in full-blown hot-ass cougar territory, turning back time by prancing around in lacy fishnets with her ass tattoos on display. Seeing her go retro at the time with Winona (and a baby Christina Ricci) was even hotter, perhaps because her character was such a hot mess that you understood Hoskins' desire to save her. Hell, I wouldn't mind if they remade this movie with Ryder in the mom role this time.

#6 - Leslie Mann & Michelle Trachtenberg (17 AGAIN)

This weird little movie, a tired trope of middle-aged person makes a wish that they could go back to their high school years and do it all over again, is probably the last time we saw Michelle attempting to look happy about being an actor. Don't worry that she's playing a 17-year old, as she was 24 at the time (and 2 years older than Efron, who was just cutting his teeth on finding the muscle his funnybone has at the time). Especially don't worry about lusting after Mann, who is really the highlight of the film. The stories the actress tells about getting to kiss Zac and then going home and having her daughters kiss her as if the lips were transferable are pretty funny too, if you watch any commentary on the film.

#5 - Elisabeth Shue & Jennifer Lawrence (HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET)

Every Oscar winner has a crappy PG-13 "horror" film in their resume, if you look hard enough. This one was Jennifer Lawrence's, a chance to see her running around in a tight tank top while her equally hot mother, played by Elisabeth Shue, tries to stop her from fraternizing with the local ostracized boy that the whole town hates for no explicable reason. It's a throwaway flick, a Nickelodeon-does-PSYCHO kinda gig, not worth watching. But if it gives you the inspiration to start thinking of Shue & JLaw in a very incestuous PornHub fantasy way, then it's done its job.

#4 - Michelle Pfeiffer & Alison Lohman (WHITE OLEANDER)

This movie has stayed with me long after it had for most people, perhaps because one of my close friends in high school went through the torture of bouncing around foster care, so it felt all too real. This is easily my favorite performance of Pfeiffer's, even if she's an evil c*nt in it or perhaps precisely for that reason. It also makes me miss Alison Lohman and mourn the fact that Hollywood never seemed to understand exactly what to do with her.

#3 - Carla Gugino & Alexandra Daddario (SAN ANDREAS)

Never mind the fact that if it was reality, The Rock & Carla would have been 15 when Daddario was born, you have to busy yourself with the disbelief of an earthquake tearing apart the west coast in SAN ANDREAS. I might have ranked these gals higher on the list if they'd appeared in more scenes together in the film, but it was enough to see them lighting up the red carpet together when the movie debuted in summer 2015.

#2 - Amy Poehler & Rachel McAdams (MEAN GIRLS)

We all know these women from our time in high school (or for those of you who might be parents right now, from uncomfortable PTA meetings). The fact that Poehler was playing the "cool mom" to McAdams despite being only 7 years her senior didn't matter - her character worked so hard to still be a teenager, it was hysterical and painfully relatable.

#1 - Sigourney Weaver & Jennifer Love Hewitt (HEARTBREAKERS)

I don't know what it is about this movie but it's my kryptonite. Much like certain films I grew up with, this is in the pantheon of "if it's playing, I can't change the channel" for those times when I'm actually channel surfing. Whether it's Sigourney vamping it up with that hypnotic comedic delivery she trots out only every so often or J-Love being at her fittest & finest, this is the mother-daughter duo I simply can't resist (plus Liotta is funny as f*ck in it too).



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