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06.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Models over 40

In the upcoming new release, THE NEON DEMON, a group of beauty obsessed Hollywood whackjob women become obsessed with a young girl dipping her toe into the world of modeling. It makes sense, what with that profession being largely dominated by the youngest and freshest XX chromosomers available. However, there is a large demographic of models who defy the idea that you need to be mint out of the package to be considered desirable. I thought we could look at 10 of the hottest models over 40 (whether current or retired) who still are entirely obsession worthy.

#10 - Stephanie Seymour

We've featured Stephanie Seymour a few times on this site in the past few years, mostly for the laugh factor over how close she is with her two sons, seemingly fondling them in the surf while they're on vacation. But Seymour has always been a bit of a weirdo, if any of you recall that period in her life when she was engaged to the formerly cool, pre-diabetic Axl Rose. That narrow nose and those huge eyes topped off with the bad-girl, don't-give-a-shit attitude back in the day made her as interesting as she was unpredictable. And while the aging definitely shows (can't hide it when you're as heavy a smoker as she is), to quote the masses, "I'd still hit it."

#9 - Cindy Crawford

I'll share a little secret with you - I'm not nearly as impressed with Cindy Crawford as Cindy Crawford would believe I should be. I don't care about her anti-aging creams that she hawks in infomercials, I don't think she's aged as well as some people crow that she has. Sure, she looks great for 50-years old, but when you have to use nearly as much Photoshop as KimK, it might be time to climb down from that supermodel ladder you look down on us from.

#8 - Tyra Banks

I suppose I don't find Tyra Banks as batshit crazy as the rest of you do, having never watched a single episode of "America's Next Top Model" outside of what Joel McHale showed me on "The Soup." Tyra was the model I grew up with, wishing I could be as tall and skinny (yet still naturally well endowed in the bust region) as she was. And yes, while she might be a little kooky, the woman still looks as good today at the age of 42 as she did in her late teens.

#7 - Christy Turlington

Turlington was one of the most well known modeling faces for Calvin Klein back in the '90's, probably only surpassed by the stringy and wholly unattractive (to me, at least), Kate Moss. While Christy still occasionally dips her toe into the modeling world, at 47-years old, she's racked up some impressive fetes, including marrying director/actor Edward Burns and starting the charity Every Mother Counts, which helps to provide funds and services to women in the effort to reduce mortality rates during childbirth.

#6 - Claudia Schiffer

With her resemblance to actress Brigitte Bardot so striking at the start of her career in the early 1990's, it was no surprise that Claudia Schiffer would go on to spearhead some of the most famous fashion campaigns in recent history, including her run as the face of Guess?. What might be a bit more confusing is how her husband, director Matthew Vaughn, would purportedly have strayed (it was rumoured that he might have been the father to January Jones' child, after having worked with the actress on X-MEN: FIRST CLASS). Claudia is currently 45-years old and while dedicated more to her children than to her former modeling career, she still looks good enough to jump right back on the pages.

#5 - Elle MacPherson

I keep repeating myself when I mention that Australia is the destination to be if you want to find beautiful women, but it seems to be a mantra that's 100% true. Nicknamed "The Body," at the height of her modeling career, MacPherson was one of the fiercest bikini models in her heyday but being 52-years old nowadays hasn't stopped her one bit. having founded WelleCo in 2014, a company designed to show lesser beings how to maintain their health and beauty. Too bad we couldn't have just been born with it like Elle.

#4 - Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum turned herself into a household name with a simple goodbye, or as she says in her native German tongue, "Auf Wiedersehen." On the reality program, "Project Runway," Heidi managed to extend her stay in the modeling industry beyond those 4 pregnancies that would have had lesser beings down for the count. And while she may no longer be a "10," she's pretty damn close.

#3 - Naomi Campbell

Reportedly, Campbell is only 46-years old, although there have been people trying to disprove that fact over the years. If she's older than that, even more kudos to her. While Naomi is one of the most volatile faces in the modeling industry, having been sued by a number of former personal assistant who claimed abuse, she's also still one of the most beautiful and certainly the most intriguing. Campbell waltzed right onto the set of the show "Empire" and seduced a teenager with complete and sexy ease, reminding us who's been in charge all along.

#2 - Kathy Ireland

I didn't realize that Kathy Ireland had kept up on her acting after LOADED WEAPON 1 and that brief stint on "Melrose Place," but it seems that the Santa Barbara gal has kept her toe in the Hollywood waters. It wasn't until the 50th Anniversary Edition of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition came out in 2014 that it dawned on me just how gracefully Kathy has aged over the years. One of the most clean-cut bikini models in the past 30+ years, Ireland possesses a certain level of respectability that is missing in more modern versions. I wouldn't mind seeing her decked out in a two-piece again today.

#1 - Christie Brinkley

I think every single one of our dads wished they could have been Clark Griswold in NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION, either because they wanted to ride in that red Ferrari or they wanted to ride the lady who was driving it. The reality that Brinkley is now a grandmother's age (62) is a wild one when you check out her appearances over the past few years hawking her beauty book and looking as if she's still pristine out of the dealership. Even with a crappy personal life, Christie always has an infectious smile, marking her as one of the models who will always be cover worthy.



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