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06.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Magic Movie Babes

I don't want to single out the witches, although I suppose that's the term we use for women who can perform magic. Then again, if the popularity of the original and the assumed popularity of the sequel, NOW YOU SEE ME 2 has anything to say about it, that archaic term will just slide into the unisex "magician" term. Really, I think what we'd all prefer is the ability to conjure up the seduction powers to win these hot women over.

#10 - Sarah Jessica Parker (HOCUS POCUS)

AMOK AMOK AMOK! Try chanting that at your girlfriend (or even the girl you are hoping to turn into your special lady) and watch the magic unfold. For while it might be fun for some of you to be jackasses and refer to Sarah Jessica Parker as a horse, most females grew up loving her sexy, silly sister witch prance about in HOCUS POCUS. And if you act like you like her too, it'll be a great elixir for everyone.

#9 - Susan Sarandon (ENCHANTED)

Yes, Amy Adams was completely adorable and 100% everything a Disney princess would be like if she stepped out of a cartoon and into the real world. But just as wondrous was watching the sexy vixen of a bad witch Susan Sarandon played turn into a flesh & bone spellcaster on the streets. I still love the way that Sarandon commanded the scenes she was in, frightening your lust into submission.


I don't care if you weren't a fan of the makeup or the mojo that was going on with Naomie Harris playing Tia Dalma in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies, this is my top ten and she enchanted me. The beckoning voodoo lady glare, the sultry way she moved her hips, the command she had when on screen was the magic that made me dance in my underpants.

#7 - Nicole Kidman & Sandra Bullock (PRACTICAL MAGIC)

I know a lot of women who watch this film because they think it's super romantic and love the aspect of being a modern day witch. If I'm being totally honest, I never really liked the film and found it to be uneven and depressing, what with the death and the killing of abusive boyfriends and such. But Bullock and Kidman together? That was the magic right there.


You can't really claim hotness on Emma Watson's HARRY POTTER years, considering that a majority of them were spent during her pre-legal time on this planet and that's just creepy. I'm guessing that some of you are her age and might have had her in your lust bin, making it appropriate only because you were similarly underage, but for the most part, Watson didn't get a chance to be saluted for her beauty until the last Potter films (by which time I'd checked out on the franchise, so I'm going off the pictures of her in the red dress).


I've been mocked for daring to proclaim Olivia Wilde one of Hollywood's greatest beauties. Sure, she has a strong jaw and small boobs when she's not lactating but I'm a bit aghast that there are people who truly believe she's not beautiful. Not only a fun face to look at, Wilde is rather underrated as an actress, managing to be funny and on point in some really shitty films (including this one and THE CHANGE-UP).

#4 - Monica Bellucci (THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE)

I'm not nearly as big of a Monica Bellucci fan as most of you, but I can't argue that she didn't have that magical appeal as the doomed lover in THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. I might like that movie more than most, which only makes us even in the uneven distribution of fanboy idolatry.

#3 - Michelle Pfeiffer (STARDUST)

A movie that most people have forgotten, STARDUST is one of those fun, lively movies that really should get more attention, if only for the vampy performance that Michelle Pfeiffer gives as an aged crone looking to use magic to regain her youth and beauty. The way she slinks about and hilariously deals with the hiccups in the magic is even more awe inspiring than watching her do cartwheels in those Catwoman high heels.

#2 - Isla Fisher (NOW YOU SEE ME)

I love this fiery little dynamo, probably even moreso after reading that she'd nearly drowned while filming the scene in the tank of water for the first NOW YOU SEE ME. The winking cheekiness that she delivered helped to balance out the smartass delivery of Eisenberg, although now I worry that working with him is what turned her off to being in the sequel.

#1 - Lizzy Caplan (NOW YOU SEE ME 2)

I'm getting ahead of myself in declaring Lizzy the hottest of the magic movie babes but let's get real - everything she's in is improved by her performances and that's a special kind of magic in and of itself. Remember how going topless on "True Blood" kicked off that A-lister career she'd been circling around without conquering for years? That's the power of Lizzy's hotness.



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