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03.15.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Live-Action Disney Babes

Once again, I've already seen BEAUTY & THE BEAST. I know exactly what Emma Watson looks like as she breathes life into Belle, the feisty daughter of the wacky inventor and the apple of self-obsessed Gaston's eye. And it's nice and all. But you won't find her here on this list. Hell, there are probably a lot of people you won't find on this list that you might be expecting to see (or would rank on your own). Honestly, I could have made this a top 15 or even a top 20. But I wrestled back & forth and deleted until I was somewhat satisfied with the final 10. Kind of like how I'm only ever sorta-satisfied with most live-action Disney movies.

#10 - Hayley Mills (THAT DARN CAT)

Yeah, I like cat movies. I'm a cat person. I also dig those early Disney blondes, back when no one got fired for having a little bit of baby fat on their face, as Hayley Mills did in THAT DARN CAT. While Mills was frequently used in Disney's live action movies, acting as the early Cyrus/Duff type back then, it was in this movie that she was 20 years old, therefore creeper legal.

#9 - Lindsay Lohan (HERBIE FULLY LOADED)

Remember when? I'll forever think of HERBIE FULLY LOADED as the beginning of the end of Lindsay Lohan. By the time the movie was finally released (after being postponed due to shooting issues because LiLo wasn't showing up on set or was intoxicated when she was), the formerly curvy ginger had bleached her hair a frizzy blonde, lost so much weight her tits dropped and have never fully recovered and overall became the thing everyone in Hollywood pointed a finger at when deciding (rightfully) not to hire her in anything respectable ever again.

#8 - Meg Tilly (TEX)

Long since overshadowed by her sister Jennifer, Meg Tilly was the sibling with the most box office draw when the two stunners were young. Much like TEX is the lesser beloved S.E. Hinton adapted movie (for those who don't read, THE OUTSIDERS was the other), it's also the one that's a bit more believable. And Meg was a freakin' doll.

#7 - Sarah Jessica Parker (FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR)

I don't know what it is about SJP. Everything in me knows that I should find fault with her because the constant negative shit talked about her seems to be the popular vein of thought about the actress but when I was a kid, she was the absolute tits. And that was long before those bouncing braless tits in the Sex & the City opener. If I'm ranking my favorite live action Disney movies, FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR is at the top. Which balances out with my placement of Parker here because dammit, she was a force when she was younger. (I could have just as easily included SJP from HOCUS POCUS as well. Amok Amok Amok!)

#6 - Lynn Collins (JOHN CARTER)

Not only is the movie JOHN CARTER far too overlooked (unless it's being pointed out how much money it lost the studio), its female lead, Lynn Collins, has never really gotten her due as the epic babe that she is. If I had to pick, I'd definitely put my money on Dejah over Belle.

#5 - Gabrielle Anwar (WILD HEARTS CAN'T BE BROKEN)

Man, I really wish more pictures had been taken of Gabrielle Anwar when she was younger. For a split second back in the early 90's, she had so much potential as a hottie (shit, she looked this amazing when she was only 17), appearing in everything from that horrid Richard Grieco movie IF LOOKS COULD KILL to being that dancing partner in SCENT OF A WOMAN to a saucy horse jumper in WILD HEARTS CAN'T BE BROKEN. Hell, even a Michael J Fox love interest in FOR LOVE OR MONEY and a sci-fi remake babe in BODY SNATCHERS. Or that other live action Disney movie, THE THREE MUSKETEERS. And then something all went to shit. She's so freakishly skinny she doesn't even look like the same person now. I've watched her on Burn Notice and just sat there, gape-mouthed and disbelieving. What once was, man. What f*cking once was.

#4 - Lily James (CINDERELLA)

I could have very easily picked Helena Bonham Carter from the recent CINDERELLA live action flick because let's face it, her weirdness is super sexy when she feels like letting it be. It's a far more standard choice to pick Lily James in the title role, even though she looks better with darker hair. Why? Well, they didn't emphasize that amazing body of hers enough but the horse riding scene here does give a glimpse of that awesome heaving bosom of hers.

#3 - Anne Hathaway (THE PRINCESS DIARIES)

She never would have gone on to be an Academy Award winner if Disney hadn't given her the princess makeover, showing that Anne Hathaway has the chops to be charming & adorable (not to mention stacked, something that the studio has never been able to completely cover up with their bustier stars).

#2 - Amy Adams (ENCHANTED)

I'll always think of Amy Adams as being a cartoon character come to life not just because she did it so well as Giselle in the movie ENCHANTED but because she has a bubbly nature that seems to convey she's really that perky, when she isn't busy being sexy AF. Out of all the Disney pseudo princesses, Amy is my number one.

#1 - Jennifer Connelly (THE ROCKETEER)

Before the boobs were downsized. Before she lost all of that weight. The original JenCon. The only true JenCon. I'm beginning to think that Disney destroys women. Someone keep an eye on Emma.



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