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02.17.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Ladies of Sports

In this week's release, RACE, we get a look at the discrimination that occurred when Jesse Owens, one of the most phenomenal athletes of all time, competed at the 1936 Olympics and blew people's minds. Because of the crap Owens had to endure, the way was paved for people of all different races to excel at sports, although I assert that he made as big of a dent for women to get respect in various fields of athletics as well. Now that we're in 2016, we're seeing a wide range of women from all over the world, of all races, kicking ass at a wild array of sports. These are 10 of my favorites, who not only are at the top of their game but look pretty damn good while being masters.

#10 - Serena Williams

I can't stand it when people are automatically sexist and dismissive of Serena Williams. She does not look like a dude. She's muscular, insanely talented and intimidating. I can somewhat understand people poking fun - there's a tendency to be mock what we're most scared of as a defensive tactic. But I find Serena sexy. She's strong and unconventionally beautiful. Yes, beautiful. Deal with it.

#9 - Hilary Knight

When she was featured in ESPN magazine's annual Body Issue in 2014, I was bowled over by Hilary Knight, women's hockey player who has twice taken home silver medals in the past couple of winter Olympics. A gorgeous supermodel face with a body full of muscles & curves, Hilary changes the impression of hockey players being toothless backwoods Russians. What I wouldn't do to get laid out by this forward.

#8 - Alex Morgan

If you're looking for a soccer player who has the looks to beat Hope Solo but not the background of beating on dudes, look no further than the sexy Alex Morgan. Originally born in Oakland but raised in San Dimas like the good Bill & Ted, Morgan was the number one draft in 2011 after she graduated from UC Berkeley. As a player at the 2012 Olympics, Morgan scored the winning goal against Canada and finished the year as the 6th woman to score 20 goals in a single season (not the mention the youngest). So her track record is as excellent as her bikini figure.

#7 - Maria Sharapova

I have a disproportionately high number of tennis players on this list (and not a single Anna Kournikova, natch) mainly because there's something intimidatingly beautiful about a tall, leggy blonde. Sharapova is another example and the tallest, most talented one at that. Maria has been excelling at the sport of tennis for a number of years but only recently has shown what a strong humanitarian she is with huge donations to children's hospitals, programs that help to give shoes to families in need and her involvement as a goodwill ambassador for the UNDP. The fact that she takes in more money with her side projects than she does for her work on the courts is testimony to the power of the pova.

#6 - Soo Yeon Lee

As a typical sheltered American, I tended to only see Asian women in sports when they were competing in gymnastics or ice skating. When I went looking up athletes for this list, I found Soo Yeon Lee, a South Korean beauty who kicks ass at the sport of table tennis. Yes, that's right, ping-pong. She's been featured in a Playboy video that proclaimed her the sexiest athlete in the world and other videos that showcase just what a great sense of humour she has about her place in the sports world. Sexy, savvy, smart.

#5 - Paige Spiranac

I don't honestly know what the rankings are regarding Paige Spiranac as a golfer, there's surprisingly little on this tight little blonde out of Colorado so far. But when I stumbled upon pictures of her at a tournament last year it led to discovering her videos where she does cool trick shots and pretty much proves that boobs definitely do not get in the way of an awesome swing. Paige is up-and-coming in the sports world, although I doubt that'll be for long once people get an eyeful of her.

#4 - Danica Patrick

I love to drive. I love to drive fast, I love to get in the car and drive aimlessly, I love to drive. I think this is why I admire the ladies who do this for a profession, especially those who are competing against men. While I know that Patrick is much maligned in regards to just how talented she is at her sport, I find her intriguing and I'm a bit in envy of her because I would totally switch places in a heartbeat if I could. And not just because she's a fine looking lady with a great caboose, either.

#3 - Lindsey Vonn

So she makes some lousy relationship choices. If we were to denigrate every male athlete who made stupid relationship choices, we'd have to retire the label of "sports hero." Vonn is one of only 6 women in the world to win World Cup races in all five disciplines of alpine skiing (downhill, super-G, giant slalom, slalom, and super combined) and an insane 76 World Cup races in her career. To discount this because of the company she keeps would be ridiculous. To ignore that fit pair of stems and tight backside of hers would be downright criminal.

#2 - Eugenie Bouchard

I think what I like most about Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard is that she's the living embodiment of Barbie. Tall, blonde, fit and curvy, at 21-years old Bouchard is quickly moving up the ranks in the top tennis circles and she's doing so with that notorious Canadian grace & charm. It's no wonder that she's been picked for a number of Nike sportswear campaigns. Nothing wrong with seeing the nice girl win.

#1 - Ronda Rousey

Yeah, I know. She lost to Holly Holm and Holm isn't on this list, even though she's also an uber hottie. But let's get real - it's only every so often that a woman in the world of sports, especially that of MMA fighting, is seen as a sex symbol and embraced so wholeheartedly by the world in general. The fact that Ronda can fluidly move from kicking ass in a movie to being one of the more entertaining sports figures to host "SNL," speaks loud and clear - we like our ladies buff, beautiful and badass.



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