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07.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Girl-on-Girl Kisses in Cinema

What started in the UK has spread to the rest of the world - not the concept of kissing, of course, but the celebration of International Kissing Day every July 6th. Recreational mouth to mouth has been a cornerstone of selling just about any movie, from comedic to dramatic to upside down in the rain for no reason other than the shot looks good. Kissing can make you horny, make a joke, make a statement. It can be gratifying or horrifying. But all kissing is pretty awesome when you stop and think about how significant the act of placing your mouth against the mouth of another, a really rather strange physical act, can be. But when 2 chicks kiss? Well, it's a whole other kind of special.

#10 - Brittany Snow & Sophia Bush (JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE)

Just listen to that voice of Sophia Bush's. While Brittany might be the one known for singing, from "American Dreams" to HAIRSPRAY to the PITCH PERFECT movies, it's Bush that I could listen to all night long. Except, of course, during those times when the kissing would impede the talking. In either case, Sophia's mouth is a lovely source of joy.

#9 - Jordana Brewster & Sara Foster (D.E.B.S.)

Everyone's favorite Mia Toretto Goes Lesbian flick, D.E.B.S. is still a fun cult movie to watch when you want to claim that you're more interesting than the dude in the cubicle next to you. Foster seemed to mostly (and strangely) disappear from the bright lights, sticking to smaller roles and trying to get a non-reality reality show with her sister going while Brewster has shriveled up into a bobblehead stick figure who still drives cars. But back at the onset of the 2000's, these two women were fiercely hot and sublimely sexy, especially when hooking up with one another in a campy action comedy.

#8 - Katie Cassidy & Tracy Spiridakos (KILL FOR ME)

Made during that weird time when Katie Cassidy dyed her hair dark and lost too much weight, KILL FOR ME is a by-the-numbers direct-to-video chicks-getting-revenge-on-bad-boyfriends kinda movie. What makes this kiss more alluring is the passion that Spiridakos brought into it (and her whole role, actually), making it work on a very sexy level. Cassidy plays along but it's the Greek Canadian who has nothing to be sorry about when it comes to kissing a girl.

#7 - Piper Perabo & Jessica Pare (LOST AND DELIRIOUS)

Both Perabo and Pare are actresses who don't get the love and appreciation that they should. Perhaps Perabo is just too middle-of-the-road cute, in the way that only Jennifer Garner has been able to master. And Pare seems to enjoy flitting around the fringe of things, popping up in projects that she seems so fully invested in, you wonder if she bothers booking any filler work. Playing teenage private school lesbians in a little seen but critically praised little movie, P&P make smooching look good.

#6 - Jennifer Connelly & Kristy Swanson (HIGHER LEARNING)

As a teen actress, JenCon needed a lot more practice. The movie makers loved her beautiful face but seemed to employ her mainly for those lingering closeups rather than guiding her toward better performances. Jennifer definitely put in the hard work, choosing projects that managed to capitalize on both her good looks and willingness to try harder and eke out acting turns that gradually built their way up to award worthy status. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, we got to see Connelly gird up those ovaries for future hardcore drug/sex scenes in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM but first she needed to kiss OG Buffy, Kristy Swanson, in the ambitious but flawed HIGHER LEARNING.

#5 - Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis (BLACK SWAN)

I'm not a huge fan of this movie, one of the more haphazard of Aronofsky's works, feeling as if it needed more work on finding its footing in a cohesive story rather than just being pretty to look at and weird to follow along with. However, the director pulled some of the best performances I've seen out of all of the actresses, not to mention the intense hookup that happens between Portman & Kunis, two fan favorites who might have been even sexier if the themes weren't so dark and twisted.

#4 - Megan Fox & Amanda Seyfried (JENNIFER'S BODY)

You can call Megan Fox a bad actress and I won't necessarily disagree with you but if you were to grade that acting skill on the girl-on-girl kiss she shares with the more innocent (and yet more adventurous, what with her also kissing Julianne Moore in CHLOE) Amanda Seyfried, it's award worthy. JENNIFER'S BODY didn't get the love it should have for being the effective and original horror flick that it was but if the kiss gets more people to watch it, I'm glad they included that "click-bait"-ish scene.

#3 - Neve Campbell & Denise Richards (WILD THINGS)

I know this is a movie where two twentysomethings pretending to be high school girls who are pretending to be hot for the sake of screwing over a guy but come on! That fight in the pool evolving into the wet and lusty kiss between goody-goody Carmen from STARSHIP TROOPERS and goody-goody Julia from "Party of Five" was just too damn sexy to not recognize. Hell, it's that chemistry between Campbell & Richards that propelled an otherwise cheesy flick into one that has become a cult favorite.

#2 - Naomi Watts & Laura Harring (MULHOLLAND DR)

I remember so little about this movie outside of the bedroom scenes with Watts and Harring (who has a Catherine Zeta-Jones vibe without the fussy UK attitude). That's not saying a lot, when you consider that this was one of the sexiest scenes between two women to be featured in a David Lynch movie. Although that's not saying a lot either, since Lynch has a wonderful way of warping what others would just get off on into something that makes you wonder why the hell you get off on it (with a aftertaste of guilt). Either way, this is good, intense smooching - amongst other things.

#1 - Gina Gershon & Jennifer Tilly (BOUND)

If I ever seriously considered being a lesbian or at the very least a bi-curious female looking for some attention and maybe someone to knock over my lousy mobster boyfriend, Gina Gershon would have been the female to tip those scales for me. Gershon's other girl-on-girl kiss with Elizabeth Berkley in SHOWGIRLS proves that she's just that damn irresistible, although if it had been Jennifer Tilly willing me to the pink side, I would have skipped right on over to her as well.



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