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09.14.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Flight Attendants in TV & Film

Last weekend, Tom Hanks' ongoing issues with travel continued to be a high profit market, with SULLY coming out on top at the box office. I missed the opportunity to do a flight attendant top ten then but I'm picking up the slack now, as there is no shortage of hot babes in short skirts servicing our in-flight needs. Here are but 10 of them.

Special Mention: Britney Spears (Toxic video)

Filmed right before she was knocked up with her first Well-Fed spawn, this was the official last time we got to see the pre-motherhood hotness that Spears embodied during her earlier career. She then went nuts, shaved her head, gained too much weight, had all of her rights stripped away by the courts, hooked up with the right music producers, lost weight, gained a huge deal in Vegas and became the hot ass MILF we all knew she had in her. Shit, even just looking at this picture gets that song stuck in my head again.

#10 - Kirsten Dunst (ELIZABETHTOWN)

I hated this movie. I wanted to like it, mainly because I developed that affection for Cameron Crowe as a young girl watching SAY ANYTHING and wishing that I would one day find my own Lloyd Dobler. But this movie is a wallowing, off-topic, meandering mess. The only highlight is the consistently adorable Dunst, who is the flight attendant who pays far too much attention to doucheboy Bloom.

#9 - Zooey Deschanel (ALMOST FAMOUS)

Out of all of the movie sisters out there, Zooey's free-spirit older sis in ALMOST FAMOUS is one of my favorites, perhaps because it was before the studios started allowing her to just run wild as the neurotic loonball character that she's become famous for since. When sticking to the director cues, Deschanel was far more effective than she has been in recent years, and that little red & pink short skirt was bubblegum leg displaying perfection.

#8 - Margot Robbie (Pan Am)

Honestly, I haven't seen this show. If I had, I might have placed Robbie much higher on the list simply because she's a sexy beast who is impossible to ignore. But the crashed-and-burned single season of the widely panned series didn't give her career the boost it needed (just a Jersey accent and a full nude scene for Leo). Still, the retro look is decent on Margot and I can't ignore it.

#7 - Erika Christensen (FLIGHT PLAN)

There's something about Erika Christensen that doesn't seem to translate as well as it should it print and at times, on film. But seeing this behind-the-scenes photo of the stars of FLIGHT PLAN seems to solidify my opinion that Christensen is one of the most underrated Hollywood beauties, being hardcore eyeballed by one of the other underrated Hollywood hotties, Jodie Foster. I know I don't think I could sleep if she was my flight attendant. I'd be asking for more peanuts all the damn time.

#6 - Pam Grier (JACKIE BROWN)

One of the least flattering flight attendant uniforms in the history of hot flight attendants in movies, mainly because it covered up the famous bodacious curves of its star, you have to be a little bit edgier to appreciate this Quentin Tarantino movies, from what I've gathered. I don't know, this is one of my favorites of QT's simply because of Grier. And Robert Forster. And Michael Keaton. Hell, I just love this whole movie and everyone in it. Next time you think you want to rewatch PULP FICTION, swap it for JACKIE BROWN instead.

#5 - Julianna Margulies (SNAKES ON A PLANE)

It would be hard to have a top ten about flight attendants and not manage to have the movies they're in be famous for the chaos that happens on the plane. None is more out there than 2006's SNAKES ON A PLANE, a movie that would have been forgettable SyFy fodder if not for Sam Jackson's legendary expletive-filled declarations. And Margulies, who later went on to being a hot cougar in "The Good Wife" was coming off of "E/R" and needed to show she wasn't just a frumpy nurse when out of those scrubs looked amazing (even if I couldn't find a great image of her fighting those muthaf*cking snakes).

#4 - Gwyneth Paltrow (VIEW FROM THE TOP)

For all of her long limbs and awkward bumbling, there are times when Gwyneth Paltrow manages to pull through and be a total babe. There are few that stand out for me more than her turn as the twangy-voiced flight attendant wannabe Donna in VIEW FROM THE TOP, which also features the eternally hot Christina Applegate and Kelly Preston (whose hooters are massive in those spandex stewardess dresses).


It's true that I really have no love for Halle Berry, mainly because her personal life has no trouble painting her out to be the unseasonably cold bitch type that she avoids playing on the big screen. Still, back before all of the failed marriages and other partnerships and domestic abuse claims etc etc, she was a sexy siren type for movies like EXECUTIVE DECISION, one of those intensely bad movies from the mid-1990's where the best scene involves Steven Seagal perishing.

#2 - Sofia Vergara (SOUL PLANE)

I love that Vergara really got her "break" as the only sexy Latina to be on a new generation of blaxploitation-type movies, showing off a slightly fuller figure than she sports as Gloria on "Modern Family." The movie is the kind of guilty pleasure garbage that most people overlook, but when you consider that I love watching this back-to-back with stuff like THE WASH, you might give my simple mind a little break.

#1 - Catherine Zeta Jones (THE TERMINAL)

Strangely, this is rather high on my personal list of favorites from Stephen Spielberg. Some prefer the alien stuff, some prefer the serious dramas, I love that this movie is quietly ambitious, detailing the strength of the human spirit when circumstances are out of our control. It is nearly as beautiful as Catherine Zeta Jones looked in it back then, all long lines and sober facial expressions. I felt closer to her here than in any of her other films and I felt the need to save her as Tom Hanks tried to.



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