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10.11.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Final Girls

Considering that HAPPY DEATH DAY is rated PG-13, I don't have too high of hopes that it's going to be as good as it could have been if the blood & gore was allowed to rain down while its leading lady attempted to escape her GROUNDHOG DAY death scenarios. Still, it makes a good argument that a "Final Girl," aka: the last living female in a horror movie, should have enough chutzpah to keep coming back again and again. A few of the women here did (I almost included Ashley Laurence since I admire the fact that her character didn't have any qualms about f*cking other people over in order to survive), others I'm still waiting to hear back from. I'm sure I missed tons and you have other favorites, so add whomever you think was grossly overlooked.

#10 - Sharni Vinson (YOU'RE NEXT)

Sharni Vinson in YOU'RE NEXT is like Macaulay Culkin in HOME ALONE, except her booby traps were far more fatal. Deliciously, ridiculously, belovedly fatal. I might not like her much as a hottie (too f*cking skinny) but holy shit she kicked ass and catapulted up the list of Final Girls like an Olympic pole vaulter.

#9 - Taissa Farmiga (THE FINAL GIRLS)

She's certainly not as hot or cute or oddly beautiful as her older sister Vera but goddammit, I really f*cking loved THE FINAL GIRLS, one of the few recent PG-13 horror films that manages to be scary, clever and well-acted. Taissa has a calm clarity to her when she delivers on a role (most notably on American Horror Story but in equal amounts here) and fits into the girl-next-door beauty that tends to dominate the Final Girl requirements.

#8 - Kristen Connolly (CABIN IN THE WOODS)

I still think CABIN IN THE WOODS is woefully underseen, all while the kids are cramming theaters for shit like THE BYE BYE MAN. All that womanizing got Whedon to write female characters particularly well, especially in strangely staged situations and Kristen Connolly lives up to the cute-chick-drenched-in-blood hype by the time this flick comes to its conclusion.

#7 - Krista Allen (FEAST)

It's really not just that Krista Allen is hot, it's that as Tuffy, the single mom doing what she has to do to survive in a shitty honky-tonk bar, she completely rules this underappreciated movie and from the beginning, you never expect her to. I love women that defy everyone's underestimations of them.

#6 - Heather Langenkamp (NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET movies)

I remember thinking, while watching the first NOES movie, that Langenkamp wasn't hot enough to be a leading lady. But as time went on and the more installments I watched, Heather proved that it was exactly that believable non-flashy beauty that made her transition into monster ass kicker that much more relatable. I could see myself fighting like Nancy did, which is my opinion as to why the film franchise became so successful.

#5 - Maika Monroe (IT FOLLOWS)

I could also use THE GUEST with this theme but hot damn did this movie give me a severe case of the "do. not. want"s. Monroe's big eyes convey a fear that transcends language, giving the entire film its edge with her simple but masterful performance. The fact that she does whatever it takes to survive and is no one's victim also compels me to recognize her.

#4 - Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN movies)

It's actually a bit creepy to feature Harris as a final girl for a sexy top ten list, especially since she was a little kid when she survived her cinematic horror story. But I couldn't overlook her because when it comes to horror, Harris is aces and needs to be recognized.

#3 - Natalie Mendoza (THE DESCENT)

In a way, Juno both is and isn't a Final Girl. Without giving too much away about THE DESCENT, let's just say that I categorize her as one in terms of being the final girl to reach personal redemption. Plus, I was jealous of how she managed to get her eyeliner to never fail her, even through showers of blood. That shit is impressive.

#2 - Jamie Lee Curtis (PROM NIGHT)

Most people that I know and love refer to Jamie Lee Curtis as being the only real Final Girl that matters, since she's done it so well so many times, first and most prominently in the HALLOWEEN movies. But it's her flashes of skin in the original and while not perfect, still far superior to the 2008 remake, PROM NIGHT, that does it for me more.

#1 - Neve Campbell (SCREAM)

Back when she was Party of Five-ing the TV world, Campbell signed on to a movie that featured Drew Barrymore in what the trailers suggested would be grown-up Gertie's film. Instead, it delivered us a slew of new faces and Neve playing the traditional virginal horror heroine. The series went on for quite some time, even attempting to get it kicked into another set of flicks in 2011, all while Campbell stood around having conquered evil while barely breaking a sweat.



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