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08.16.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Female Rappers

Every once in awhile, there will be one of those indie movies that looks like an awesome ride - only problem is that those movies don't tend to get big enough release dates for anyone outside of the biggest metropolises so that the general public can enjoy it. This is the case with PATTI CAKE$, a film that follows an overweight Jersey girl who wants to break into the rap business. The trailers make the movie look like it's the feel-good underdog story that we need right now, which makes it all that much more frustrating that its chances of being seen in theaters is so low. It did inspire me to create a female rappers top 10, so I suppose there's that.

#10 - Lil Kim

She has completely decimated her face in recent years but give Kim her props for being so damn cute when she was young. Hell, if you'd recognized how good she looked back then, maybe she wouldn't have fallen so hard on the plastic surgeon's scalpel. Plus, out of all the women rapping about being a badass bitch, Kim actually IS one. Bow down.

#9 - Chanel West Coast

I have no clue why this chick is so popular with you guys. Every time we post about her, usually when she's in a bikini or accidentally falling out of her top or photoshopping the shit out of her face so that you don't notice how jacked her teeth make her face look, you guys go crazy. She's aiiight. Her rapping style gets on my nerves. But the female rappers I do like aren't the sexiest because, well, I like the music more than the boobs. Crazy, I know.

#8 - Trina

Apparently you can't have a rap career as a woman unless you record a song about being a Bad Bitch or Bad Girl or some other tough sounding title. "Da Baddest Bitch" is the anthem for women who want to rev themselves up before going out and slaying the world. The old school blaxsploitation vibe in the song only makes it that much sexier. (And "Pull Over" should have been a bigger damn hit.)

#7 - Salt N Pepa

You know what? For being in their 50's now, both Cheryl & Sandy (Salt n Pepa) look f*cking outstanding. Since the styles for female rappers back in the day were less than flattering, they perhaps look even better now than they did when they were young.

#6 - MIA

This Sri Lankan beauty seems to be more well known for flipping off a camera during her Super Bowl performance with Madonna than for her music. After a shitty day at work, I gotta say, "Bad Girls" is my jam. Perhaps the most exceptional thing about her career? She makes killer music without showing off all the skin that so many others do. It can be done, ladies. Take heed.

#5 - Lola Monroe

Anyone who can rap with complete sincerity, "And my pussy feel like Nefertiti & Cleopatra on a rainy day" can't be all bad. Actually, though... Monroe really falls flat as a rapper. But damn, she is HAWWWWWWT.

#4 - TLC

Here's a throwback that still deserves to be up front. Hell, even typing out TLC has got "Waterfalls" stuck in my head right now. It was impossible to escape that song when it came out, just as it was impossible to escape how beautiful Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas were in their youth. I still feel the hole that crazy ass Lisa and her firebug tendencies left behind after she died in a car crash a solid 15 years ago.

#3 - Iggy Azalea

I know I'm supposed to hate her for a number of reasons but honestly, if we were as hard on male rappers as we are one female ones, none of those dudes would have a job anymore. They're all way worse and they don't have the gorgeous face that Iggy does. Sure, the rest of her is slowing converting to plastic but I sincerely do like her face.

#2 - Eve

Much like everyone else, I can't recall the last time Eve put out an album but I do remember when she was in the thick of things, it wasn't uncommon that she'd be wearing a see-through shirt with no bra to accessorize those famous paw print tattoos. While she's become more of an actress than a rapper in recent years, I still think Eve is one of the most beautiful women in all of music.

#1 - Nicki Minaj

You can hate on her all you want if you so desire and half of me might agree with you. However, Nicki can spit fire when she wants to and for a chick we thought was going to disappear after a brief stint in neon colored wigs and sparkly nip-slips, she sure is holding on quite well. She ain't that bad at turning in a hoochie character acting performance either. Give her the credit she's earned.



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