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05.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Captain America Babes

For a clean cut, All-American guy from the 1940's, it's probably no shock that Captain America is surrounded by a bevy of hot beauties. What's harder to believe, although that belief might be jaded by our over-sexualized current atmosphere, is how ol' Steve has managed to stay so virginal over the years. With CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR giving us more screen time with the star-spangled hero, here's to hoping he takes a few minutes away from all of the fighting to enjoy the company that he keeps. Here are ten of the hottest in that group.

#10 - Minka Kelly

Minka isn't a number 10 on any top ten list, even with my most scrutinizing determination. In reality, this #10 is really a special bonus, especially since she's never appeared in any of the Captain America or Avengers movies. No, Minka rates a special place for two reasons: I was just shy of having enough women from the movies to make this list and she's the lady that Chris Evans spends time with in real life. Guy knows his goods.

#9 - Marisa Tomei

I know I just featured Marisa in yesterday's Hot or Not and most of you favored her being very hot, but I still haven't seen CIVIL WAR as of the time I'm writing this, so I can't gauge if Marisa's Aunt May deserves to be higher on the list. Plus, while she might be closer to the Cap's real age, something tells me she wouldn't put up with his black or white attitude toward life's lessons.

#8 - Linda Cardellini

Everyone loves a MILF, although probably not Steve Rogers, who was introduced to Clint Barton's infinitely understanding wife Laura in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. Linda has a way of being quietly sexy in that solid matriarch kind of way, which might have lead to fans changing their fan art of Natasha and Clint to Natasha and Steve.

#7 - Jenna Coleman

Believe it or not, before she was tapped to be a Doctor's assistant, when she was still using the Louise in her full name, Jenna Coleman had a small and totally forgettable role in the first Captain America movie. While most aren't going to remember moment, it still counts and Coleman is the kind of adorable that Steve should have ended up with in an alternate reality.

#6 - Natalie Dormer

If only the flirtatious Natalie Dormer, who eyed Steve a little too intensely in the first Captain America movie hadn't inspired such murderous jealousy in Agent Carter, maybe we wouldn't have had to see that character reducing to a hokey female stereotype. Then again, if only we could get Dormer's big blue eyes to turn their attention toward us... I doubt we'd be able to think of anything else.

#5 - Cobie Smulders

If people behind the Marvel movies were smarter, they might consider inserting Maria Hill, or rather the sexy and smart lady who plays her, Cobie Smulders, into more scenes. In a departure from the wacky character most people became familiar with Smulders as on "How I Met Your Mother," the actress made buttoned-down military iciness the epitome of hot.

#4 - Emily VanCamp

I think of Emily as one of those unsung babes, sitting along the sidelines of Hollywood, a statuesque blonde among a sea of statuesque blondes, but all the much more remarkable for being strong and possessing a wry acting delivery that elevates her above the masses. Hopefully Agent 13 will get a lot more to do this time around in the Marvel world.

#3 - Elizabeth Olsen

The complexity of Scarlet Witch in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON is what made her my favorite new character to the Marvel franchise. It didn't hurt that Elizabeth looked all kinds of sexy with that goth eye makeup job, with those ripped Hot Topic tights. Having her come back and fight along with Steve in this new movie is what I'm looking forward to about it most.

#2 - Hayley Atwell

You can love Hayley as Agent Carter, the woman who held Steve's heart even when he was frozen for so many years or you can love her for the woman she is off screen; Quirky, witty, darling and built like a brick house, Hayley Atwell doesn't need superhero status to be tops.

#1 - Scarlett Johansson

As Black Widow, we get to see a buff & tough ScarJo kicking ass and playing the diligent fighting associate, all while looking amazing in that red hair we've come to adore on her. In the real world, Scarlett has worked with Chris Evans so often, it's surprising that her first marriage was to Deadpool instead of the Cap.



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