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05.11.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Brunette Actresses

There are going to be a lot of disagreements with this top ten, I can just sense it now. When you factor in that 85% of women in the world are naturally brunette (I totally made that up but it sounds reasonable enough to me), it would be impossible to really narrow down which are the 10 hottest. Sort of like how hard it is to pick a favorite Kevin Bacon movie, considering that the dude has made so many, including this week's new release, THE DARKNESS. But this list is my top ten of favorite hot brunette actresses, even if I can't claim that they're the hottest in the whole world or of all time.

#10 - Nina Dobrev

A former gymnast who's family fled Bulgaria when she was still a toddler, Nina has those kind of exotic looks and athletic bodies that turn heads even when they're not coming from a famous TV & movie star. In interviews, Nina is sharp and adorable, teaching James Corden how to say "I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump 'n grind" in Bulgarian.

#9 - Vanessa Hudgens

Long before Miley started going off the deep end, Vanessa Hudgens was quietly proving herself to be the most risque young actress that the House of Mouse has ever had on retainer. Before she'd turned 18, Hudgens had hacked nude selfies leaked onto the internet, and yet she's still survived to not be flogged in public opinion like Hannah Montana has. Then again, I think we all might have lost our collective minds if it had been Vanessa instead of Miley in those wild dildo photoshoots. So she did us a favor by keeping her kinkiness to a minimum.

#8 - Mary Elizabeth Winstead

I might have mentioned this a few million times already, but I've met Mary Elizabeth Winstead in person and she is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in person. Flawless skin, perfect hair, bright and alert eyes, not to mention her kind demeanor. It's a pity that MEW seems to zero in on so many jobs that fail (I tried watching "The Returned," and it's f*cking terrible, just as one example).

#7 - Olivia Munn

The real-life Olivia Munn, whom I don't really know on a first hand basis, can bug the shit out of me. Like the time that she did those Carl's Jr ads after preaching that she was a vegetarian and a staunch member of PETA. That kind of stuff, in a world where anyone with access to the internet can disprove a liar within 5 minutes of searching, gives me pause. The fact that Munn is gorgeous and has just finally gotten all of that scrambling of hers to pay off with plum roles rolling in during the latter half of her 30s is impressive.

#6 - Kat Graham

There are people who defend Kat Graham's green eyes, the only thing that throws me when looking at this otherwise drop dead gorgeous stunner. Being that I wear contact lenses myself and can spot the tell-tale ring around the iris, I know that those creepy green peepers aren't 100% natural. Outside of that, whatever personal reason she has for wearing them, Kat is sexy, stacked, charming and in dire need of some roles that give her a chance to grow. And not just fangs.

#5 - Alexandra Daddario

Prior to all of the world falling in love with her tits when she showed them off during the first season of "True Detective," I remember telling people that I thought Alexandra Daddario was a stunning young actress on the verge of something great. That was right after seeing her in the first PERCY JACKSON movie and not much else. Now Daddario is the BAYWATCH queen of your dreams. I can't say that I find her the most beautiful, simply one of the most, mainly because that joker's smile of hers gives me a sense of unease.

#4 - Kat Dennings

It's weird to me that Kat Dennings is turning 30 this year, mainly because I'll always see her as that bitchy little sister type of woman, the one who was overlooked for being too short or too thick, all the while being the funniest, sharpest tack in the box that you should be killing yourself to be pricked by. Those boobs might draw in some but for me it's always been her wry delivery and sultry side-eye glare that did the trick.

#3 - Shay Mitchell

I recall the first episode of "Pretty Little Liars" I ever stumbled into watching and all I could focus on was just how stunning Shay Mitchell was. The fact that she was bringing to life a lesbian character on a family programming channel while never addressing her diverse heritage as if was some kind of big deal was a big deal to me. One of the least represented ethnicities in Hollywood are those of Filipino descent, and I grew up seeing a lot of them where I grew up, so it was awesome to see Shay show off what the American small screen had been missing.

#2 - Gemma Arterton

For a brief moment, Hollywood seemed ready to make Gemma Arterton into their next big, all-encompassing babe of the big screen, casting her in big budget films and splashing her gentle, ladylike vision everywhere. I don't know whether it was Arterton herself who stepped away from those roles or if the execs who stopped casting her in them but Gemma's career has been varied and interesting since then, making her one of the actresses I suspect will actually be around a heck of a lot longer than if she'd simply kowtowed to being a boring leading lady.

#1 - Emmy Rossum

She's beautiful, she's talented, she is so good at what she does and distracts you with that beauty so well that you can go a solid 4 or 5 seasons of her playing a rather narcissistic, self-involved, martyring character and still like her. Rossum might not be #1 for every brunette lover out there but she has what it takes to be my number one.



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