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09.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Bikini Bodies of Summer 2016

It was a beyond lackluster year at the box office for summer time movies, killing the concept of "blockbuster" with so few titles surpassing the $100 million mark and even fewer being worth the title because of lame concepts, sequel gluts or just all around shitty material delivered shittily. Luckily for us, there were a few solid bikini moments for Summer 2016 that helped to make up for all the sad faces the movies were leaving us with, because everyone knows the best way to turn a frown upside down is with some boobs floating in the ocean.

#10 - Taylor Swift

She made a lot of headlines this summer for everything other than her career, from breaking up with that DJ to publicly pretending that she was all about Tom Hiddleston's charms (I believe just about every other chick who professes love for Loki but not Taylor) to whether or not she'd had work done on her breasticles. When the July 4th weekend came around and Swift invited every celebrity and fashion model she knew for a group romp in the ocean, well, they all cashed their checks and showed up, as Taylor showed off a little belly button for our amusement.

#9 - Rachel McCord

A few years back, it was her sister AnnaLynne who popped up on the beaches in California every week for a little exposure but now that the elder McCord has concentrated her efforts on social causes, the duty of rocking a bikini has fallen on Rachel's obliging shoulders this year around. And it's nice, even if the pics released are far from candid, to see a young woman smiling and genuinely appearing to be happy instead of posed or morose that the paps are dogging her. I wanna salute her little starred and striped booty!

#8 - Natalie Imbruglia

Considering that every other day there's some photoshoot for a brand of water that I have yet to see in stores, featuring a model with bombastic proportions frolicking on the beach, I should have no problem filling out this list. But I don't care about perfect 20somethings when there's a perfectly wonderful 40something in a wet bikini outsexing them with ease. And that's what happens whenever Natalie Imbruglia gets into a bikini. All that natural, well preserved hotness perseveres over the glut of young and hungries.

#7 - Katy Perry

Usually we rank Katy Perry a little higher around these parts but oh, the times are a changing. Not only is it so infrequent that we get to see her in a wet two-piece anymore, she had the audacity to not banish Orlando Bloom from her orbit after he decided to drop trou during their Italian getaway. While we should have been appreciating Katy's womanly curves, instead everyone was talking about his lackluster display of uncut penis.

#6 - Daphne Joy

A sometimes model, sometimes music video girl, sometimes well known girlfriend to dudes I really wish weren't famous in the first place, Daphne Joy certainly has made the most of the investment she's put into that body of hers. I both recognize that she's fake and don't care because all those phony parts were put together so well. Daphne is pretty much the closest thing to if Barbie were a real person, or made in a color plastic other than pale white.

#5 - Kimberley Garner

I honestly have no idea why we keep featuring this British "nobody" other than the insane body she loves to show off. Other than occasional modeling, it seems as if the candids of her are paid out of pocket by her own team/family and while she might have had a brief stint on reality TV, Kimberley is really no different than a Kardoucheian in her pointlessness. Except when she puts on a bikini. Then I don't wonder for a second why we care about her.

#4 - Ashley James

Since most of the pictures of Alexandra Daddario in those bikinis for the BAYWATCH movie took place in April (wow, it's been that long already?) and she was on the clock rather than sharing her figure with us as a treat, I'm defaulting to her blonde British version, Ashley James for the assist. That's quite a lovely fallback, if I do say so myself.

#3 - Charlotte McKinney

2016 has been disappointing as a whole, even though we're not quite finished with the year, so thankfully the one thing that we could count on was for Malibu resident Charlotte McKinney showing up on sandy beaches every weekend in between promotional gigs and film shoots. When you have a body that's built for a bikini, how can you avoid doing it justice by wearing that little two piece as often as possible?

#2 - Bella Thorne

Technically, this bikini moment happened in April of 2016, but because it was for the summer issue of Galore magazine, I'm marking it as a summer 2016 bikini moment because, well, DAMN. I go back and forth over whether Bella is going to crash and burn like LiLo or surpass all of this tarted up teenager bullshit and go on to be an accomplished Jessica Alba type but the bikini credentials can't be denied.

#1 - Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has enough money that she might never have to stop being on vacation, aside from a few FaceTime meetings for her Honest Company business, and she certainly seemed to prove that point over summer 2016, showing up in a variety of her famous string bikini styles. None were quite as good as the wet purple version, with healthy pokies as the cherries on top. I get the feeling that 10 years from now, Alba will still be the number 1 spot on a top ten like this.



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