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08.30.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Babes of Sports Movies

I can already feel the frustration from you guys already. There's something about being at the top of September and not having any big playoffs for you to get absorbed in. There's also the question of this list, which is sure to be missing a whole lot of your favorite babes simply because there are so many damn movies about all kinds of sports and they always feature hot women as girlfriends, wives, mistresses and any other accessory role you can think of. But I have weird taste, because I loved the bartender turned hockey player movie GOON: LAST OF THE ENFORCERS is a sequel to. So take these ten hotties as you will.

#10 - Juliette Lewis (WHIP IT)

I used to follow roller derby for a few years (let's not get into why I stopped), so I knew a thing or two about the legitimacy of the movie WHIP IT and out of the entire cast, it was the ballsy Juliette Lewis who really captured the spirit of the sport. At least, the good parts of the spirit of the sport. Plus, it highlighted how Lewis has managed to get hotter as she's gotten older.

#9 - Rene Russo (MAJOR LEAGUE or TIN CUP)

I considered having Susan Sarandon on this list because of her involvement in BULL DURHAM and how that film was the culmination of her long-standing non-married life with Tim Robbins. But if I had to put Sarandon up against Russo, especially in sports movies, Russo wins. That big smile, the way she stands up to Tom Berenger's womanizer in MAJOR LEAGUE, the way she laughs during that epic hole-in-one scene in TIN CUP - Rene is the epitome of a loving, supportive, gorgeous sports movie WAG.


While I was cobbling together this top ten, I discovered that Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor separated this year after 17 years of marriage and that made me strangely sad. I always thought of them as the couple who worked together and managed a healthy, stable family life at the same time. Pushing that out of my head, I gotta say that Taylor is another one of those overlooked babes who doesn't get the love she should, especially when she's kicking the big boys' butts.


I started off compiling this list believing that I was going to end up picking only the babes from the movies that I loved the most but the majority of the sports themed movies the closest to my heart aren't on here. TALLADEGA NIGHTS is another one of those stupid bro-movies that I can't relate to (I know a lot of you love Ferrell & Riley together and while I can love Riley most times and occasionally see Ferrell as something other than a monotonously obnoxious man child, I do NOT like them together) but dammit, Leslie Bibb as the trophy wife is perfection.

#6 - Amy Adams (THE FIGHTER)

Amy Adams is always easy to love, usually because she's playing lovable characters that you want to pinch on the cheek or chuck on the chin. It's when Adams decides to tackle the more realistic, gritty characters that you get a chance to appreciate what a sexy creature she is. While I'm not normally someone to scream "GIRL FIGHT!" when two crazy bitches start swinging, I certainly did love that she was such a vicious little scamp in THE FIGHTER.

#5 - Vanessa Angel (KINGPIN)

Who would have thought that a comedy based on the sport of bowling would be so grossly, tremendously, outrageously awesome? Surely not the crowd that didn't attend screenings when it was originally released, as the film bombed back in 1996. It's since gone on to find a place in all of our hearts and that might have a little something to do with Vanessa Angel's erect nipples. (Don't tell me they were fake, I don't care, let me have my dream.)

#4 - Jenna Fischer (BLADES OF GLORY)

BLADES OF GLORY is easily one of my most despised movies of all time, although I couldn't tell you exactly why because I've refused to watch it again after the first time left me with the rotten egg taste in my mouth. It IS one of the only times that we've seen Jenna Fischer be treated as the sexy bitch she is underneath all of those conservatively clothed roles she takes on.

#3 - Brooke Langton (THE REPLACEMENTS)

I think I've used Brooke Langton in this role for a whole lotta top tens because quite frankly, she's in my top ten underappreciated/overlooked hotties of all time. She's immensely cute, has that rough husky voice and is quite good at being that supportive girlfriend/wife character. I wish she was in more stuff (that I would want to watch).

#2 - Ali Larter (VARSITY BLUES)

It's cheesy as f*ck but whenever I'm feeling nostalgic for the '90's, I put on some VARSITY BLUES and relive The Beek's horrible Southern accent just so I can get to one of the most memorable hottie scenes of all time - Ali Larter wearing nothing but that sticky sweet whipped cream bikini. Not only is it hot, it reminds of of the parody, featuring Captain America with a banana up his ass.

#1 - Jessica Biel (SUMMER CATCH)

If you can believe it, I decided to watch this movie simply because I've always had a strange appreciation for Matthew Lillard. Yes, goofy ass Matthew Lillard. This movie is pretty bad in that unforgettable kind of way, but it does have that one scene where Jessica Biel emerges from the pool and forgets to peel off her bikini top to make it a complete ode to FAST TIMES' scene with Phoebe Cates.



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