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07.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Babes of Social Media

In the new movie NERVE, average people surfing social media are encouraged do perform stunts for a monetary payoff, something that has been put into play by a number of enterprising young women already. As we move more and more away from actual words, eschewing Twitter for Instagram and Snapchat, the net has become a treasure trove of lovely people showing off for the world's visual enjoyment. Here are 10 of my favorite women who have capitalized on this trend. Now, who's willing to kick off the brainiac version?

#10 - Emily Sears

I don't know if I love Emily because she's an Aussie or because she's that stereotypical Australian woman who always speaks her mind and can cut through your simple-minded bullshit in under 40 characters. Yes, those boobs are fake and she's not afraid to say so, even deeming them worthy of their own art museum installation. When confronted with a user who placed a sad face emoji after questioning their authenticity, in wickedly wonderful fashion she replied that he'd never get to see them, so there was no need to be depressed. (Instagram Link)

#9 - Anastasia Ashley

There's a point to all of those bikini pics Anastasia Ashley posts. The woman is an accomplished surfer who has been winning trophies since her teens, having dug a surfboard out of the trash when she was only 6 and taught herself how to surf by the time she was 7. Ashley has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and on episodes of "Hell's Kitchen," but I follow her because she's right up the road from me, in Malibu, California. If you want to know what it's like to live coastal in SoCal, you might want to do the same. (Instagram Link)

#8 - Courtney Tailor

Be careful to not confuse Courtney Tailor with Courtney Taylor because those are two totally different levels of Courtneys (research on your own). While I'm always in awe of the women who ignore the constant deluge of sexist garbage that is thrown at them while they're just trying to carve out an income for themselves doing the very thing those muck-mouthed asshats want to see, I'm also delighted when one of them knocks a hater down. One of Tailor's tweets? Correcting a user who misspelled "penetrated" as "penetreated." And of course, that ass! (Instagram Link)

#7 - Indyamarie Jean

I love chicks with tattoos and the stories to go with them. I'm not so much about the drama in my life but there's something about a chick with a past, and Indyamarie has one, even explaining herself by admitting to selling drugs and getting addicted to Xanax in her modeling profile. That's wild in a world where everyone wants to project some idealistic image to hide their truth in. She's also launched her own accessories line while continuing to pursue modeling. (Instagram Link)

#6 - Monica Alvarez

If you've seen skater boys running around wearing t-shirts with black & white photography of sexy, lingerie clad babes, chances are you're already familiar with Monica Alvarez. A mix of Spanish & Sicilian blood has given Monica one of the sexiest bodies that most of those skater boys will never be able to touch. Between modeling jobs, she's also proudly worked as a bartender and seems to be one of the few hot model chicks out there who isn't funded by some sugar daddy. (Instagram Link)

#5 - Chantel Jeffries

There are a lot of Justin Bieber honeys on this list. I would ask what the hell they were thinking but if it gets you noticed, I can applaud that bullet taken. Jeffries was the beautiful lady in the car with Bieber when he was pulled over for drag racing back in 2014. While Chantel does have that overly polished, Kardouchian makeup & style thing going on, she also has a look that defies ethnicity, something that actors such as Vin Diesel have successfully banked on for years and helps to represent the growing demographic of mixed individuals everywhere. (Instagram Link)

#4 - Alyssa Arce

The all-natural curves on Alyssa Arce got her into the pants of Justin Bieber, but that's not all that impressive of a stat, considering the revolving door on his zipper. It's the absence of severe surgery and the imperfect features that dial you in and the surprising lack of drama that surrounds her rather sweet and peaceful social media accounts, especially when you account for all of the disgusting comments left that she leaves unaddressed. There's something to be said for someone who can properly operate the ignore button. (Instagram Link)

#3 - Jen Selter

Selter is one chick who doesn't mind if you're all about the ass. She's made her career in social media off the flaunting of her impeccable booty, posting shots of every lunge, squat and press she's done to keep that money maker in tip top form. For a "nobody" to have amassed over 9 million Instagram followers with the same type of gym posts that have you clicking the "unfollow" button on your real life friends' accounts is no small feat. (Instagram link)

#2 - Abigail Ratchford

Everyone loves boobs and if that's wrong, I don't think any of us would mind flunking that class and repeating it ad naseum. Ratchford has made a career out of hand bras, under & side boob, bikinis and bras, turning a profit off that expensive set and leaving most of us big fans. I have read stories where people have dismissed this lovely lady but I'm down for a PA girl, even if she's from Scranton. (Instagram link)

#1 - Sara Jean Underwood

She's been a TV hostess for "Attack of the Show!" and has graced the pages of Playboy back when they hadn't given up on the power of the nipple but Underwood has succeeded the most triumphantly when it comes to selling herself on social media, cranking out skin-filled photoshoots multiple times a week and defying the aging process (supposedly she's 32 but I get the sense that she's really 50-something and playing us all with some form of wild magic) as well as the standard that self-promotion cannot be synonymous with empowerment. (Instagram Link)



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