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01.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Babes of Parody Movies

It's getting hard out there for a good parody movie. Back when Mel Brooks was ruling the land, the comedy was sharper, weirder, more daring. At the start of his career, Keenen Ivory Wayans delivered a killer missive to the blaxploitation genre of the '70's. Then we got a little too PC and the movies turned into 90-minute overreaching attempts to shock and disgust. I can't say whether or not FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK will return us to an era of sharp satire & silly giggles but I can point out ten of my favorite hotties from parody movies over the years.

#10 - Amy Yasbeck (ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS)

While many have grown to love ye ol' merry Mel Brooks' 1993 film, it was panned by critics at the time. I remember this because when I yearned to go see it, my dad pointed out all of the shitty reviews and told me I'd have to wait for the VHS (man... it was hard to reach deep and not type out DVD there...). By the time that I did see the movie, all I could think was that the mean bitch from PROBLEM CHILD was seriously funny. And quite the babe, even if her red hair was constructed to look like Annie after a nuclear bomb went off.

#9 - Valeria Golino (HOT SHOTS! movies)

For an actress who always seemed a bit too polished to be a part of Hollywood slapstick comedy, Valeria Golino certainly fit right in with the best of them back in her heyday. From the one of the longest on-screen movie kisses with Pee-Wee to being so hot in HOT SHOTS! that Charlie was able to sizzle bacon on her tummy (without the help of his usual hallucinogens), Valeria gave a bit of class to the lowest-common denominator humour. I salute her for it.

#8 - Regina Hall (SCARY MOVIE movies)

The SCARY MOVIE franchise slowly went off the rails when it was handed off from Keenen Ivory Wayans to David Zucker but the second director realized that he had to stick with the talent to make the subsequent films anywhere palatable. Most people remember that Anna Faris did time in all 4 of the parodies but overlook that she wouldn't have been able to be as successful without Regina Hall. Shonda Rhimes recently said that people of color aren't the sidekick in real life - I would argue that while Hall played the sidekick here, she was really the lead when it came to being consistently funny, even if the movies on the whole couldn't claim to be.

#7 - Brenda Bakke (HOT SHOTS! PART DEUX)

I wouldn't have thought that Valeria Golino could have been one-upped after her sexy appearance in the original HOT SHOTS! but my expectations are always lingering a bit low. Blonde, leggy and capitalizing on the ice bitch persona that Sharon Stone popularized in the early '90's, Brenda was a stunner. Bakke gets billing over Golino because she sexed Charlie so good in that movie, she drove him to seek out an encore that he went crazy trying to find.

#6 - Kathleen Robertson (SCARY MOVIE 2)

Here's another one of those babes who has never gotten the love that she deserved. Robertson started off as a side hottie on the original "Beverly Hills, 90210," losing cred for boning the ugliest of the SoCal rich dudes and never seemed to gain traction after that. In the sequel to the first parody we got to see Kathleen do a mean take on the sexy Catherine Zeta-Jones ala THE HAUNTING and while Dwight was unfazed, my opinion of her certainly was. Sexy partnered with funny is the one-two punch in my book.

#5 - Anna Nicole Smith (THE NAKED GUN 33 1/3)

The tragedy of Anna Nicole Smith's personal life has overshadowed what little good she did before the fall. While I can't say that she was the best actress, that really wasn't what was necessary in the third Leslie Nielsen parody cop film. Back in the '90's, Smith was the biggest, boldest representation of what we found sexy that decade; Blonde, busty and evoking a sense of a fuller-figured Marilyn Monroe, Anna put the naked in NAKED GUN. Then again, she also put the gun in NAKED GUN as well...

#4 - Jaime Pressly (NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE)

By now I've realized that I'm using far more recent movies than older ones, although I doubt that you're too upset I haven't found a spot for Madeline Kahn. I don't feel even a teensy bit bad that I've angled this list more toward the years I was growing up and trying to figure out what comedies I liked best and I certainly don't have any regrets about loving me some Jaime Pressly. Long before other people realized just what a funny goldmine she was (yay for Emmys!) I knew that if Pressly was in a film, no matter how bad it was on the whole, she was going to dial her own role up to an 11. Some might think of this simply as the film where Chris Evans got his start, I see it as Jaime's glorious movie moment because she brought-ed it. She brought-ed real good.

#3 - Shannon Elizabeth (SCARY MOVIE)

They might not have always had the best jokes but the one thing the first SCARY MOVIE had going for it was seizing the opportunity to cast a game (and still eager to show the goods) Shannon Elizabeth at the pinnacle of her babehood. She's since become more demure over the years but Shannon managed to rock the curves while blasting out a great performance in a genre that doesn't get much respect. I'm hoping one day she'll return to these films... as the hot cougar in the low-cut blouse that conveniently pops open on cue.

#2 - Anna Faris (SCARY MOVIE movies)

I'm grateful that the SCARY MOVIE franchise opened the doors for Anna Faris, even if it meant that she wasn't taken seriously as a comedic actress for a number of years. Without the bottle of black hair dye and breathy delivery of Cindy Campbell, we might never have gotten a chance to know this funny lady. Plus, and maybe this is just me, I always thought Anna was hotter with the dark tresses.

#1 - Carmen Electra (SCARY MOVIE +++++)

She's been in a total of 6 parody movies (SCARY MOVIE, SCARY MOVIE 4, DATE MOVIE, EPIC MOVIE, DISASTER MOVIE, MEET THE SPARTANS) and even a number of movies based on sketched (remember her in GOOD BURGER?) so it's hard to crown anyone other than Carmen Electra the queen of parody films. From mocking Mystique to being the go-to big-boobed girl, Carmen doesn't quite get the appreciation she deserves. Sure, the movies suck on the whole but the way that she's always game to mock herself in the quest of mocking others is admirable.



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