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02.03.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Babes of Nicholas Sparks Movies

There are far too many Nicholas Sparks movies (and books) in this world and on Friday, THE CHOICE is going to be added to them. The upside to nearly 2 decades of this schmaltzy crap? They pull in an impressive list of fine looking women as their stars. So sit back, don't bother watching any of the movies, and just enjoy the view.

#10 - Robin Wright (MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE)

Kevin Costner has made a bunch of movies that I really like. He's also made a bunch of movies that I wouldn't go near if you paid me. This film is one of them, although it's no fault of Robin Wright's. Before getting slathered with praise over her time on "House of Cards," Robin did a number of low-budget, indie/artsy films that showcased that she wasn't our Buttercup anymore (go watch SORRY, HATERS for one of the most powerful acting turns of any actress, ever).

#9 - Britt Robertson (THE LONGEST RIDE)

I have a lot of love for the young Miss Robertson, who is charming in interviews and vivacious enough to stand up against George Clooney in a boring Disney flick. I still have trouble processing that she's in her twenties, since she often looks like a long-lost little sister, but I suspect she's only going to get better (more mature, sexier) as time goes on.

#8 - Miley Cyrus (THE LAST SONG)

Back in 2010, when Miley Cyrus was 18 and still rocking her long locks, she was a really cute creature instead of a dead pet. While I'm not quite sure how I stand on where Cyrus has matriculated to since then, I can safely say that she was a looker at the onset of her adult years. Still couldn't get me to watch the movie, although I suppose a portion of that blame lies on Liam Hems-wooden. The best thing to come out of him was the song "Wrecking Ball."

#7 - Mandy Moore (A WALK TO REMEMBER)

Back before I could realize what the Nicholas Sparks phenomena was going to turn into, I went to see this movie in the theater with one of my girlier friends. She sniffled and outright bawled through the movie while I alternately laughed and scoffed at its silliness & inaccuracies. If the book had been written better and the movie produced better, you'd have had THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. But it wasn't, so you didn't.

#6 - Diane Lane (NIGHTS IN RODANTHE)

I'm wondering just how many people are going to complain that Diane Lane should be higher on this list. While I love Lane, who has a subtle but sharp way of acting, I've never found her to be as drop-dead gorgeous as so many of you do. I will give her (and Richard Gere) this: I have seen only 3 of the movies I have on this list and NIGHTS IN RODANTHE is one of them, simply because of its lead cast.

#5 - Amanda Seyfried (DEAR JOHN)

There's a pattern in this top ten list that disturbs me. I can understand how the sappiest movies could draw the most beautiful people to the roles. What I don't get is how these Sparks films have also reeled in some of the more talented actresses as well. I've heard people bitch that they think Amanda Seyfried is a bad actress but having to pretend that you're in love with Channing Tatum would be the hardest role for me to play, so I've got to hand it to her. That and I'm simply beguiled by those huge eyes of hers.

#4 - Julianne Hough (SAFE HAVEN)

She's a sharp little hoofer who knows how to dominate the dance floor but Julianne Hough isn't really recognized for being the proficient actress that she's slowly been transforming herself into. When I see her in films, I really like Hough, her huge blue eyes shining like those of an evil little doll with a fraction of the malice. Shit, I damn near considered watching this movie because of her alone (that's a lie, Cobie Smulders was in it too and she's another lesser appreciated actress).

#3 - Michelle Monaghan (THE BEST OF ME)

I kinda hate the movie world we live in sometimes. Take for example the casting of Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden in one of the most throwaway Nicholas Sparks adaptations yet, THE BEST OF ME. I can scarcely remember when it was released or if it did any kind of box office because I frankly did not care and this saddens me. Both Monaghan and Marsden are strong, reliable, nuanced actors who can do funny, serious and everything in between (I go as far as to say that Marsden is the most unappreciated actor of the past 20 years) and yet they're stuck doing this drivel because they're too pretty for a couple of mid-aged actors to get high quality work. Perhaps the both of them need another 10 years before someone wises up and casts them in some meaty work.

#2 - Teresa Palmer (THE CHOICE)

I have absolutely no plans to watch THE CHOICE, either in the theaters, when it comes out on DVD or when it's playing in a highly edited for television version. I bowed to the biggest of the Sparks movies and then I bowed the f*ck out of ever having to watch another pile of that drivel ever again. Even though I consider Teresa Palmer to be one of the loveliest ladies from Australia (or anywhere), I just can't put myself through that kind of torture again, so I'm basing her rank on the whole rather than by the viewing.

#1 - Rachel McAdams (THE NOTEBOOK)

It's kinda hard to come up with instances where Rachel McAdams isn't number one, either in these lists or just by being her kickass self. While I will forever stand by my position that I found THE NOTEBOOK to be one of the biggest emotional abuse love stories (seriously, if a dude threatens to kill himself if you don't agree to go out on a date, that's freaking WRONG), seeing Rachel in those 1940's dresses was a treat. One of the few actresses who looks sexiest dressed down, the less-is-more approach the stylists took in that movie highlighted why McAdams is one of the most beautiful actresses of all time.



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