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10.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Babes of 2016 Horror Movies

Fort he weekend directly preceding Halloween, you'd think that Hollywood would have had a good horror movie lined up to take all of our money. But it seems as if people are preferring to be scared all year long (particularly in February, perhaps because in most locales the temps are low and the atmosphere would be great for a spook and cuddle) and horror films have been sprinkled throughout the entire calendar. I haven't had the opportunity to watch as many of them as I would have liked, so I'm sure that you'll be arguing for some alternative choices, but for now, these are the hottest babes of the genre for 2016.

#10 - Elizabeth Mitchell (THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR)

There's probably nothing more frightening than the current political climate in the United States, making it ripe hunting ground for THE PURGE series, which chose to pick Elizabeth Mitchell, the strangely magnetic blonde ice queen who tends to alienate with her frosty characters, but what hotness she exuded in those thick black rimmed glasses for this. If you've got to love to hate or hate to love a woman in a political position, this fictional babe is perfect for taking out that aggression.

#9 - Lauren Cohan (THE BOY)

While it was the lamest, tamest, most ridiculous "horror" flick that I watched this year, it was also the last time that Lauren was rocking her longer locks, having cut them off just previous to doing the promotional gig for this movie. Now that she's heading into some dangerously dark territory during her day job on The Walking Dead, perhaps Lauren can scare us more than make us cringe with barely repressed annoyance.

#8 - Sofia Black D'Elia (VIRAL)

Everyone loves a good contagion conspiracy, the idea of the bogeyman being underneath the skin, crawling around in your blood, hunting you down on a more personal, primal level than a big, bad, evildoer lurking in the shadows and while VIRAL has its problems, none of them are with the two leads, Sofia Black D'Elia and Analeigh Tipton, who are awesome and believable as sisters. And yes, I pretty much included SDE here because she's a hottie who needs a little more attention.

#7 - Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 CLOVERFIELD LANE)

As my sister put it, this movie would have been a lot better if it didn't have (deleted due to that whole spoiler alert bullshit). I had to agree with her but the one thing you can't complain about are those wide brown eyes of MEW bringing on the spook under your skin whenever the camera zooms in on her.

#6 - Lucy Fry (THE DARKNESS)

You probably didn't see her as a vampire in VAMPIRE ACADEMY because only 4-5 other people besides myself seemed to have turned up for that disaster and unfortunately not many more showed up to see her writhe around as Kevin Bacon & Radha Mitchell's daughter in THE DARKNESS. While I'm not going to urge you to seek out this movie, you really should give some of your attention span to Fry, who has a striking resemblance not only to Mitchell but also fellow Aussie, Margot Robbie (that big, wide, fetching smile). Perhaps get yourself into WOLF CREEK the series?

#5 - Elizabeth Reaser (OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL)

I have a special love of Reaser, a gorgeous brunette who seems to have skipped over the hot young mistress level of roles and landed deep in the woods of mom-types, often to be overlooked even though she's easily just as hot as the wards she's pretending to mother. I haven't seen this movie yet, but I'm sticking her in the list simply because she deserves to be here.

#4 - Lorenza Izzo (HOLIDAYS)

When I was looking for something scary to watch the other night, I might not have been in the most alert sense of mind when I chose HOLIDAYS, thinking it would be some kind of horror parody in the vein of making fun of those VALENTINE'S DAY, etc kind of crap. Nooooooooo.... this is not that. The film varies between gruesome and cringe-worthy in its shitty acting but when you get to the end and Lorenza shows up to scare you off of swiping right ever again.

#3 - Lily James & Bella Heathcote (PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES)

I've seen conflicting opinions on this film from my friends who care most deeply about the genre, from hating to loving this undead in period costumes movie, but everyone seems to be on board with James & Heathcote being the hottest zombie fighting Bennett sisters around. I was ambivalent about P&P&Z (at best) but I've gotta say, when you need a couple of skinny badasses who can rock garter belts, these ladies are tops.

#2 - Jane Levy (DON'T BREATHE)

Many people were singing the praises of this film, one of the few during the summer season that surprised audiences and critics by playing on our fear of the dark and being hunted down by crazy old blind dudes. Jane has previously been at the top of her acting game with other horror films, including the EVIL DEAD reboot which was directed by Fede Alvarez, the same man behind this flick.

#1 - Kate Siegel (HUSH)

If you haven't seen this movie yet, go ahead and add it to your NetFlix queue, as it's probably one of the best indie fright fests that I've seen in quite some time. Not too bloody, not too tame, and Kate Siegel is easily one of the most naturally beautiful women out there, with a talent that really knocked me off my feet. Go for the low budget films trying harder and you're bound to find not only better plots but better leading ladies as well.



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