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12.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Babes from Office Themed TV Shows

The year is almost at an end and I for one (or perhaps for many) and f*cking ecstatic that 2016 is biting the big one. Sure, 2017 is bound to be horrendous, especially for those living in the United States, so it's great that we get a comedy about crazy co-workers letting loose at the annual celebration of Pagan rituals co-opted and bastardized into a time of stress over finding the last Hatchimal in town so that your kid doesn't kick you in the nuts and tell you he wishes he had a different dad. CHRISTMAS OFFICE PARTY has the great TJ Miller as well as its own base of hot women, which gave me the idea to cull those others who have graced the small screen and made life working in small spaces with barely tolerable people funny.

#10 - Tina Fey (30 Rock)

Once I'm done watching The Office, I fully plan on moving to 30 Rock, the other NBC sitcom that I never got around to watching but that most people believe is a must-watch. I don't like Tina Fey like other people like Tina Fey, which is why she's barely on my list (or rather, only on my list because other people would have complained about her absence). Still, you have to give her credit for turning geek chic into a viable cash grab.

#9 - Cheryl Tunt (Archer)

Judy Greer can do no wrong in my book, even when in really shitty roles in really shitty movies delivering really shitty dialog, she's still the complete tits. So when you put her in a witty, original, strange animated show, things get awesome. Tunt was only supposed to be a very minor character on the show but even in voice, Judy is so good, they extended the plots that involved her because, well, Judy muthaf*ckin' Greer.

#8 - Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

I think the only thing that bothers me about the direction that Brooklyn Nine-Nine took with Melissa Fumero's uptight social climber is that they made it far too easy for her character to fall in love with her complete opposite. I would have liked to watch her continue her grasping for the highest rung, including with her choice in men and not just seen her end up a foil to the male character's story. But hey, it's a sitcom, so...

#7 - Amanda Crew (Silicon Valley)

Not a traditional office setting but these days nothing is as traditional as it used to be. Working with a group of dysfunctional man children who have one of the most viable services the tech world has to offer takes a woman who can fight but coddle like the mother these guys are constantly yearning for. The fact that Crew plays Monica as vulnerable and ill-at-ease with the world she's working in as those she has to advocate for makes her even more relatable.

#6 - Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal)

She might have been a toxic mega-bitch but Lucy Liu's character of Ling Woo was something we hadn't seen on TV in... well, ever. An Asian character who wasn't docile or subservient, who didn't try to win anyone over with false smiles or a flutter of giggles was a refreshing break from the norm and probably the reason why Lucy continues to have such a successful career.

#5 - Connie Britton (Spin City)

One of those mostly forgotten shows that had moments of pure brilliance, it was on Spin City that I first got acquainted with the quiet sultriness of Connie Britton. I still can't see her as a viable love interest for Michael J Fox, if only because he comes off as that asexual overachiever we all wanted to strangle back in school. Wayyyyy out of his league.

#4 - Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation)

Not initially the office mate that she later became on the show, I still think Rashida counts here, if only because she helped make the showboating comedic presence of Amy Poehler more tolerable. The way that Rashida can softly and deliberately deliver a line reminds me of how I try to communicate with someone who wouldn't get the point even if it was driven through their skull via their eye socket. Same, girlfriend. Same.

#3 - Jenna Fischer (The Office)

I'm only now getting around to watching The Office, many years after it's been off the air and I find it perplexing, trying to understand why this program was so beloved by the fans. I used to find Steve Carell kinda sexy in that awkward Dockers-wearing dad kinda way and after about 3 episodes I've become completely repulsed by him. Jenna Fischer, however? I honestly believe that she's the reason why so many people tuned in for so long. She's dreamy...

#2 - Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation)

I only got a couple seasons into Parks and Recreation before giving up, finding Amy Poehler to be grating rather than adorable, as I thought she was in those short bursts over at SNL, but my major discovery was that Aubrey Plaza is amazing at the dead pan. She's weird, she's got those huge eyes that make her look almost alien and I just want to hang all over her and make her uncomfortable with my insistence that she be my best friend.

#1 - Christina Hendricks (Mad Men)

We just had a Hot or Not where the ax fell a bit farther to the not side than most would have expected but when it comes to Chrissy in those figure hugging dresses from the '60's, all bright red hair coiffed into grand twists, sashaying between offices and giving the polite verbal beat-downs that the toughest bitch on the block wishes she could deliver with grace, she can't be beat.



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