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12.06.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Babes from Mob Movies

Forgive me if I ramble a bit through this top ten. I'm in the area of the Thomas Fire in Ventura County and it's been a bit heady with all of the smoke. I almost considered changing this to a Chicks in Fire Movies list but I figured that would be too crass. Instead, I'm taking a page from JUST GETTING STARTED and looking at some hot mob babes.

#10 - Lorraine Bracco (GOODFELLAS)

Never quite the looker from a traditional standpoint, Bracco still had that Italian realism to her that sold a film rather than a film trying to sell its actors. You believed they could have picked her up off the street for the role, it worked so well. That voice of hers was always a killer for me too.

#9 - Laura Linney (MYSTIC RIVER)

MYSTIC RIVER is hard to watch for a number of reasons, but it's that uncomfortable feeling it gives you that really sells its power. Linney's name has been in my feed this past year as my friends tore apart her character from Netflix's Ozark but I continue to maintain that it's the actors who make you really hate a character that are the very best ones. Her mobster wife turn in this movie was deliciously, grotesquely perfect. There is something about her massive talent that really turns me on, unseemly characters and all.

#8 - Sienna Miller (LAYER CAKE)

Over time I've grown to appreciate Sienna Miller, even if I think she's a touch overrated in regard to how other people view her. And while I might like a skinny white girl in her undies from time to time, I wasn't as impressed with her little strip tease in this movie as others were - but it lead to Daniel Craig getting to play James Bond, so I guess I can live with it.

#7 - Vera Farmiga (THE DEPARTED)

I hate that this movie won an Oscar. I hate that Scorsese frequently uses female characters solely as a device to justify plot points in a male character's story. I actually kind of hate this movie as a whole. But I love Farmiga, who always brings class to the screen, even when she's got crappy material to work with.

#6 - Alice Braga (CITY OF GOD)

You should watch this movie. I always have a hard time when it comes to making top tens of my favorite films because there are so many with different aspects that make them admirable in my eyes but holy hell, if you haven't, you should watch this movie. One of the best of all time. And Braga is underappreciated in her hotness as well.

#5 - Penelope Ann Miller (CARLITO'S WAY)

CARLITO'S WAY is probably my personal favorite mob movie. There is something so dark and noir and come-closer-let-me-whisper-in-your-ear in the way that it's delivered, I just adore director's De Palma's masterful touch. Of course, getting to see Miller topless is a bonus, like realizing the quiet book nerd next door has a killer bod that you missed all along.

#4 - Sharon Stone (CASINO)

At one point in the '90's, you couldn't escape the palpable hotness of Sharon Stone in every movie, magazine and late night show appearance. And you didn't want to. CASINO came along on the tail end of her hey day, finally giving her a chance to show that she was more than just a sultry diva in salacious projects.

#3 - Uma Thurman (PULP FICTION)

There are so many great Uma moments over the years (one of my email addresses is a nod to how much I love to see her kick ass), it's hard to pick just one. The most iconic, however, is easily her turn as Mrs Mia Wallace, in that movie that people forget hinges on mob influence.

#2 - Rosario Dawson (25TH HOUR)

In Spike Lee's lesser remembered but still slick AF mob movie, 25TH HOUR, we got to see Rosario in a Catholic school girl uniform. Enough said.

#1 - Michelle Pfeiffer (SCARFACE)

When I think mob movies, I think of Pffeifer, whether that's in the goofy comedy MARRIED TO THE MOB, where she had that horrible curly wig on or as the wizened mother in THE FAMILY (which not even people have seen) to her in SCARFACE, where she's the white gold diva in the sleek platinum blonde bob. She's so slick, so impeccable, so perfect, it's hard to even conceive of not placing her at number one.



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