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01.17.2018by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Hottest Babes from Cop Movies

DEN OF THIEVES promises to be one of those movies that gets released in mid-January while most people are either finally getting around to watching the Xmas blockbusters (I still haven't seen THE LAST JEDI because I was trying to avoid the main crowds) or devouring the awards season flicks that they'll judge their Oscar party picks on. The film does give me a chance to look over the babes who have appeared in cop movies, so at least there's something to warm you up if you live in one of those snow-covered places right now.

#10 - Roselyn Sanchez (RUSH HOUR 2)

I think we can all agree that the RUSH HOUR movies suck, that Brett Ratner REALLY sucks and that the fact that Hollywood has never quite figured out how to use Roselyn Sanchez to her fullest potential super-duper sucks, since she's not only beautiful but insanely charming as well.

#9 - Madeleine Stowe (STAKEOUT)

Stowe had such a sweet, doll-like face at the start of her career. She'd been kicking around in relatively small roles before getting picked up for this movie, batting her big eyes at Richard Dreyfuss and making the movie just successful enough that we had to endure a shitty sequel.

#8 - Hilary Swank (INSOMNIA)

Swank is one of those actresses who puts people on the fence. Some claim she has a "mannish" face but that very face makes her believable as a female cop. Others, like myself, see how intensely sexy she is, which might be what's making dudes uneasy. Yeah, we just might want to sleep with Swank instead of you. Don't be so afraid of competition.

#7 - Annabella Sciorra (COP LAND)

COP LAND might just be my favorite most-of-you-have-never-seen Stallone movie. It also serves as a reminder that Weinstein ruined Sciorra's career, one that might have been so much more luminescent than it turned out to be. She is the one who stands out as the most wrecked from his rampage, an actress who was powerful & still vulnerable, a woman other women could relate to. Watch this movie - and her others - again. Remind yourself what was lost.

#6 - Eva Longoria (HARSH TIMES)

Right around the time that Desperate Housewives was beginning to take off and serve as Longoria's everlasting meal ticket (don't let a show being off the air since 2012 fool you, I've heard they've talked about bringing the Wisteria Lane ladies together again for a reunion series), she dipped her toe into the big screen stuff, trying to play that hot cop accessory type. It didn't work as well as the other Eva, but damned if Longoria hasn't managed to learn & grow and become even more interesting since then.

#5 - Teri Hatcher (TANGO & CASH)

There is so much juicy behind-the-scenes drama to the making of TANGO & CASH, it might actually overshadow how much Teri Hatcher was a babe before she started f*cking it all up with excessive weight loss & plastic surgery. Almost, but not quite, since most people seem to forget just how cute Hatcher was in her heyday. A pity that all the misogynist drama from the late '80's screwed her up.

#4 - Naomie Harris (STREET KINGS)

I would argue that the Bond films in which Harris has played Moneypenny qualify as cop movies, but if you're looking for something more concrete, nothing will get you there faster than a David Ayer film. I find myself both drawn to and repelled from his movies, rife with horrible stereotypes toward the Latino community, if only because I get to see more color in them than most major studio films seem willing to allow.

#3 - Natalie Martinez (END OF WATCH)

While I'm citing her performance in a movie because that's what this top ten is all about, I have found that I really enjoy Natalie Martinez playing a cop as well. Only, that doesn't seem to be happening for her on the big screen. Martinez was extremely effective as a TV cop on the show APB, even if the show ultimately failed her by getting canceled.


If Eva Mendes is the top cop accessory, Sandra Bullock is the top cop herself. I don't think there is another actress who has had as many leading roles in cop movies as Sandra, where she was featured as the cop and not the honey pot with which the cop sweetens his coffee. I place her high on the list partly because of that and partly because she looks as good today as she did 25 years ago when she played Lenina Huxley. Yes, it's been TWENTY-FIVE YEARS since DEMOLITION MAN was released.


If Denzel Washington is the height of what it takes to have a lead dude playing either good cop or bad cop, then Eva Mendes is the very tippy-top of the hot cop wives/girlfriends/mistresses/baby mamas. I don't think I even covered all of the movies she's been in that feature cops, I just gleaned the top ones I could recognize from a quick glance at her resume.



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