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12.09.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Highest Paid Hotties of 2015

With the Oscar contender THE BIG SHORT getting a limited release this weekend, focusing on the financial ruin of America in recent years, I thought we could take a look at some of the ladies bucking the trend. These aren't in order of who makes most but rather a culling of those from music, acting, modeling and sports that I happen to find very attractive - both in looks and bank account balances. While not all of them might be your cup of tea, I'm guessing that you wouldn't mind in the least if they bought you one.

#10 - Ana Ivanovic

Damn, I knew I should have stuck with tennis when I was younger. If being the sixth ranked women's tennis player earns you nearly $9 million in a year, I think I could have managed to buckle down. Ana Ivanovic isn't one of those names you hear as frequently as the Williams sisters but in 2015, Ana made Serbia proud by being the best she could, with potential for upward trajectory. With the world debating what to do with Serbian refugees, consider Ivanovic for a second... would you not want to give someone this lovely your couch to crash on?

#9 - Jennifer Lopez

I've noticed that some people have started to turn on Jennifer Lopez in the past couple of years, as she's tightened up her MILF game and started lugging around her pre-schooler boyfriend. I've often wondered at what age it is that the public tends to go from lauding you for looking amazing at your age to thinking you need to somehow act differently because you have more candles on your cake. It's like the Madonna pivot point and JLo seems to be on the cusp of it. So let's recognize her for the elderly badass that she's going to be and celebrate the $28+ million she earned in 2015.

#8 - Miranda Kerr

What we get to hear about Australia model Miranda Kerr's personal life, as told to us by the unreliable tabloids and gossip mongers is that she's not a very nice person. What we get to see of Miranda Kerr? Well, that's a beautiful picture. Women have long been subconsciously trained to be suspicious of those who are better looking than them, perhaps driven by a primitive need to best one another for a superior mate. If that means I'd have to settle for Orlando Bloom or Justin Bieber, well... let's just say I don't want to compete with Miranda for that. As for the five & a half million she earned in 2015, that's a whole different battle story.

#7 - Kristen Stewart

You will never get me to say that I don't think Kristen Stewart is a beauty. One of the few women out there who can make a smirk the sexiest thing you've ever seen on a red carpet, Stewart so rarely bows down to the Hollywood expectations ("Smile, sweetheart!" being the most annoying thing that you can say to any woman) and appears to dress and style herself as she sees comfortable, which seems to make a lot of people uncomfortable. Since departing the TWILIGHT empire, KStew's income hasn't backed down, even if her sour disposition seems to have evaporated slightly; the actress brought home about $22 million in 2015.

#6 - Emma Stone

I'm usually the first person to criticize that Emma Stone has lost too much weight over the years, looking more bony than just slim in 2015. I'm also the first person to defend the fact that she's easily one of the most talented and versatile actresses working now or perhaps even ever. Stone easily manages drama and comedy, as well as bringing sympathy to her plight as the now former girlfriend of purported cheater, Andrew Garfield. In 2015, Stone earned around $16 million for her work.

#5 - Adriana Lima

One of the most enduring Victoria's Secret Angels, Adriana Lima has managed to take those boobs of hers to create her own mini empire. She famously banked on maintaining her virginity until marriage, has given back time and again to her native country of Brazil, including founding Caminhos da Luz (Paths of Light) in Salvador, where the money raised built an orphanage and provided clothing and educational tools for children. In 2015, Lima took home around $9 million for her various work, from VS to cover modeling and spokesmodel gigs.

#4 - Scarlett Johansson

She's kept a lower profile since becoming a mommy in late 2014, limiting most of her appearances to work-related duties. However, ScarJo is still a powerhouse when it comes to raking in the cash, reportedly having brought in $35 million in 2015. There are very few actresses who can turn an artsy, intellectual action movie into a box office dominator on the power of their name, as she did with last year's LUCY, which might be something the Coen brothers are banking on for 2016's HAIL, CAESAR! I'd place my own paltry money on that film paying out well.

#3 - Jennifer Lawrence

We knew it would happen eventually, with the nabbing of the biggest roles offered in Hollywood while still keeping a toe in the independent film waters. JLaw reportedly took home somewhere in the neighborhood of $52 million in 2015, mainly from her gigs as Katniss and Mystique, but also from her well managed life expenses (while she might spend a lot of dough on personal security, Lawrence is notorious for being frugal in every other regard). Her continued work with Oscar darling David O. Russell will more than likely lead to her fourth Oscar nomination for the heart-string pulling JOY, out later this month.

#2 - Ronda Rousey

You have to be good if you're bringing out the haters who piddle themselves with glee over your losses. Ronda Rousey might have suffered her first knockout at the hands of Holly Holm in November but only the fringe boxing fanatics would have cared if Holm beat anyone else. People dropped wads of cash to tune into Rousey's past few fights this year, caring little about her sport and more about the woman herself. Raking in nearly $7 million between fights and roles in movies such as FURIOUS SEVEN, Ronda might have lost to Holm once, but she's poised to keep winning in the long haul.

#1 - Katy Perry

I don't know what delights me more, the fact that I called Perry's mega-success in the years leading up to her breaking out or that she nixed that ongoing stupid feud the media has built up against her and Taylor Swift by clearing over $50 MILLION more than Swift did in 2015. With an estimated $135 million earned in 2015, from her touring to download sales, acting gigs to paid spokesmodeling for Maybelline, Katy has earned her stripes this year.



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