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11.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 FBI Babes of TV & Film

I love me some serious Julia Roberts, even when she gets all weird and weepy, rasping out threats like I've seen her to in the trailers for SECRET IN THEIR EYES. Something about women with a gun and a badge makes me happy, even if there are really few and far between hot FBI agents in movies. Yeah, this list is going to be heavily skewed toward the FBI characters from TV, where women are far more welcome to take a major role in the fictional version of the government agency. Here are some of those I consider the best.

#10 - Ally Walker (Sons of Anarchy)

There are plenty of characters who were introduced over the course of "Sons of Anarchy"'s run on FX but none of them more reviled than Ally Walker's Agent Stahl. While she was supposed to be the hero, outing the villains, the show definitely skewed you to siding with the bad guys and holy hell did Walker make being "good" so wonderfully bad. She might have been a bit too skinny and had some stroke victim thing going on with her mouth half the time she needed to bark out her lines but the woman left a powerful impression.

#9 - Julianne Moore (HANNIBAL)

After you've won an Oscar in the second-only time that a movie has swept the top 5 categories at the Oscars, why bother returning to watch Ray Liotta eat his own brain? HANNIBAL got an upgrade when it changed from a Jodie Foster version of Clarice Starling to a Julianne Moore one, even if not a single one of us really wants to revisit the movie to determine which actress was better. Sure, Jodie won the Oscar but Julianne had to sit through the bored vamping of Anthony Hopkins, feasting more on his fat paycheck than the lackluster script.

#8 - Robin Tunney (The Mentalist)

CBS ended the 7-year reign of Simon Baker's quirky mind game playing earlier this year, making room for plenty of other lackluster shows on their roster. The only thing I miss when they finally take some of these shows off the air are the hardworking actors who put in great performances with little fanfare. Robin Tunney has always been a step beyond what other actresses of her generation were doing, her gritty voice and large, emotional eyes conveying more with a sigh and a pointed glare than anyone else her age. As the straight man on this show, Tunney never disappointed and never over played her role and I respect her for that.

#7 - Vanessa Ferlito (Graceland)

I got over my fear of all shows USA related when I got hooked on "Psych" right around the time it was wrapping up. Luckily for me, that meant I got to tune into "Graceland," the network's 3 season stunner that focused more on casting good people and writing some tight scripts than being flashy. Vanessa Ferlito, perhaps known best for her lush-lipped performance in DEATH PROOF, was awesome as Charlie, the tough FBI agent who takes a beating and yet still keeps her wits about her. She's not exactly the type of character you're designed to like (without getting into too many spoilers because I DO recommend you watch the show) but damn, she's good at what she does and she looks amazing while doing it.

#6 - Anna Torv (Fringe)

I still don't understand why Anna Torv isn't a breakout star. She toiled away for 5 years on the Fox sci-fi show that had an ardent following but never the respect that the network's other spookfest, "The X-Files" did. Anna is lean, gorgeous and an Aussie and yet most people wouldn't be able to pick her out of a line-up. Here's hoping that "Secret City" will give her some much needed celebration.

#5 - AJ Cook (Criminal Minds)

I really wish I could sit through "Criminal Minds" in order to soak in the sexiness of A.J. Cook but it's just too damn hokey for me. Cook doesn't do much outside of the show (she had a blink-and-you'll-miss it bit in MOTHER'S DAY and only the hardcore Heather Graham lovers saw her in MISCONCEPTIONS) but I've dug on her since she was paired up with Eliza Dushky in "Tru Calling." Points for being hot, minuses for being on one of the lamest CBS dramas to continue airing.

#4 - Sandra Bullock (MISS CONGENIALITY)

It's one of those movies most dude have sat through to appease their girlfriends but consider the pedigree of MISS CONGENIALITY for a minute. Sandy is awesome as always as Gracie Hart, the tough FBI chick who gets a pageant contestant makeover. The movie also has Michael Caine and Bill Shatner vamping up the screen in their hysterical roles. Sure, you've got to get through a goofy plot and a bunch of dumb pageant stereotypes but ultimately, it's not a bad way to waste some time.

#3 - Gillian Anderson (The X-Files)

I can count this as both TV & movie, so I don't feel as bad for not coming up with more hot FBI movie examples. Dana Scully, long that pessimist that every guy I grew up with wanted to make smile, was exactly what showboating David Duchovny needed to keep his Fox out of the hen house. Gillian was so persuasive in her role that long after it was canceled, people rallied for its return... which we're getting this January. Luckily for all of us, Anderson's appeal hasn't diminished a bit, even if I think someone should have convinced her to go more red.

#2 - Roselyn Sanchez (Without a Trace)

I started off occasionally watching "Without a Trace" because I find Anthony LaPaglia intriguing. For a guy who looks so stereotypically Bronx Italian-ish, whenever I get a chance to hear him speak with his native Aussie accent, I giggle and coo like an infant. Sure, he didn't get to use it on this show but in the meantime they took longtime dancer and legendary hottie Roselyn Sanchez, told her she'd be playing an FBI agent and then found excuses to have her dress up as and pretend she was a stripper. Win!

#1 - Eva LaRue (CSI: Miami)

She gets little credit for being a babe long into her golden years. Sure, Eva LaRue's career never quite made it to the big leagues. Even with her character Natalia Boa Vista on "CSI: Miami," most people chose to think of the show as the vehicle that brought David Caruso back to television. But I want to give a shout into the void and proclaim Eva to be my personal favorite of the hot FBI babes.



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