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01.04.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Breakout Hotties of 2016

Last year, everyone complained that I should have had Daisy Ridley on my breakout hotties of 2015. Personally, I didn't think that one grubby role garnered a breakout hottie designation simply because it was in a STAR WARS movie. I also wasn't all that sure about having Dakota Johnson on there since I find her to be a bit boring, especially in the role of a boring character, no matter how naked she got. I might not always have the same perception of hotness as you fellas, since I'm a chick and all, but I think I've got 10 hotties right here who sparkled a little more than most in 2016, not to mention what they've got going on for 2017.

#10 - Kiersey Clemons

When I first saw Kiersey Clemons in DOPE last year, I remembered thinking, "That's a cute boy." Of course, it was right before it was explained that her character was a lesbian, which made sense since no boy deserved to be that cute. In 2016, Clemons was Chloe Grace Moretz's sorority sister in the mostly failed sequel to NEIGHBORS, which didn't tap into her sweetness as much as NetFlix's original series, Easy did. Clemons is a fresh departure from the cookie cutter girls that Hollywood spits out, something that the world of DC appreciates, considering that they snapped her up to play Iris West for the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE and THE FLASH movies. I, for one, can't wait to see her keep bringing that cuteness.

#9 - Ellie Bamber

When it comes to redheads, we're all in agreement that there's just something about them. So much so, the people behind NOCTURNAL ANIMALS decided to stack the awards season deck by casting not just Amy Adams but also Isla Fisher, topping it all off with the rising ginger star of Ellie Bamber. The 19-year old British darling also appeared earlier in the year in the other mostly failed film, PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES, but it was enough to get her a plum role in 2018's THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS, co-starring Keira Knightley. Alright, alright, alright.

#8 - Kylie Bunbury

I feel as if I'm the only one who has been tuning into Fox's sports drama, Pitch, as there was little to no fanfare for the show after it debuted in late September, although that doesn't mean it's out of the running yet. Bunbury has been doing lower profile duty as an actress for a few years now, including a reoccurring role in Under the Dome in 2015, but she positively shines as Ginny Baker, the first female to pitch for major league baseball. Sure, it's a stretch, but between Kylie and Ali Larter, you get a great workout for your eyeballs.

#7 - Talulah Riley

It's pretty much impossible to go wrong with any of the women who have appeared on Westworld this season, or so I'm told. I don't have HBO and don't mind waiting for a disc release to watch the show (and I will watch the show, because Clifton Collins Jr hasn't steered me wrong so far). So this pick is less for me than it is for my other friends who have told drooling tales of the leggy blonde. I remember Riley from other films, including the underratedly funny film, ST TRINIAN'S, so I'm giving her a pass at number 7 because I like unique looking blondes.

#6 - Pamela Adlon

Who would have thought that the little girl trying to be a T-bird in GREASE 2, best known for her voice roles, including that of Spinelli from Recess and Bobby Hill from King of the Hill would have a banner hottie year in 2016 at the ripe old age of 50? But leave it to FX to give the long-time funny lady a chance to show off that a mature woman with kids can be sexy AF, which is exactly what she awkwardly did in Better Things this year. For those who don't "get" the show, as I have heard some people whine about, I feel sorry for you. Real sorry.

#5 - Dove Cameron

While she easily looks as if she could pass for a freshman in high school, in reality, Disney darling Dove Cameron will be turning 21 in a little over a week. Dove seemed to take it upon herself to make sure people were paying attention that she wasn't just the little girl from Liv & Maddie, making hot appearances on red carpets and doing some seriously sexy photoshoots while killing it as Amber Von Tussle in HAIRSPRAY LIVE!. Cameron will revisit her role as Maleficent's daughter in the sequel to Disney's THE DESCENDANTS movie and after that? Well, I'm dying to find out.

#4 - Sofia Boutella

While I acknowledge and respect that it was in 2015 that Sofia Boutella blasted out into Hollywood as the knife-footed assassin Gazelle in KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, it was her turn as the childlike Jaylah in STAR TREK BEYOND that proved she can hang with the A-listers. Boutella saved that movie for me by breathing fresh life into a group of actors who came off listless playing their parts this time around and I'm not the only one who agrees. Tom Cruise apparently insisted that Sofia be a part of his version of THE MUMMY, due out this summer.

#3 - Kate McKinnon

She deservedly won that Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Emmy this year, considering that Kate McKinnon is one of the few reasons to bother tuning into Saturday Night Live. Even with everyone hating on the GHOSTBUSTERS reboot/revamp/assassination of your childhood, the one thing people could seem to agree on was that it was impossible to hate this bubbly, dimpled lady. McKinnon has that certain something special that makes her think of your sister's best friend, a welcoming presence that you want to be around and laugh with. And since she likes the ladies, I'm holding out the kind of Kate Beckinsale level of hope that you fellas do.

#2 - Ashley Graham

I don't think I've ever seen a model who's been more polarizing than Ashley Graham. There were a few people who scoffed and mocked Kate Upton fans, but never to the degree that the haters tried to slam down Graham's fans. The first truly plus sized model, complete with cellulite on her non-gapping thighs, Ashley made a huge splash as the first larger lady to grab the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition this year and didn't look back, strutting down the runway at Paris Fashion week and even grabbing Mattel's attention, getting her very own Barbie (still sadly not available for general sale). With a face like Eva Mendes and cushion that can withstand your pushin', whether it's amorous or vicious, Ashley Graham kicked some major modeling ass in 2016.

#1 - Haley Bennett

I didn't manage to see as many movies in the theater in 2016 as I have in past years but somehow I squeaked in both of Haley Bennett's two big ones, both THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (which, sorry, disappointed the f*ck out of this Fuqua fan) and the adaptation of THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN (which sufficiently told the mediocre mystery story, not bad but it was ehhh to begin with). After both movies, I walked away with a new respect for Bennett, who had previously skirted around any solid roles. She was a strong force this year, not to mention a total babe when promoting her films, both on the red carpet and the copious number of magazine spreads. With 2017, we're going to get Haley in Terrence Malick's WEIGHTLESS, which boasts an insane cast including Christian Bale, Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Benicio Del Toro, Val Kilmer, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Holly Hunter and Clifton Collins Jr - and I have a feeling she might just fit in better than anyone would have suspected.



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