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12.30.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Breakout Hotties of 2015

2015 is nearly over and it's time for us to start counting up our chips as we leave this year's table. Some has been good, some has been great, some has been awful, which pretty much sums up any year at any given time. What remains inconsistent is the love that Hollywood shows its new faces. Some are heralded and soon forgotten. Others creep in silently and stay for a long while. Here are ten of the most exceptional new faces I've seen in the past year. Feel free to add some of your own favorites.

#10 - Billie Lourd

The slightly awkward looking girls of the world must have shrines to Ryan Murphy in their closets, what with the creator choosing females who have more substance than flash. It took me some time to figure out that Billile Lourd, aka Chanel #3 on "Scream Queens" was the daughter of Carrie Fisher. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Three episodes in, I was mimicking her throaty delivery and searching for a fabulous pair of earmuffs despite the fact that I live in Southern California and don't need the excess ear sweat. Lourd is awesome unto herself, even if the famous lineage gave her a hand up. Nepotism, schmeptoism, this lady rocks!

#9 - Alycia Debham-Carey

I so seldom want to support people with hyphenated names. It takes up more character space in a world where people's attention spans die a little more with every passing emoji. I also seldom want to support silly shows like "The 100," where Debham-Carey got her start in 2014 as an Apocalyptic badass in the wildly outrageous, SyFy-level CGI insane world of teens gone Lord of the Flies. She's since moved on to the hit new series "Fear the Walking Dead," Alycia's face is striking and her delivery is solid. Every time I watch her I feel we're seeing the next female action hero in motion. That's big talk, but I think this hottie can handle it.

#8 - Rose McIver

Aussies are taking over Hollywood. As you go through my list you'll find that there's an unusually large number of girls from down under making a big, splashy mess this year. Rose McIver might have a bit of an edge over the other breakouts from this year, with her history as a Power Ranger and popular nude scenes from "Masters of Sex." But it was her take on the undead obsession as the perky zombie in the CW's "iZombie" that finally got people recognizing McIver on sight. Season 2 wraps up in March and word is strong that it will get picked up for a third season. Guess it's time we all invested in some Vegemite.

#7 - Ruby Rose

I gotta get this out of the way - I hated Ruby Rose's character on "Orange is the New Black." I felt she added nothing but a distraction and not to the fictional women in the prison but to the show as a noteworthy pop culture sensation. The show didn't need Rose. It didn't get better because of her. It won't miss her when she's gone. BUT... I have never seen a virtually unknown tattooed fashion model go from zero to full-boar so quickly. Ruby has marketed herself as a gender fluid gorgeous person, capitalizing on the societal acceptance trend going on. It's savvy, she's smart and that casual nude scene on Orange? Well, even I couldn't ignore the awesomeness of that.

#6 - Grace Gealey

When people aren't talking about how awesome it is to watch Taraji P Henson & Terrence Howard chew up the scenery on "Empire," they're usually referring to Jussie Smollett being the breakout star of the show. While it's great to see Smollett comfortably bring gay love to the screen and listen to his bleating harmonies, let's give credit where it's due. Out of that entire cast, Grace Gealey not only is the most interesting breakout character, she's one of the most realistic in a world of extravagance. Gealey had no acting history when she strolled onto the Fox drama like a worldly pro, showing that she could hold her own against a powerhouse like Henson. Plus she is sexy AF. I can't wait to see this lady do more.

#5 - Lily James

Did you realize that the live action version of CINDERELLA is one of the top ten grossing films of 2015? I had to go looking up the year end tallies for it to dawn on me that the film I honestly had no interest in and figured most people shun in favor of the Disney animated original ended up being one of the most successful lice-action movies the House of Mouse has released in years. They have Lily James to thank for it. Classy and funny, James is showing she has the grit to take on being a dolled up dame who kicks ass in the upcoming PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES.

#4 - Chanel Iman

For a first time actress, one who started off her public career as a model no less, Chanel Iman did the job in brave, cheeky style. As the free-spirited recreational drug user with tendencies toward public nudity, Iman was a standout in a movie that was a standout in and of itself. The low budget film DOPE contained a lot of fresh faces and was directed with a deft hand, producing one of the best films of the year. The fact that Chanel was so wild and ballsy only made her better.

#3 - Britt Robertson

This 25-year old darling might look like she's still sloshing her way through her teens but that innocent face packs a punch. Not only did she give a solid assist to Jennifer Aniston in CAKE, Robertson managed to make a Nicholas Sparks movie tolerable while being more entertaining than George Clooney while next to George Clooney in TOMORROWLAND. Robertson has kicked around as a child actress for years but it was 2015 when we could finally see that sweet face as more grown up.

#2 - Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has been around for a few years now but it was the breakout box office success of her summer film, TRAINWRECK that set the world on its ear. While some guys have knocked her for being frumpy, average or unfunny, women have embraced Schumer as the face of new feminism. We don't want to hate men, we just want to love ourselves more. Amy showed everyone that it was possible and joined the growing statistics of women being seriously funny while making serious money.

#1 - Alicia Vikander

She might not have been our #1 hottest hottie of the year but for a relative unknown to shoot to such recognition so easily is remarkable. Vikander had a one-two-three-four punch this year, from the quieter releases of BURNT and EX-MACHINA to the big budget summer box office action flick THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. to the award-bait flick THE DANISH GIRL. And Alicia did it with style. Often photographed in fashion-forward apparel wearing little to no make up, she was the hottest export from Sweden since that tattooed girl. I predict this hottie is here to stay.



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