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12.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Best Bikini Moments of 2016

2016 hasn't been good for a lot of things. I think most of us can agree with the four letter hashtagged ode to 2016, what with its killing a bunch of great people and well, pretty much everything else aside from the one true constant that brings all of us - men and women, young and old, right and left - together: a beautiful woman in a bikini. It's a gentle reminder that the sun will always shine again and when it does, someone will strip down to the basic requirements for modesty in public for all in viewing distance to enjoy. And even those not in viewing distance, provided the paparazzi's camera lens is powerful enough. Here are 10 of the best bikini moments of 2016.

#10 - Krysten Ritter

I could have gone with a number of others. I'm sure I wouldn't even argue against any of your choices for who might have been a better inclusion for this year's bikini top ten. But the juicy rump on Krysten Ritter is really, really, really hard to ignore. Or overlook. So look. Look at it good and hard. Memorize it. Drool until it's back in those tight Jessica Jones pants. You know you are.

#9 - LeAnn Rimes

As much as I preach that I'd love to see LeAnn Rimes get back into singing more (say what you will about her personal life, that bitch can SING), I can't argue that if it means she's spending more time in a bikini instead of the recording studio, she doesn't need to be in that big of a hurry. As LeAnn has moved into the step-MILF arena in her 30s, she's only gotten fitter and leaner, with those sexy abs almost getting you to overlook the bolt-on-ness of her boobies.

#8 - Kelly Rohrbach

While Kelly did indeed get into a bikini during the multitude of on set posts we had about the cast of the upcoming BAYWATCH movie, I'm cheating here a bit to salute that famous red one piece she filled out so spectacularly well in early 2016. With a pedigree that includes Pamela Anderson at her youngest, cutest and least fouled by poor in men, I figured this blonde upstart might have a hard journey ahead of her. Instead, Kelly busted out in all the right directions and lit up the beach locales with her genuine, boisterous smiles. You can have your Alexandra in 2017, when the movie comes out. Rohrbach is my girl.

#7 - Elizabeth Hurley

Lizzy-bitch is FIFTY-ONE F*CKING YEARS OLD. Go looking into her bikini pictures from 3 decades ago and you'll agree that she's dancing the Benjamin Button. It's a shame that we've only seen these hot bikini moments from the actress' Instagram accounts, posting from that deserted private island she's vacationing that no paparazzi know the existence of. I woulda given you higher marks if there were more angles involved on that body, miss lady.

#6 - Ashley Graham

There was no one rising hottie that flew as fast or as far as Ashley Graham in 2016. She was picked up as the first plus sized bikini cover model for Swimsuit Illustrated and ultimately was embraced by a wide margin of both men and women who loved her wider load. Ashley owned her curves, dressing how she wanted wherever she wanted and she was wanted everywhere, from Oscar night to Paris Fashion Week. Sharing her birthday weekend bikini pics might have been the cherry on the icing on the ice cream and cake and cake.

#5 - Ashley James

Pick a month in 2016. Go ahead. Any Month. I bet you there's a bikini post featuring Ashley James. We began following this British reality show model sometime last year and sunk into full-on addiction this year with her everlasting parade of T&A suits. Ashley doesn't have the best body but that hardly matters when you have the most womanly body in a sea of underfed and overly polished works of walking Photoshop. Now, if we could only determine the source of that persistent bruise on her thigh...

#4 -Emily Ratajkowski

I've gone from rolling my eyes at to deeply respecting a woman whose major claim to fame is posing topless on Instagram with Kim Kardashian. Yes, I know that EmRat wants us to think of her as a wily up-and-coming thespian but for now, she also seems to accept that we're going to love her first for her famous physique. So when she goes on vacation, she gives us all what we're sitting behind our computer monitors, hoping to stumble onto: unrestricted topless views in bikinis that cup her buttocks like backwards parenthesis. She knows what she is, how she's seen and precisely how to wrangle the two into getting what she wants. Like a topless bikini boss.

#3 - Hilary Duff

We love Duff's duff but we take that adoration to a whole other level when get to see Duff's Tuff in the near Buff. Hilary is a master at working those butt jeans while running errands and generally being the breathing embodiment of everything the MILF master class is made of. Duff's made of the good stuff and doesn't mind that we like to stare, good sport that she is.

#2 - Jessica Alba

Not a year goes by without a stellar Jessica Alba bikini moment, save for those pesky couple of summers when she was knocked up with her daughters. (Although she gave birth to them in June & August, respectively, keeping with our impression of her being the Queen of Summer.) Now that Alba is the successful head of a billion dollar company, you might think that she'd wall up all those string bikinis and leave us with only beautiful, hazy memories. Not our Jess. She was back in a number of 2 pieces, including the wonderfully wet purple number that gave her a pronounced case of the pokies.

#1 - Jessica Biel

It wasn't the most flattering of bikinis. She wasn't even back to her top notch prime. But it had felt like suffering through the STAR WARS prequels again, not seeing Jessica Biel out in a bikini and she finally rectified that missing link in November of 2016. After having given birth to son Silas in the earlier half of 2015, Jess was keeping those famous beach bunny curves of hers under wraps. To see the return of Dat Ass was like letting loose a sigh we didn't realize we were holding. Thank you, Jess. Carry on.



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