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08.03.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Babes Who Should Play Poison Ivy

I am surely not going to please anyone with this list. There will be complaints, there will be other suggestions and I can live with all of that. Just like I can live with everyone talking smack about Margot Robbie's co-star Jai Courtney being a joke while I know that he'll probably end up one of your favorite characters from this week's release, SUICIDE SQUAD. Yes, I'm that confident. Which is why I think these 10 women are some of the best possible options for Harley's buddy-in-mayhem, Pamela "Poison Ivy" Isley.

#10 - Amber Heard

If she wasn't already cast as Mera in the AQUAMAN & JUSTICE LEAGUE movies and if everyone could manage to overlook whether or not those domestic abuse allegations are true or not (if they are, people will be mad at her for being so public about it considering how beloved Depp is, if they're not, she'll be a f@cking pariah in the business, and rightfully so), Heard would have been an awesome choice to play Poison Ivy alongside Margot Robbie.

#9 - Miriam Giovanelli

Yeah, I know. You've never heard of her. If you have, you're probably as desperately addicted to watching the bizarre and surrealistic world of cinematic horror that Dario Argento throws in our faces every few years. Go watch this movie, check out Giovanelli's gorgeous figure (in all of its naked glory) and her cheeky delivery (for a relatively newbie actress) and tell me that if she didn't have a thick Italian accent she wouldn't be PERFECT for Poison Ivy.

#8 - Evan Rachel Wood

If you really want an actress who can play weird, oddball, misunderstood & alienated hot, you want Evan Rachel Wood. Between her long-running off/on again relationship with Marilyn Manson to that time she was an old vampire bitch with dark intentions on "True Blood," Wood has always been a bit on the fringe of crazy in the hottest of ways. And with her being bisexual, getting that Ivy/Quinn relationship thing a realistic twist would be even better.

#7 - Jane Levy

I love how Jane Levy is a bit of a puzzle. She's a tiny, petite little thing with the kind of clean-cut looks that the Disney Channel should have been jumping all over. But she's wicked when it comes to playing it dirty, from the first Mandy on "Shameless" to the possessed recovering drug addict in the EVIL DEAD remake. Levy would be the best to embrace the Poison Ivy wickedness, if only she wasn't so gosh darn darling.

#6 - Deborah Ann Woll

After seeing DAW be a little bit of a whining mess on NetFlix's "Daredevil' series, I actually doubt that she has the va-va-voom that Pamela Isley embodies. Sure, when she's redheaded, she's sexier than pretty much any other fake redhead in Hollywood but the gentle, girlie disposition that she has isn't quite suited to the role. Looks the part but I'm in doubt that she could play the part.

#5 - Holland Roden

It's hard to fathom how Holland Roden can still look like a high schooler but be expecting her 30th birthday this upcoming October. Where I think she looks younger than Margot Robbie, it turns out that she's 4 years older than her. If MTV or the CW were looking for a Poison Ivy, Roden would probably be their first choice (or third, if it were Fox doing the casting). But for the big screen, while I think she could not only look but act the part, the grumpy cat faces she makes on the red carpet would prevent her from being able to sell the role the way the big studios demand.

#4 - Bryce Dallas Howard

I think she's too old for the role and she's probably too voluptuous for the studios to handle (amazingly, they seem to want women skinny but with boobs and everyone can't be Emily Ratajkowski), but in a perfect world, they would cast Howard and close the book on any further discussions. The whispering coo that she'd deliver those lines, the way I can see her cuddling up to Robbie in that big (incestual) way that Ivy does with Harley, it could be perfect.

#3 - Alexandra Daddario

There really isn't much of an argument to have Daddario play any of the busty, sexually exploitative roles that are expressed within the comic book world. She looks like a damn drawing come to life, tall and thin but still blessed with those dramatic curves. My guess is that Daddario is far too sweet of an individual to pull off the acting for the role of Pamela Isley, but man those costumes would be filled out with precision.

#2 - Bridget Regan

For anyone who watched "Legend of the Seeker," a short-lived series created by Sam Raimi, meant to pull in the Xena fans (I imagine), you already know how well built Bridget Regan is for the role. Many fans had suggested that she would be a great choice to play Wonder Woman as well, standing at 5'9", voluptuous with dark hair and bright blue eyes. But there's a sexiness and presence to Regan that would serve exceptionally well as a counterpoint to Robbie's Harley that we would all enjoy perhaps a little too much, which couldn't begin to be a bad thing.

#1 - Adrianne Palicki

She tried to play Wonder Woman and failed before even getting off the ground (I blame the pants). And Adrianne seems to have a relatively bad track record for being involved in projects that bumble before they even get going, but I only need to look at her with that red hair in that red dress from that horrible GI JOE sequel to know that if we're going for a complement to Margot, this is exactly the Poison Ivy we need. And seeing as how Palicki stepped into the later seasons of "Agents of SHIELD" without crashing the system, my guess is she really only needs someone else to start the engine before she hops in and drives the car.



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