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06.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Babes of Romance Flicks

This was a ridiculously hard top ten to make. Define romance. Now tell me what your favorite romantic movies are. There's not going to be 2 people out there who can list 10 of the same movies, let along 10 of the hottest ladies from this genre. With ME BEFORE YOU getting released this week, there's sure to be women swooning over the romance (I've read the book and think the characters are boring & trite, but I'm a cynic) while others will think it's a tear-jerking melodramatic, gooey pile of junk. So I'm giving you MY top ladies from some of my favorite romance films. Add on all of the ones I've forgotten, if your view of love is different.

#10 - Eva (WALL-E)

This is my hokey entry because WALL-E is one of the most romantic movies ever and don't you try to deny it. Sure, there's adventure and action and comedy but ultimately the way that the trash collector Wall-E falls for and protects his new found love, a shiny new bit of beautiful in his world, is one of the most touching things that's been put out in cinema.

#9 - Joey Lauren Adams (CHASING AMY)

Most of my friends think I'm crazy when I say that I've always found Joey Lauren Adams and her raspy baby doll voice adorable. They don't think I'm crazy for digging CHASING AMY, the romance that Kevin Smith managed to put out before slowing devolving in his directing career. All I know is, if she were to sing this song to me today, I'd still be all over that.


Once upon a time, Meg Ryan was the super cute, all-American lovely lady that Hollywood embraced. Appearing in this movie (and the sappier, suckier SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE) marked a turning point in her career, however. Ryan seemed to dive into some darker stuff in the 1990's and we never quite got her back all the way. But Sally Albright? I would have an orgasm sandwich with that little uptight vixen any day.

#7 - Julia Stiles (10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU)

I have a mother who taught 8th grade English. This means that I've known the difference between your/you're and they're/there/their since kindergarten. It also means I was introduced to a lot of Shakespeare, especially the modernized versions because my mom liked to watch them to tear them apart. 10 THINGS ABOUT YOU wasn't just the movie that introduced me to Heath Ledger (in his young, dimpled glory - damn, I miss that guy), it was the film that took my favorite Shakespeare piece - The Taming of the Shrew - and made it young, fun and dominated by a strong female who played sports, didn't sweat the perfect outfit or hair and fell in love on her own terms. Julia Stiles might just have been more attractive to me than Heath here.

#6 - Renee Zellweger (JERRY MAGUIRE)

Lush lipped and staring at Tom Cruise as if he could make the world split open and deliver a stampede of unicorns (because that would be delightful!), Renee Zellweger enchanted me in a role that should have been a quiet, throw-away, girlfriend kinda thing. The tenderness that she shows, as well as the forgiveness and perseverance through uncertainty is a leap of faith one rarely sees in romance lately. To be honest enough to admit that all someone had to do was come back and say hello in order to have you on the hook? Raw and rather beautiful.


A lot of people consider this to be one of their favorite romantic movies, what with the desire to erase the memory of someone you loved so much you couldn't bear to think of them any longer. That was the painful part of the movie. It's also the movie where Kate Winslet is heralded as the main female. I always was more on the side of Kirsten Dunst, the quieter character who danced around in her underwear and quoted Nietzsche. That was me, the uncertain one, the half-baked romantic.

#4 - Claire Forlani (MEET JOE BLACK)

I know she's still acting but there's that desire to wonder where Claire Forlani went. In the 90's she was popping up all over the place, from MALLRATS to THE ROCK. Her roles seemed to taper off after that, perhaps put out of high profile business after her minor on screen romance with Brad Pitt? Who knows. What I do know is that she spoke with a sexy whisper and had the diamond cut features of a Icelandic princess. MEET JOE BLACK isn't just a beautiful movie to watch because of its incredible cinematography.

#3 - Jennifer Lawrence (SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK)

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK isn't everyone's kind of romance. There's a lot of mental breakdowns and football and gambling mixed in with that genuine emotion. And it's not as if JLaw and BCoop are magical together all the time (see SERENA for proof... or rather, don't). But there was something fun and frisky and crackly like a sparkler on the Fourth of July between those two on this film and I loved it. Then again, Jen is super hot with that dark hair and those tight white dancing pants.

#2 - Blake Lively (THE AGE OF ADALINE)

One of these days Blake Lively is going to get her own DEADPOOL. Not literally, of course. No one would want to see her slathered in that special effects makeup, fighting some English broad naked. (Then again...) While it felt as if no one went to see THE AGE OF ADALINE, it's a shame. The film is extremely well cast, gloriously filmed and Lively looks like a haloed angel in various period costumes. I've always though she was a knockout, all the way back to her SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS days, before becoming that gossipy glamourista girl. In this film she's positively luminescent.

#1 - Emmanuelle Chriqui (100 GIRLS)

Long before she was E's woman, Chriqui was knocking out silly low budget films and I'm a sucker for silly low budget films. I don't remember how it was that I stumbled upon 100 GIRLS, I just know that in the infancy of NetFlix, back when you were allotted a certain number of streaming hours based on your account level, I watched it too many times. I was mocked and teased and I didn't care. Still don't. I love that silly romantic movie with all of its flaws but perhaps especially Emmanuelle's Ben-Wa balls.



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