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04.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Babes of Keanu Reeves Movies

I have my fingers crossed that they'll find a way to integrate Keanu Reeves into KEANU, the action comedy film from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, in which two suburban dudes have to infiltrate a gang to rescue an adorable kitten named, you guessed it, Keanu. Because if there's one thing I love nearly as much as cats, it's Keanu Reeves. Between this movie and the impending third installment of BILL & TED, I can barely concentrate on just how many hotties Keanu Reeves has starred with over the years. (P.S. : Watch THIS if you love Keanu like I love Keanu.)

Special Mention: Paula Abdul - (Rush Rush video)

Remember that time in the early '90's when you couldn't escape Paula Abdul? Probably not. So you'll probably have forgotten that Abdul used her clout to get her Keanu to appear in a music video recreating REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE just because she had a thing for the BILL & TED star. Or so I assume, since Reeves was at his most adorable during that period. I know if I'd been Paula, I would have flexed that muscle too.


There are a lot of people missing from this list that you're probably going to whine about, if you can recall far back enough to remember that Keanu shared screen time with them. But I'm bumping a couple of notable faces so that I can include the ultimate MILF trip with Amy Stoch's turn as Missy, the girl Bill & Ted use to go to high school with who ended up marrying both of their dads. Because Missy is most excellent.

#9 - Ione Skye (RIVER'S EDGE)

I don't know what was more boss, the bad girl slump that Ione Skye perfected before wiggling into that sleeping bag with a young Keanu or just how insane Crispin Glover was as the tweeker with a mission. Or the Dennis Hopper connection. While RIVER'S EDGE might not have been the most memorable movie of all time, it's a standout for kicking off Reeve's career, even if people immediately dismissed his ability to act in a dramatic film after it.


When Keanu likes working with people, he tends to repeat himself. Thurman isn't the only actress Reeves has done multiple duty with but she is one of my favorites, from the period piece drama of Malkovich writing a letter on Uma's bare behind or the plaid tuxedo jacketed Keanu losing his shit over meeting the girl of his dreams that he's been pining after for years in the little-see EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES.

#7 - Sandra Bullock (SPEED, THE LAKE HOUSE)

People loved Sandra with Keanu so much, they began rallying to see their characters from SPEED hook up again... even if it didn't click until the sappy time traveling mailbox movie came out 12 years later. I get it, the two have great chemistry together according to most people. I always saw them connecting more in a brotherly/sisterly way.

#6 - Carrie-Anne Moss (THE MATRIX trilogy)

Carrie-Anne Moss was a completely badass all throughout THE MATRIX series of movies and there was something sexy and wonderfully feminist in the way that they hooked up because she saved him rather than it being the other, more traditionally patriarchal way around. The fact that their characters were on equal footing made their romance that much more intriguing.

#5 - Dina Meyer (JOHNNY MNEMONIC)

People barely remember JOHNNY MNEMONIC, perhaps because even with auto-correct they have a hard time spelling it. Hell, I only vaguely remember the movie, mainly because back when it was released on VHS, it came in a bright neon orange plastic case, with the box having a cutout so that you were looking into Keanu's tape head. And aside from it being one of those movies of the '90's that Ice T shoehorned himself into, Dina Meyer (whom I just saw at Monsterpalooza over the weekend and who looks nearly identical to her 1995 self) also was featured as the brazen tough chick. Meyer certainly got the short end of the stick with her career choices back then, poor gal.

#4 - Lori Loughlin (THE NIGHT BEFORE)

Reaching way, way back into the treasure trove of Keanu Reeves movies that most people have never heard of, let alone seen, it's worth any "Full House" fan's time to look up THE NIGHT BEFORE, one of those relics of the '80's generation of teenage debauchery gone wrong films, if only to see the ever-fit and fabulous Loughlin in her bra and panties. Have Mercy, indeed.

#3 - Katie Holmes (THE GIFT)

Once upon a time, long before Tom Cruise seemed to have crushed her spirit, Katie Holmes was a creative daredevil. She played a messed up rich girl with a taste for screwing around with backwoods yokels in the sadly overlooked Sam Raimi movie, THE GIFT. (No, not the Jason Bateman one.) All you need to know is that Reeves plays one of the nastiest redneck assholes of anyone's career, let alone his own and Holmes shows off her perfect breasts during a time when she was still the sweetheart of "Dawson's Creek."


When a pattern is good, Keanu Reeves repeats it. While THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE isn't exactly the action film that SPEED was, SWEET NOVEMBER is certainly the sappy ass romantic followup that THE LAKE HOUSE had when he repeated the pattern with Sandra Bullock. There's more of a connection between those two than there is Keanu with Charlize but two pretty people known for battling their way to being taken seriously was worth them teaming up to accomplish.

#1 - Brooke Langton (THE REPLACEMENTS)

She's not the most well known babe, but of all the women that Keanu Reeves has been paired up with over the years, there was something sparkly about the way he connected with Brooke Langton, the laid-back barkeep & sometimes cheerleader who understood what it was like to always be on the sidelines. Brooke was sexy, funny, sharp and never overshadowed by her co-star, something that's hard to do when that guy is Keanu Reeves.



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