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07.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Babes of Horror Comedy Movies

The new GHOSTBUSTERS isn't going to be much of a horror film, even if ghosts are a prominently featured phenomenon in that genre. And for a number of you, it's not going to be much of a comedy either. But that doesn't mean that I can't use it as a stepping off point to create a top ten list of the hottest babes in horror comedies (and no, I wasn't looking through parodies because they're also usually not scary or funny). These ladies are all hot enough to scare the pants off of you.

#10 - Carrie-Ann Moss (FIDO)

I've always loved Moss for being a badass (something that she's really pushing through with wicked venom as a cold-blooded lawyer on "Jessica Jones"), so it's not hard to love her in FIDO, one of those fringe zombie movies that most people didn't catch on to. Yes, this is more of a zom-com, in the same vein of WARM BODIES or SHAUN OF THE DEAD, with some minor scares and a little bit of blood but it's mainly just a wickedly funny turn on the zombie culture we thought we knew.

#9 - Kari Wuhrer (EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS)

It's a pity that we haven't been able to see Kari Wuhrer have more of a presence in Hollywood over the years, since she's such a fun personality and welcoming kinda babe. There's a girl's girl type of feel to Wuhrer, bringing in the ladies as much as the dudes, which someone in charge should have bothered to capitalize more on. Hell, even my mom loves Kari, especially in this movie, one of the only horror films she's ever given her endorsement to (to give you a fuller picture, her only other "favorite" from the genre is TREMORS). I say we get a Kickstarter campaign going to revive Wuhrer in all things geek culture.

#8 - Krista Allen (FEAST)

Maybe it's because I love Henry Rollins so passionately that I can overlook any faults, but man, I love this movie. The fact that no one gets an actual name, being referred to by characteristics such as "Hero," "Coach," "Bozo," "Edgy Cat" (which couldn't be played by anyone other than Jason Mewes), and Allen's "Tuffy." FEAST was a Project Greenlight movie that had only $1 million for its budget and while it's filmed mainly in one bar and contains - get this - zero CGI, it's still one of the goriest, creepiest, most fun horror comedies out there. And yes, Allen has a more, shall we say, "surgical" look to her in recent years, she's still hot as f@ck in this.

#7 - Leighton Meester (DRIVE-THRU)

Hell, you could almost rank Meester's other movie, THE ROOMMATE, as a horror comedy simply because it tried so hard to be scary that it came off as hilarious instead. And all because Leighton has a weird way of grabbing onto material and wringing it dry, whether through her own means or being directed to do so. DRIVE-THRU is actually one of my favorite indie horror flicks, coming off as alternately amusing and cringe-worthy. I mean, who hasn't thought about how the employees at fast food franchises might accidentally fry their entire faces off? Just me?....

#6 - Brittany Daniel (CLUB DREAD)

I don't know what it is about Broken Lizard movies. People seem to laud them as the overlooked little brother to National Lampoon during that franchises' greatness but they always seem to be overreaching to me (THE BABYMAKERS is abhorrently bad, just as a jumping off point). But when those troopers get super assists from people like Bill Paxton, I'll give it a go. This is really my only "favorite" movie from them, perhaps because it's one that I don't hear other fans gushing about, although it might also have to do with the sublime Brittany Daniel, who has always managed to capture the blonde, ditzy, kinda-mean, really hot, hate-f@ck girl of everyone's dreams with such aplomb.

#5 - Gillian Jacobs (BAD MILO)

I'm one of the few people in my circle of friends who really didn't like BAD MILO. Yes, it's got some great people, including the criminally underrated Jacobs, who manages to shine no matter what she's in or whether she has to play funny, dramatic or bizarre, and of course Ken Marino has been a favorite of mine since Veronica Mars. But I guess I was hoping for more comedy and less grossness trying to pass itself off as comedy. (SLITHER is one of the only films that manages to be unsavorably gross while maintaining the ha-has.)

#4 - Katrina Bowden (TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL)

I could have listed Bowden in either this or NURSE 3D because both are rather bloody and whether or not she intended to be hysterically funny, Paz certainly comes off that way in the latter. But I'm going with T&DVE because, well, I've got a girl boner for Alan Tudyk. (And Tyler Labine is totally underrated as well, a far less manic or obnoxious chubby funny man.) You don't mind if I'm ranking some of these higher because I liked the movie the hottie was in, do you?


One of the more ambitious horror comedies in recent years, SGTTZA is ripe with blood and gore and boobs to boot. Sarah Dumont tackled the oh-so-difficult role of hot chick who graduated a couple of years before the main characters and ended up doing the lower-class job of being a cocktail waitress at the local strip club. She's also the badass who teaches the clean-cut kid how to kiss (hottie Halston Sage is also in this movie, by the way), kicks ass and saves the day. Plus, she kinda looks like an even hotter Hilary Duff, so I can't wait to see more from her.

#2 - Alexandra Daddario (BURYING THE EX)

This movie has more than a few things going for it, even if a wide distribution or major box office sales aren't a couple of them. Directed by Joe Dante (whom I've met and who is AWESOME), it has all of the bizarre comedy horror skill that his previous films have contained. It also stars Anton Yelchin, whose death is even more devastating when you watch this and see how subtly he commanded his talent. There's also plenty of hot chick moments, although I can't quite rank Ashley Greene in this list only because I'm going with the more, um, lively Daddario instead.

#1 - Jessica Alba (IDLE HANDS)

I might not be a big Alba fan on the whole but the young Jessica Alba, all full of promise and sparkle, rocking the short hair and looking insanely hot (and young enough to be an actual high schooler) in IDLE HANDS is pretty damn hard to overlook. Plus, the movie is one of my favorite forgotten gems, what with a cast that includes a young Foggy, aka Elden Henson, Vivica A Fox, Seth Green and that 1990's version of a Zabka buddy, Jack Noseworthy. So maybe I'm giving the movie a number one spot more than Jessica...



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