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03.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Babes of DC Comics Movies & TV

So, yeah, woo, it's BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE time. I couldn't possibly be less excited about this movie. Not only is the second season of NetFlix's "Daredevil" blowing my mind (we finally have an awesome Punisher! Go Bernthal!!) but 13 years later we're all smarting from Affleck in a superhero costume. The great thing about DC comics is that they have a slew of great female characters who have been slowly taking over the spotlight and many more ready to be mined, given the sharp eye of the right casting director. Here are a few of the ones already doing the cape and tights justice.

#10 - Cobie Smulders (THE LEGO MOVIE)

While in the flesh, Smulders is a part of the Marvel universe as Maria Hill (I was honestly bummed to see that she wasn't going to turn up in CIVIL WAR) but when Smulders gets behind the mic, she does a killer Wonder Woman. I would rank Cobie much higher on a top ten list under regular circumstances but considering that the only way I can see her in those stars & stripes is thanks to the intrepid art stylings of fans who share their work on the web (like this one by Alex Russo), I gotta give her fringe benefits instead.

#9 - Malin Akerman (WATCHMEN)

I gotta admit, I read the entire Watchmen series in about 2 days, directly before watching Snyder's big screen adaptation of the books. I didn't like the books and I was a pinch shy of straight out hating the movie. Upon further reflection, I do see the good sides to how faithful Snyder was (I might have hated the material but he got really damn close to making those pages jump onto the screen with very little alteration) and I really appreciate the shit Akerman had to go through in that ass-cheek slicing latex costume. Malin looks better as a blonde but I really can't claim she's looked hotter in any of her other work than she did here.

#8 - Candice Patton (The Flash)

In the world of comic book adaptations, women of mixed ethnicity aren't exactly a hot commodity. The comic book universe isn't exactly rife with fully realized female characters in general unless they're fighting crime in the most ridiculous and unrealistic latex costumes possible. So it's nice to see Candice Patton get some good screen time on "The Flash," as Iris West, a strong female character even if she's more Aunt May than Wonder Woman.

#7 - Megan Fox (JONAH HEX)

The more I read about the behind-the-scenes drama on the set of JONAH HEX, the more I feel sympathy for the entire cast. Megan Fox was coming off her explosive sex symbol origin, that sweaty bare torso leaning over Bumblebee scene in TRANSFORMER, when she was cast as brothel employee, Lilah in this shit storm of a film. Jesus, this thing had Josh Brolin after the Oscar noms, John Malkovich and even Michael Fassbender, all the makings for a rare well-acted comic book movie.... and it was treated like a 2-year old with explosive diarrhea. Get it away, don't touch it, oh my gawd it smells so bad in here. Can't deny that Megan in that corset was at least a (very, very) brief respite from all the collective suckage around her.

#6 - Caity Lotz (Arrow)

Sorry, Katie Cassidy. While I appreciate that you've been putting on some more muscle and kicking ass in the recent season of "Arrow," I still think that Caity Lotz was a far sexier Black Canary. And I'm not alone. The execs at The CW decided to bequeath all comic book TV show fans a big gift by placing Caity in the role of Sara Lance, the little sister of the original Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance, of the comic book in their other superhero show, "Legends of Tomorrow."

#5 - Melissa Benoist (Supergirl)

What I appreciate most about Melissa Benoist's Supergirl is that she's successful. It's been a hard battle getting superheroines to the big & small screens, mainly because they've thus far proven to not be financial boons. With the positive reviews and solid ratings that the CBS show has been steadily bringing in this first season, it gives hope to the potential other female-driven super franchises.

#4 - Julie Newmar (Batman)

Everyone has their favorite Catwoman and I go traditional when I think of mine. Lee Meriwether was sweet and coy, Eartha Kitt was wily and groundbreaking, Michelle Pfeiffer was lithe and ass-kicking (don't make me bring up the other one) but Julie Newmar, tall but slinky, groin-achingly sexy, is still the tops in my book. I have hope that they might be able to reboot another lady in leather & claws but I'm hoping they give the selection some serious consideration first.

#3 - Erica Durance (Smallville)

This is one of the bigger head scratchers for me. How the hell could Erica Durance, who so wholly took the role of Lois Lane on "Smallville" and turned the intrepid reporter into a force to be reckoned with could end up on some run-of-the-mill, night time doctor soap opera? There must be people watching "Saving Hope," since it's survived a few seasons but UGH. A steady paycheck is something that all of us can understand but Durance is just so, so much better than that.

#2 - Margot Robbie (SUICIDE SQUAD)

I think the reason why so many of us are sold on Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn before even seeing her in SUICIDE SQUAD is that we've seen her outshine her male counterparts in a few movies so far and Quinn is a whole lotta attitude, precisely what Robbie has in spades. While the whiners complain about costume choices, Margot herself has admitted that she went over about a dozen & a half alternative options to settle on the booty shorts, so deal with it. I trust what this woman is going to do with our fair lady jester.

#1 - Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman)

I doubt there will ever be a woman who can step into the boots of Lynda Carter and do Wonder Woman the right physical justice. Statuesque, busty and soft in that way that has been slaughtered by modern times' expectations of how women on film should look. No matter how well Gal Gadot does or doesn't do in Snyder's film, we're all still holding a torch for the woman who deserved it the most.



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