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03.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Babes of Cult Classic Sci-Fi Movies

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is chock full of great people (and is the fourth time director/writer Jeff Nichols has worked with the awesome Michael Shannon - a winning formula, for sure) and is sure to flummox many, all adding up to potential cult classic status. The science fiction genre is ripe with cult classics, perhaps because the general population doesn't really understand what's going on, leaving those golden nuggets of greatness for only the most special minds to appreciate. For my fellow special minds, here are 10 of the best babes from 10 of the most embraced sci-fi cult classics.

#10 - Olivia Barash (REPO MAN)

I mention it a lot that there are movies I love just because I originally watched them with my dad, who was enthusiastic about embracing the off-beat. This is such the case with Alex Cox's REPO MAN (too much so, seeing as how I indulged in his horribly misguided not-really-a-sequel REPO CHICK from 2009), a wild romp that straddles the bizarre science fiction angle while making some pointed social commentary. It's also another reminder of how the ladies of the '80's were far more realistic babes, adorable like Olivia Barash. (Or else they were straight-forward blonde sex bomb bimbo types.) I've always wondered if that watch of hers, the yellow smiley face one, inspired the notable use of the symbol in the WATCHMEN graphic novel, released 2 years after REPO MAN.

#9 - Meg Foster (THEY LIVE)

Without going into anything political going on in the States right now, I'm finding that THEY LIVE is even more poignant 28 years later, and not just because we recently lost the great Roddy Piper. (Saskatoon builds their boys well, that's for damn sure.) And while more modern mentalities might not have the inclination to be attracted to Meg Foster, that woman was the absolute tits in the '80's. She definitely paved the way for another icy-blue-eyed babe, if you ever want to make a Foster/Daddario comparison. (CONSUME. MARRY & PROCREATE. END OF MESSAGE.)

#8 - Simone Griffeth (DEATH RACE 2000)

The biggest element missing from the high-tech 2008 reimagining of the campy David Carradine original was.... well, everything. They didn't have the partially frozen face of Sly Stallone screaming in that RAMBO manner before there even was a RAMBO. And while I love me some Jason Statham perhaps more than the average gal, the creepy element that Carradine brought to everything he did makes you understand why The Bride would be so enamored with an old dude. And while it was great that Statham's version had babes who were tougher, the soft, Germanic look of Simone Griffeth rolling about on Carradine's bed while he waxed philosophic about mowing down innocent pedestrians definitely had that powerful impact, enough so that Grand Theft Auto makes a whole lot more sense to the video game haters after they've seen DR2K.

#7 - Sean Young (BLADE RUNNER)

Mostly people talk about the young Daryl Hannah kicking ass as an android in BLADE RUNNER than they do about the iconic look of Sean Young, but I always preferred the tragic glances and huge shoulder pads of Young. The actress has taken a number of hits over the years for being outspoken, perhaps because people were hoping she was going to be as malleable as her BLADE RUNNER character. We should revisit our feelings in 2019; Scarily, we're now only 3 years away from the film's futuristic time period.

#6 - Melody Anderson (FLASH GORDON)

The only good thing to come out of the movie TED (because I have a deep and festering hate for all things Seth MacFarlane) is that the wacky greatness of FLASH GORDON got a mini-revival. A PG-rated film nearly 2 hours in length that had way too much sweaty Sam J Jones skin to be decent, the great Swedish actor Max von Sydow playing an Asian megalomaniac and a babe like Melody Anderson to glue it all together made for some weird "family movie" placement in video rental stores back in the day.


When I was a kid, I sat through a ton of limit-pushing freaky science fiction stuff because my dad loved it and no one else would watch it with him (and I love my dad, man). I've watched TAOBBAT8D a few times since I was little and I still don't quite understand what was going on there. What I did pick up on when I was a kid was how sexy Barkin was, in that uncomfortable way you notice when you're still not cognizant of those special stirrings. Also, Barkin & Weller were, as the kids these days might say, romance goals. I can't think of another couple who looked that good together since.

#4 - Barbara Crampton (FROM BEYOND)

I nearly used Barbara Crampton from RE-ANIMATOR because she's obviously far more memorable in that movie (or perhaps it's a case of that movie being more memorable) but if you've ever wondered why some women are squeamish about receiving oral gratification, well... holy shit. Seriously, I think that beheaded cunnilingus scene scarred a part of me forever. Plus, you have a scientist with a penchant for leather bustiers in FROM BEYOND, a far more sexy career marker for this icon of the cult '80's-early '90's generation.


You could call BTILC an action movie, or an adventure movie, or a comedy, or a horror film. But when you think about supernatural powers from the other side, it also starts treading science fiction waters. It's part of what makes the movie so jaw-droppingly awesome (and what will make it impossible to recreate with The Rock, since I doubt he'll understand that Jack Burton wasn't the hero of this story but the bumbling sidekick instead). Also great is Cattrall's breathy delivery, going for broke with the straight-woman act that morphs into dry comedy. All while looking like a total, green-eyed babe.

#2 - Jane Fonda (BARBARELLA)

It is probably no surprise that they've never been able to get a reboot of BARBARELLA off the ground. Not only would you have to recreate its low-budget, practical effects bizarro greatness, you'd have to find a bodacious hottie who's grown up in the public eye as the good-looking offspring of a famous actor in order to garner that perverted curiosity that propelled (and repelled) audiences. And these days all you have to do to ogle some famous person's mini-me is stalk their social media accounts, where they've likely already shown more cheesecake poses for free.

#1 - Catherine Mary Stewart & Kelli Maroney (NIGHT OF THE COMET)

If you force me to pick between the two hot sisters of one of my favorite movies of all time (let alone cult classic sci-fi movies), I might lose my mind. I've met both Maroney & Stewart at various conventions and they both look outstanding, perhaps even more so because the '80's floofy hair is gone. Still, I can't separate the two, even for this, so you'll just have to be able to handle co-number ones. (OK, I will admit that it's Kelli's autographed pic that is hanging above my desk, so perhaps she has just a little bit more edge.)



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