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03.14.2018by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Babes of Adventure Movies

I promise to keep this top ten as vague as possible, considering that it's semi-impossible to get a consensus answer when you question your friends as to which movies qualify as "adventure" flicks. Sure, a lot of them take place in exotic locales under sweaty situations but other than that, it could be in space, it could be comedic, it could be a whole lot of other things that gets it listed under a different genre. Sort of like how the new TOMB RAIDER is getting a mixed bag of reactions regarding everything from its star to the trailer that had everyone groaning. Here are my top ten favorite babes from movies in which they're having an adventure.

Special Mention: Wyldstyle (THE LEGO MOVIE)

There is something so pure about the adventure that those little blocky pieces of plastic go through in THE LEGO MOVIE, meeting friends, fighting enemies, traveling through multiple locales, dancing to their jams, building couches, and falling for the cutest block of plastic ever - Elizabeth Banks' curvy (check out her details, yo) Wyldstyle.


You know what's an adventure? What's more impossible than trying to get Tom Cruise off the Scientology horse? Getting him to cast you in more than one MI movie if you're a woman. Rebecca Ferguson gets special props for managing to survive ROGUE NATION when she appears in this year's FALLOUT. I can't even imagine what off-screen adventure that feat took, considering how Tommy keeps rotating out hot young things nearly as often as he replaces wives.


Long before The Rock was fight dancing in the jungle with Karen Gillan, he was running around on a lost island with the nubile Vanessa Hudgens in a completely unneeded sequel to that remade adventure movie that still makes us all wonder why/when/where it all went wrong for Brendan Fraser. Vanessa has always had a little sumpin-sumpin that's hard to define in this cookie-cutter Hollywood world of babes and in those little shorts & tank top, she was extra yum-yum.


I don't want to give away my age but I was an impressionable little kid when INDIANA JONES & THE TEMPLE OF DOOM came out, all full of hunky Harrison Ford goodness and the idea that I could be an adventuring sidekick instead of just an annoying little kid. I not only thought that Kate Capshaw was this beautiful golden goddess, I also found her funny for being too squeamish to try that soup.

#7 - Robin Wright (THE PRINCESS BRIDE)

Is there anything more adventurous than partaking in a movie that features 6-fingered swordsmen, rhyming giants, deliciously beautiful farm boys and feisty country beauties so enticing, the local prince can't resist forcing them into mawwiage? Robin Wright was a delicate flower of a babe in her youth and she's only blossomed into a gorgeous flower in her prime.

#6 - Rachel Weisz (THE MUMMY)

I doubt the MUMMY franchise will ever die down, considering that it's one of the longest enduring Hollywood tropes to mine from. I do wish that they would have considered stopping the 1999 version at just the first, as the only thing that sparkled bright enough to warrant a revisit was Rachel Weisz. Still, I suppose having to deal with plagues of insects is an adventure.

#5 - Lea Thompson (BACK TO THE FUTURE)

I'm thinking the adventure of going back in time to hang out with a teenage version of my mother might not have been one I'd willingly sign up for but Lea Thompson sure made the concept strangely sexy for a lot of you. Thompson's adorable suburban retro skankiness was an adventure in and of itself.

#4 - Lena Headey (300)

2006 seems like a lifetime ago. I remember going to see 300 in a packed theater on opening weekend, listening to the crowd "Oooh!" and "Ahh!" as they experienced everything those Spartans went through in their adventure to fight those evil Persians. During an epic adventure, you need a boss bitch queen to keep shit in check. There aren't many who can compare to Lena's boss bitchery.

#3 - Eiza Gonzalez (BABY DRIVER)

BABY DRIVER is one of those great movies that manages to defy any singular genre definition. Yes, there is action, complete with gunshots timed to music, like a ballet for the senses. Yes, there is romance, from Baby falling for Debora to Darling & Buddy slobbering all over one another in a twisted display of ride-or-die love. But the adventure is figuring out how to be a criminal with style, which Eiza does (I really just wanted a reason to feature her on a top ten - can you blame me?).

#2 - Carrie Fisher (STAR WARS)

She may not have signed up to be a space adventurer, looking for ways to thwart an evil empire, but that's what Princess Leia was up to. No picking out fancy wedding dresses so she can get married to some stuffy dude she's probably related to, no telling people to eat cake or sunbathing topless on a yacht in the Caribbean (although I'm not sure we would have objected to that). Just going from adventure to adventure, in pursuit of goodness & justice for all.

#1 - Gal Gadot (WONDER WOMAN)

You can call it a superhero movie, you can call it an origin movie, you can call it an action movie but ultimately, the fact that Diana leaves the safety of her island to trek across Europe and save lives is really an adventure. A heroic, exciting, thrilling adventure.



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