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07.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Babes in the Star Trek Universe

I hope no one is going to lose their shit if I'm not the biggest Star Trek fan out there, compiling a list of the hottest women who have passed through that universe. I know only what I've seen, which will soon also include this week's release, STAR TREK BEYOND. Whether you love or hate what they've done, what they're doing or what they potentially will do with this series in the future, it remains one of the most fertile grounds for finding smart, interesting female characters who also, you know, happen to also be pretty hot. These are only 10 of my personal favorites.

#10 - Denise Crosby

As you start to go through this list, you'll begin to realize just how little I know about the Star Trek universe as a whole. Most of what I like is limited to that which I have seen and when I was a kid, The Next Generation was all the rage amongst my geek buddies. I remember my mom telling me that the blonde on the show was a next generation Hollywood actress herself, and one who had disappointed dad & granddad with a spread in Playboy. Of course, that only made me like her more (power to the Black Sheep of the world!), especially when she decided to seduce Data, because, well, isn't everyone's favorite Data?

#9 - Yvonne Craig

Because we didn't have a huge cable package when I was a kid, I frequently tuned into whatever was in reruns on channel 5, taking in a lot of "Brady Bunch," "Partridge Family," and "Batman" reruns when I got home from school, preferring their goofy banter over cartoons. This means that my Batgirl was Yvonne Craig, in that iconic shiny purple suit. My dad is the one who clued me into her also being the original Orion Slave Girl, aka the one who kicked off decades of girls wanting to paint themselves green and going looking for a few good Kirks.

#8 - Sherry Jackson

The original Star Trek series was a champion of diversity, not only featuring one of the most ethnically diverse casts but in the way it managed to sneak ground-breaking moments onto prime time television. Sure, it was great to see a former child star turn into a sexy android as we did with Sherry Jackson as Android Andrea, but this is also the episode where Spock realizes that the real Captain Kirk would never hurl bigoted insults at him, proving that being a hateful jackass will always end in your demise. Plus, watching Kirk with that phallic-shaped rock was amazing.

#7 - Terry Farrell

I got lost somewhere along the Next Generation line of things and only tuned in on the rare occasion to the other series in the universe, one of which was Deep Space Nine, where we were introduced to a bevy of beauties, including Chase Masterson, Nicole de Boer and of course, Terry Farrell. I give her the biggest props here, mainly because she was the longest lasting hottie fixture on the show and because, well, Dax is my cousin's name, which doesn't make a lot of sense in the top ten sense but it's what made me notice her character in the first place.

#6 - Marina Sirtis

Thanks to the popularity of her character Deanna Troi, Marina Sirtis was able to carve out a long-lasting legacy as an actress instead of dissolving into obscurity where we would have never had industrious types be interested in digging up her cheeky bikini photoshoots. Deanna, a half Betazoid empath who could dial into people's emotions, was a popular character on The Next Generation, where she worked those tight uniforms and got chastised for showing too much cleavage in her off hours. Who says a smart, hardworking woman can't also be sexy?

#5 - Zoe Saldana

I like Zoe Saldana, just not as much as everyone else. I appreciate that she's a hard working actress who puts in the long hours, especially in the makeup chair for so many of her roles, but at times I feel as if she's missing out on her full potential. If I keep putting her in top tens, I'm only going to repeat myself, although watching Zoe repeat the role of Lieutenant Uhura in JJ's reboot of the franchise isn't a bad thing.

#4 - Alice Eve

I like to see Alice Eve in various states of undress. I think it's possible to support realistic roles for women as characters of intellect and still want to see them in their underwear. I could scream and yell like the rest of the easily triggered masses or I could just stare with appreciation of Alice's fine form instead. I choose the latter.

#3 - Nichelle Nichols

So many of the original characters from the original Star Trek series are groundbreaking. Multiple ethnicities, different accents, every hue of skin color, the entire cast was awesome if you're aware of your history and how this kind of diversity didn't happen in television, let alone all at the same time on one show. The longest lasting legacy of Roddenberry's is that his universe taught us that we are all supposed to work together, something that has gotten lost along the way. But thanks to Nichelle Nichols, who took a lot of shit being the sole sista on the Enterprise, we've learned... that people really need to start watching Star Trek again, until they f@cking learn.

#2 - Jolene Blalock

I honestly have never watched a single episode of Enterprise, so you might be wondering why I would have anyone from that version of the universe on this list, let alone one of the most maligned characters. Not only did her Vulcan relatives not want her serving on a human vessel, the fact that Jolene Blalock was such a sexualized character, with her bodacious curves, porn-star trout-pout and constant costume changes also rubbed many people the wrong way. Too bad those who were rubbing other things outnumbered them. And too bad that Blalock's career never seemed to survive the hate.

#1 - Jeri Ryan

I watched Voyager for one reason: finally, a woman was captain. And while there are some who consider Kate Mulgrew a babe in her own right, the honor of the hottest woman in Star Trek's long and varied history rightfully belongs with Jeri Ryan. Assimilated as a small child into the Borg collective, she's the only character other than Data whose navigation in the human/mixed-species world is fascinating and fun to watch, with her large, expressive eyes tracking everyone's moves. Plus, that body. Seriously, that body.



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