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06.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Babes from Dwayne The Rock Johnson Movies

CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE looks like a fun movie. No, I'm not being facetious, I really do appreciate when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson brings the funny and considering that the only other dude in Hollywood who works as hard and is as humble as the wrestler turned actor is the comedian turned actor, Kevin Hart, I'm all for giving them my money to watch them be the good guys. Over the years, there have been plenty of women much finer than myself who have followed along to the beat of Johnson's multi-talented drum, and this is a top ten devoted to them.

#10 - Rosamund Pike (DOOM)

DOOM is a horrible movie, please understand that I recognize that fact and will not try to sway you from that very logical and correct conclusion. However.... it's also one of those sloppily bad movies that I cannot turn away from whenever it's on TV (which is rare, thankfully). Proving her mettle right from the start, Rosamund Pike does the best she can with what she's given, showing just how willing she is to play the long game - which had to have something to do with how good she was in GONE GIRL.

#9 - Anne Hathaway (GET SMART)

Dwayne seems to be at his best when he can straddle the two things he's best at - being the strongest, biggest dude in the room while still maintaining his humble, jovial sense of humour. For the GET SMART revival, the casting agent did some remarkable work, combining some of the best people for the tepid material, especially when they allowed Anne Hathaway to play things straight faced and confident, unlike so many of her other bumbling characters. I honestly believe that Christopher Nolan might not have cast her as Catwoman had he not seen her as Agent 99 first.

#8 - Elsa Pataky (FAST FIVE)

The one thing I really didn't care for in the FAST series was the inclusion of a romance between Pataky and Diesel, probably because like most of the uber fans of the franchise, I was hoping he'd remain true to the kind of character he represented - a guy who didn't just start up with a random new face when his soul mate had only recently perished. I honestly had hoped when 7 came out that they'd find a way to hook Pataky up with Johnson and while there seemed to be some minor flirtation with that idea, it still hasn't come to a head. (Perhaps in 8?)

#7 - Nadine Velazquez (SNITCH)

In one of the rougher, less palatable movies from Dwayne's resume, SNITCH was a by-the-numbers vengeance film with a lot of dick swinging and not much else. Lacking the cult appeal of something sillier like ROAD HOUSE, I'm guessing this movie will go largely unremembered, although it did feature the sexy Velazquez, another babe of more ethnic roots who probably wouldn't have gotten a shot here if her co-star didn't support having more women of color in his films.


I'll be honest. I've only ever watched this movie in bits and pieces because I'd really tired of the MUMMY series of movies by the time this was released. What I do remember had more to do with the exotically gorgeous Kelly Hu being a badass royal lady, making me wonder why there haven't been more producers willing to snap her up.

#5 - Roselyn Sanchez (THE GAME PLAN)

Pair this movie with THE TOOTHFAIRY and you have the highlights of The Rock's biggest sell-out moments. Sure, it made sense to have a guy who was larger than life play these bloated child friendly characters but I can't imagine that he was doing it for any other reason than to have a couple of flicks for his then young daughter to watch without embarrassment. The upside to having to sit through this is the lovely Roselyn Sanchez getting to play a ballerina love interest who teaches the egomaniacal footballer a thing or two about sacrifice for the sake of your kid.

#4 - Christina Milian (BE COOL)

There are times when a movie's sequel is better than its predecessor and BE COOL is definitely not one of those times. A cast of great people that is mostly wasted, the highlight of the entire thing for me was checking out the macho Johnson as a gay dude who just wanted to dance. Christina Milian seemed to disappear from acting after making this movie, just another bad omen over the whole thing. But boy did she look like the perfect pop princess in it.

#3 - Alexandra Daddario (SAN ANDREAS)

I have 2 clues as to why they're making a sequel to the huge earthquake disaster movie that shouldn't have needed a followup - $$ and Daddario. While she wasn't a love interest for Johnson in this film, it was still hard to buy the buxom beauty as his daughter (not to mention even harder to buy that Gugino was her mother). Still, if there is an underground flood for Alex to swim through while the camera tracks her buoys bobbing about through the water, there will be people willing to pay good money to watch it.

#2 - Rosario Dawson (THE RUNDOWN)

THE RUNDOWN is one of my favorite go-to movies, a fun but smart action comedy made during the beginning of Johnson's foray into serious acting. It showcased his brawn as well as his ability to play the straight man instead of the showboater. Sure, you could watch it just to laugh over Christopher Walken using the term "Oompa Loompas" but the tough and sexy Rosario Dawson definitely has its own strong appeal as well.


Considering that Carla's the lady who's worked more often with him than anything else, of course that's going to earn her some high bragging rights on this list. Couple that with the fact that she's hot as f@ck and has amazing chemistry with Dwayne, I'd say that it's a good bet that the pair of them working together in the future will make more than just me happy.



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