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04.25.2018by: Cherry Liquor

The Top 10 Actresses Who Almost Were Avengers

This week is all AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, all the time. You can't turn anywhere without seeing some promotion for the movie, which is debuting at the box office this weekend with absolutely no new opposition (it'll be interesting to see if it perks up BLACK PANTHER ticket sales again, though). I thought we could take a look at 10 of the actresses who almost wound up as one of the team or a side piece to the team. I'm not ranking these women in terms of hotness this week, but how well I think they would have been suited to play the role. (And for the record? My favorite "coulda but didn't" casting was Aaron Paul as Star-Lord. I don't think he could have beefed up enough to be convincing in his physical presence, but man... he would have had the attitude nailed.)

#10 - Lindsay Lohan (Scarlet Witch)

Yeah, it's not a joke. Apparently, Lohan's name (paired with Evan Peters) was thrown around briefly. I'm thinking, VERY briefly. When Lohan wasn't a complete nutbag, she was great in what she did. Too bad it only lasted for a hot minute.

#9 - Saoirse Ronan (Scarlet Witch)

Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds Saoirse Ronan's acting tiresome. People throw around the term "overrated" far too much but for me, it definitely applies to her. Which sucks, because she's been in some good movies (LADY BIRD spoke to me, but holy shit was she obnoxious. EDIT: Yes, I know that basic bitch white girls are obnoxious and completely lacking of self-awareness at that age but Ronan's performance was more farcical than realistic, which was in and of itself obnoxious.). I can see her Scarlet Witch as being much more dour, even if she could probably do the accent better than Olsen.

#8 - Alice Eve (Maria Hill)

I don't understand this one at all. I could kind of understand people wanting Eve to appear in a STAR TREK movie, especially since she harnessed that pointless strip scene and made it work so well, everyone was uncomfortable. I can totally see Alice as Peggy Carter, though, blonde hair and all. She's a tough one, built well enough to make even Steve Rogers misbehave.

#7 - Gemma Arterton (Black Widow)

Gemma is my favorite British brick house but I honestly couldn't see her as Black Widow. I can barely see her as Peggy Carter and she's certainly built more like Hayley Atwell. At the time that they were casting Natasha, Gemma was just catching fire with her roles in PRINCE OF PERSIA and CLASH OF THE TITANS, so I can see how she would have been (briefly) in the running.

#6 - Olivia Wilde (Gamora)

I don't know if I would have preferred Wilde over Zoe Saldana in the role, mainly because I think it's fun when Wilde is given a chance to really emote and the green bounty hunter doesn't do much of that. I will say that it would have been interesting to see Wilde up against Saldana as Nebula, even if I think Karen Gillan is perfection in that role.

#5 - Morena Baccarin (Maria Hill)

This choice makes a lot of sense, seeing as how Baccarin has mastered that stone cold bitch face that works so well with playing roles of women in power. I'm happier to see her smiling for her Wade than frowning as her position in the Avengers is taken for granted, especially since it gave Cobie Smulders a chance for something outside of HIMYM.

#4 - Emily Blunt (Black Widow/Peggy Carter)

Marvel was super hard up to try and cast Blunt in a role, attacking it at two different levels for two different roles and getting shot down because she had other work engagements that interfered (her hubby, John Krasinski, was also considered for both Captain America and Star-Lord). I think she would have been better as Peggy than as Natasha but I also don't think she could have been better than Atwell, for what that's worth.

#3 - Rashida Jones (Wasp)

Maybe it's the 10,000 times I've watched I LOVE YOU, MAN that makes me want to kick rocks at whomever chose Evangeline Lilly instead, but can you imagine the chemistry that would have gone on between her and Rudd in ANT-MAN, if only they'd had a chance. Lilly suits the role great when you think of her as a stand-alone for the role but Rashida would have made it so much better during those team moments.

#2 - Rachel McAdams (Pepper Potts)

While I've come to appreciate her turn as Pepper, Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't necessarily add anything special to the role. You don't look at her and think that she was born to play it but she can wear the shoes well enough. Frankly, I didn't know that McAdams was an option until I went looking up chicks for this top ten and now I'm super bummed that they couldn't make it work with her. While she ended up as a part of the team anyhow, as Dr Strange's lady love, I still think she would have been a feistier foil for RDJ.

#1 - Eliza Dushku (Black Widow)

She'd just learned to speak Russian for her role on the failed TV show, Dollhouse, when the casting for Black Widow was commencing, which only would have added to her perfect fit for the role. I've never been one to think that Dushku was a high-brow thespian, but when it comes to kicking ass and making cheesy superhero movie one-liners work like a charm, she's your gal. (Yes, I think she would have been better than ScarJo, by a fat f*cking mile.)



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