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04.04.2012by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Redheads

Times, they are a changin' and so what many of you used to know as the Sexy Six is getting an upgrade and will now be The Sexy Ten Spot. So now you'll be getting a lot more beauties for the same ol' price and what better way to start than with the ten sexiest redheads. So start thinking of some redhot babes and see if they're in today's Sexy Ten Spot.

As a side note, I am aware that not all of these girls have natural red hair but they still look delicious sporting it.

10 - Lindsay Lohan

Just to clarify that's Lindsay Lohan in her prime, that moment in MEAN GIRLS where we noticed that WOAH she was all grown up now and let's just imagine, at least for today, that that's how it all remained.

9 - Alicia Witt

Label this under MAJOR underrated hottie, she was a strinkingly hot redhead before it was cool to be one. I remember I watched "Cybill" ONLY because of her. CYBILL for crying out loud!

8 - Isla Fisher

Isla has been sidetracked a bit from the mainstream but many of us will never forget the time we first met her as the explosive and sex crazed Gloria in WEDDING CRASHERS and we're fans of explosive sex crazed red heads.

7 - Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce is the luckiest girl in the planet, she must thank the gods everyday that she didn't get any of her looks from her daddy (much less her uncle Clint). Wherever those genes might have come from somebody did something right to end up with this beauty.

6 - Deborah Ann Woll

What's sexier than a redhead? How about a lusty redhead vampire. Something that Deborah Ann Woll can play to sexy perfection it seems.

5 - Emma Stone

Such a firecracker this one is. We've known Stone as a redhead most of the time and it has worked wonders for her and it has even added to her adorkable persona.

4 - Amy Adams

Great talent and such an angelic face, Amy Adams could be bald and would still be beautiful but her facial features stand out a lot more once the red hair starts showing up.

3 - Scarlett Johansson

Blond, brunette, redhead. It seems the lovely Scar-Jo can pull off any look, I'm not even sure which one I like best but I do love her redhead curls she carried while portraying The Black Widow in IRON MAN 2.

2 - Karen Gillan

It seems that spunkiness may stem from red fiery hair as shown by various hotties from today's list like Karen Gillan, the "Doctor Who" cutie who may be somewhat underrated on this side of the pond but a sexy redhead nevertheless.

1 - Christina Hendricks

I had a hard time picking my top ten but I ended pretty content with my choices especially having the curvalicious Christina Hendricks in the top spot. Her red locks and curvaceous figure have become pretty iconic and a somewhat feasible goal for many women. I'm not a fan of fads but I won't complain if we start getting more and more women looking like the delicious Hendricks.



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