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05.16.2012by: JoBlo

The Sexy Ten Spot: The hottest Eva Mendes roles

It's Eva Mendes month right here at so I figured we should take a stroll through her sexy trajectory and try to see what her contributions to bonerville have been. Beware some saucy NSFW moments ahead.


If I had all the money in the world I'd hire Eva Mendes to make me chocolate milk every day, especially if she'll end up shaking things up while wearing a tight dress like the one she's wearing in this foreign ad.


This is just a case of BACWAG! Bad ass chick with a gun! Obviously Eva's curves and sensuality are used to great effect in ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO as she portrays the classic femme fatale role with a very latin twist.

9 - Roxanne Simpson (GHOST RIDER)

I like it when videos are in French because sometimes we don't get to hear the inane dialogues, like in this case where there's just the simple image of Mendes siting down at a restaurant. Still friggin' hot. Do excuse the Nic Cage cameo at the end.

8 - Alex Diaz Withlock (OUT OF TIME)

Pretty much all of Eva Mendes' roles involve some tight dress of sorts. Not complaining, t'sall good. Like here in OUT OF TIME, she's basically a cop, in a sexy form fitting pencil skirt. Wouldn't mind getting arrested by this mamacita before heading for the slam'er. Get it? SLAM-ER!

7 - Dr. Sheila Gamble (THE OTHER GUYS)

Eva's appearance in THE OTHER GUYS loses points because of the Will Ferrell element although I understand that's part of the joke, that a lame-o like Will Ferrell can get a girl like Dr. Sheila Gamble, an incredibly hot doctor that makes him delicious food and shows him her breasts every morning i.e. the perfect woman.

6 - Monica Fuentes (2 FAST 2 FURIOUS)

Most of the entries on today's Sexy Ten Spot could have differed in position but the fact of the matter is this chick is 2 HOT 2 FURIOUS! So whatever you dress her up with, I'm good to go. Fortunately she gets to prance around in various sexy get ups in THE FAST & THE FURIOUS sequel as well as showing lots of skin while wearing a bikini.

5 - Sarah Harris (TRAINING DAY)

She's naked... that's all that needed to be said. It doesn't deserve a higher spot because it's so generic and quick but still... she's naked.

4 -April Mercedes (STUCK ON YOU)

Once again it's all about the clothing and it's one of those less is more things where Ms. Mendes is just seen wearing a cleavage happy bikini top along with some short shorts.A good enough reason to enjoy STUCK ON YOU.

3 - Sand Saref (THE SPIRIT)

More nakedness from Eva but this time in a over-stylized context as Sand Serif from THE SPIRIT. Crappy film? Sure, but damn sexy!

2 - Amanda Juarez (WE OWN THE NIGHT)

So now most of you have fantasized about our girl du jour. Might as well show her playing with herself to raise the stakes a little more (if you know what I mean). This scene didn't get the top spot because as always the guys in it ruin it but the sexiness is still there.

1 - Crystal Allen (THE WOMEN)

So to conclude, Eva Mendes is f*cking sexy, producers and directors know she's sexy. She knows she's sexy. All of that shows as she flaunts her stuff especially in this scene from THE WOMEN where's she's dressed in some hot lingerie complete with some sexy ass garters and stockings. That's enough for me to grant her the top spot.



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