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07.11.2012by: Cherry Liquor

The Sexy Ten Spot: Sexiest Superheroines

If you're a Catwoman for Christopher Nolan, does that mean you don't have to focus as much on being sexy and can instead be more deep and dramatic? I think that's what Anne Hathaway might be going for, perhaps to distract with her acting talent the arguments that have gone on suggesting that she doesn't have the va-va-meow to fill that leather costume. Here are some of the sexiest examples of how to do a superheroine right.

Special Mention - Rose McGowan - Red Sonja

Gotta start this off with a woulda-coulda-shoulda nominee. I can't include her in the top ten mainly because this was a concept that Rose and her boyfriend Robert Rodriguez came up with and then had to abandon after her car accident and other bad juju happened. A movie was supposed to surface in 2009 and nothing has come out of it so far. However, the preemptive art they made available causes you to stop and take notice.

10 - Angelina Jolie - Fox

Fox in WANTED was a badass who could drive a car, shoot guns act as if she wasn't going to break under the force of a mild wind, even if Angelina Jolie's thin frame screamed otherwise. What doesn't come out in the movie is just how vile of a person Fox is in the source material. You're allowed to like her and perhaps even root for her in the movie. Then again, maybe I'm just soft towards the last time Jolie seemed to have the last spark of delicious crazy in her.

9 - Rosario Dawson - Gail

OK, so Gail might not technically be a superheroine according to the literature that her character comes from. In SIN CITY she was portrayed as the gun-toting, man-killing, prostitute wrangling badass that she was in the comic. This might not have meant that anyone from the Governor's office would send up a light in the sky to get her services... or does it? Hell, I'm from California. That's exactly what some of our previous Governors would have done.

8 - Malin Akerman - Silk Spectre II

I didn't think she was right for the role but it was hard to ignore the way that Malin Akerman looked in her latex black and yellow Silk Spectre II costume for WATCHMEN. Carla Gugino, the elder Silk Spectre, might have been better suited for her role but the costume she had didn't do her legendary curves the justice that Akerman's lanky bod got in the shiny, slick synthetics.

7 - January Jones - Emma Frost

She can't act. If Frost was the last name and January Jones was hoping to be literal, she pulled that part off. But as much as we can agree on the suckitude of her performance in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, the thing that's hard to deny is how well Jones pulled off those sparkly white bra sets. More sexy than super, but boner-worthy through and through.

6 - Rachel Nichols - Scarlett

I flipped a coin and ended up with Nichols on my list instead of Sienna Miller, who was equally as hot at The Baroness in G.I. JOE: RISE OF COBRA. She's also not the superheroine poison that Adrianne Palicki is, seeing as how her movie was released without delay or the necessity of adding 3D. Those boobs in that leather, jutting out like a plastic toy figurine come to life? Priceless.

5 - Rebecca Romijn - Mystique

What's a Sexy Spot without a little Romijn? The excitement which surrounded the release of the first X-MEN movie had a lot to to with the fact that the popular supermodel would be stripping down to nothing but a bunch of carefully applied, body-hugging blue latex. There might have been the Smurfs cartoon before and the AVATAR chick after, but if you bet on blue, it's Romijn's Mystique who wins.

4 - Jennifer Garner - Elektra

I might not have loved the ELEKTRA spinoff movie that Jennifer Garner couldn't successfully carry at the movie box office, but I not-so-secretly have never denied that I loved her as the burgeoning superheroine in DAREDEVIL. Screw all the haters. I liked that flick, Ben Affleck and all. And he liked her enough to knock her up 3 times in real life, so I might just give more weight to his preferences over the masses.

3 - Scarlett Johansson - Black Widow

I thought she was going to suck and then... ScarJo pulled out an awesome Black Widow in IRON MAN 2. then she went on and continued to kick ass as the character in THE AVENGERS. The way she was tough but sexy, hardcore yet caring and caused me to want to wring her neck for getting to be that close to Jeremy Renner for so long... gotta love it.

2 - Eva Mendes - Sand Sarif

Throwing what love I have for a super crappy superhero film to a character who may or may not be properly defined as a superheroine. Eva Mendes had been growing on me for years but it was in THE SPIRIT as Sand Sarif where I finally agreed to never argue internally about whether or not I love her. She saved that movie from being an exhausting, gruesome experience for me.

1 - Michelle Pfeiffer - Catwoman

The legend. No waiting for it, Michelle set the bar and stood back laughing kittenishly as those after her tried to ascend. Sure, there were other Catwomen before her if you count the schlocky Adam West TV show (which I do, as I am a West fan, but Mich-P def topped them all) there just hasn't been anyone else you'd do backflips in stilettos for.



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