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08.08.2012by: Cherry Liquor

The Sexy Ten Spot: Sexiest New York Natives

It seems that if you want to find yourself a picture-perfect model, you go to Brazil. If you want to find a woman with great looks, metaphorical balls and talent that can range from a whisper to a scream, you get yourself a girl who was born in New York. Thanks to this weekend's release 2 DAYS IN NEW YORK for providing the inspiration for this delicious tasting of New Yorker hotness.

10 - Lake Bell

Say Butterface all you want, I still love me some Lake Bell. She was born in New York and later raised as a teen in Florida and happens to have what I believe is one of the most awesome bodies in all of Hollywood. Oh, and she makes shitty movies watchable, if only for her scenes. Suck on that, haters.

9 - Kerry Washington

When a girl is raised in The Bronx by a real estate agent, she knows a thing or two about working her surroundings. I wonder if David Moscow, the young version of Tom Hanks in BIG, ever realized he'd grow up to one day nearly marry this gorgeous woman. Kerry Washington has been an actress, a dancer and was once offered a chance to attend Yale, she's that well rounded. I think I love New York.

8 - Michelle Trachtenberg

Was rewatching a little Season Five of "B:TVS" this weekend, that season where the annoying Dawn was added. I never saw a point to giving Buffy a sister. Then again, I never saw the point in killing off Buffy's mom, having Buffy hook up with Spike or giving Angel his own spin off. Well, for longer than two seasons. Mich-T, born in NYC and raised in Brooklyn, well... it's nice that she surpassed the teen years that threw her into the deep end of the hottie pool.

7 - Jennifer Esposito

I have a feeling that I'm not alone in my Jennifer Esposito love. Not that I need your reassurance or anything. I've had a thing for this Jenny from the block all the way back when she was on "Spin City," and even sat through the horrible SUMMER OF SAM just to see her get all stripped down and dirty. Currently on "Blue Bloods," back in the television home that welcomes her, here's my top ten love for this NY babe.

6 - Devon Aoki

Who wants to be that snake right about now? While I might not have been all that taken with Aoki the first time I saw her (2 FAST, 2 FURIOUS), over time she won me over by being a skinny little badass that you knew from one glance you just didn't want to screw with. Seems to be the aura New York gals give off.

5 - Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum can sing, act and look 14 well into her mid-20's. So it's nice that she's learned that being a dime in the dozen world of Hollywood meant it was time to start taking risks and took on the role of Fiona Gallagher on the Showtime series "Shameless." Makes us feel not so filled with shame to enjoy her nudity. Oh, these New Yorker girls and their tasty to look at bits...

4 - Lucy Liu

I have a hard time getting past the ice queen, raging bitch that Liu played on "Ally McBeal," mainly because she did it so well. With this fall bringing her back into a leading role on television (opposite the first Mr. Angelina Jolie in "Elementary"), it's time to revisit that Lucy was born in New York and raised in the hearts and loins of her devoted followers.

3 - Eva Amurri

Remember when Eva Amurri was the quirky weirdo chick in movies like SAVED!? That's when people were still focused on thinking of her as Susan Sarandon's daughter, lucky to have the roles that she did because her mom paved the way for quirky looking babes in film. Then she finally took her top off in "Californication" and the rest became history. She's still compared to her mother, but I think everyone realizes that's far from being a bad thing.

2 - Diane Lane

She gets older but it just makes her that much better. What was once tender and sweet to her role of Cherry Valance in THE OUTSIDERS became the tough mom that she regularly gets cast as in her following years. There's a reason why Diane Lane is beloved amongst men and women alike. We all wish we could spend at least 2 days in her.

1 - Rosario Dawson

Om nom nom nom nom... She started off in KIDS, ended up everything from a cop to an alien offspring to the goddess daughter of Zeus. There's nothing that Rosario Dawson can't play. And there's no reason I can think of to not want to play with Rosario Dawson any damn chance that comes up.



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