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05.01.2013by: Cherry Liquor

The Sexy Ten Spot: Sexiest Female Athletes

I feel as if I'm going to get slaughtered for this top ten list. I welcome all comments regarding how lame I am for not giving women who are better athletes, ranked higher, ranked lower or whatnot. I looked over a variety of different sporting events and made some decisions. Are there more than just these ten women who are sporty and sexy at the same time? Absolutely. This was hard on me. My writing muscles are sore. Where's the team doctor?

10 - Natalie Gulbis

Any chick who can look this good in a stretching pose with a golf club and not be Elin beating the shit out of Tiger ranks in my book. I really don't know much about golf or how Natalie Gulbis ranks in the PGA, I just remember her famously from that Sports Illustrated spray-painted bikini she did in 2012. If you don't want to sit through the linked video (which you should), still pics from the SI shoot can be found here.

9 - Maria Sharapova

She's ranked number 2 by the Women's Tennis Association as of this year but that doesn't mean that I have to love on her because she's a great athlete, right? We're talking sexiest athletes. And when you have to turn your head away from the screen and listen to the women play to get you turned on, there might be a problem. Sure, Sharapova has an awesome body. No lie. If I be frank, her face looks rodent-like to me. Love the body, admire the sportswomanship, can't get past that pointy little Ratatouille face.

8 - Lolo Jones

I want to believe that Lori "Lolo" Jones is the sister of mega-hottie Rashida Jones, but that's not the case. Jones is a track and field and bobsled performing athlete who has made it to the Olympics but not (yet?) taken home a medal. She might be only 5'9" but the length of this girl is pure beauty in motion. But what probably most of you know best about Jones is the fact that she, a devout Christian, went on record stating that she was a virgin and would remain so until marriage. Point, Lolo. Nothing hotter than the unattainable, virginal hottie.

7 - Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard is a seven-time Olympic medal winner in the sport of swimming. In 1996, the first time that she appeared at an Olympics, she was but a 14-year old girl, clutching her teddy bear whenever she wasn't in the water. She went on to compete in 2000, 2004, 2008, and then failed to make the 2012 team. Was it motherhood or age that send her swimming career packing? Perhaps after having posed in Playboy (NSFW link) in 2007 and then failing to make the semifinals in 2008 were what did her in. She is hot. She is athletic. She is on the list.

6 - Danica Patrick

I don't get the appeal of watching other people driving around in circles but I do get the appeal of Danica Patrick. With a male-dominated sport hungering for a woman to crash the party, they couldn't have gotten any luckier than when the beautiful Patrick started suiting up for racing. The problem remains, however, that Danica is ranked #66. She's getting a chance at her second NASCAR start this year, so one can only hope that even if she finishes dead last, her looks will keep her employed for much, much longer.

5 - Hope Solo

I think I might have been more approachable to the idea of ranking Hope Solo higher on this list and as far as the quality of her athleticism is concerned, she's really high on any list. But between her statements regarding how that one guy dancer slapped her when she participated on "Dancing with the Stars," to the domestic violence charges filed against fellow athlete Jerramy Stevens, whom she later went on to MARRY and then even later went on to claim nothing happened. So she's hot. But she's crazy. Enough for a mid-point ranking, in my weird opinion.

4 - Leryn Franco

Leryn Franco is hot, from Paraguay, has participated in the javelin throw for the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics and never won a medal but has spent time walking the runways as a model to earn money so she can keep participating in the competitive sports world. Which means there are fashion lines where she looks like this or, for a different angle, this (both links are NSFW). Which is, well, AWESOME.

3 - Allison Stokke

Yeah, Allison is the chick whose image went viral a couple years back, leading to a lot of attention paid to the young pole vaulter, as well as a lot of innuendo jokes regarding poles. I don't know about you, but I still haven't recovered. She's not a pro-athlete and is still finishing college the last I'd heard, but there's a Facebook page dedicated to her if you want to become a fan. While only worth a measly $100,000 in her sport, this is a jewel who can't be ignored.

2 - Lokelani McMichael

It'd be too hard to wrap your tongue around her native name, Lokelaniku'uleimakamae. but this triathlete and surfer fem-weapon might be too hard to catch to wrap your tongue around anything else on her. In 1995, Lokelani participated to make the cut for the Hawaiian Ironman triathlon, which runs a little over a mere 140 miles. She made the 2,000 participant cut out of the 48,000 who tried. She was only 18 at the time. She FINISHED the event. She's in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest woman to ever finish the event. Her nickname is Toned Loke. When I started researching female athletes, this image of Lokelani ended up as my current desktop wallpaper. Yeah.

1 - Gabrielle Reece

Gabby is always going to rank high on my list. I love the sport of volleyball and especially the female players who do it on the beaches. A whopping 6'3" tall and always a super lean 170, back in January 2001, Reece posed for Playboy (NSFW link) and showed that she's one long, lean, sinewy piece of sexy blonde. Her attitude is top-notch, her performances were always masterful and she even thought about switching to golf but dropped out to be a good mom. Love this lady.



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