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01.04.2013by: Cherry Liquor

The Sexy Ten Spot: Sexiest Calendar Girls

I never buy my calendars until far too much time has passed by and I'm left with whatever they have for 75% off at the endlessly rotating storefront in the mall that sells those things through February. So I thought I'd make one of my own with some pictures of hotties that were born the month that I have them featured. Rhyme? Reason? Yeah, right.

January - Lyndsy Fonseca

A fur rug and a Lyndsy Fonseca rug to rest your head upon? You know you wanna. The KICK-ASS beauty is returning in KICK-ASS 2 this summer, so she's busted out her bust to tide you over for the next six months. Makes you wonder if the next humiliating viral video that Jim Carey posts will be about her instead of Emma Stone this time.

February - Alice Eve

As the frost starts to melt in some of the less than freezing places of the world, how about a steaming bedful of Alice Eve to soothe your winter woes? The busty babe from the UK isn't afraid to get the skin out for roles and it's worth the price of admission. And I'm talking, full price, no discounts, late night admission.

March - Danneel Harris

Danneel Harris (aka Danneel Ackles) isn't someone I'd remember the name of off hand but she's got a sensational body, a gorgeous face and she can hook up with Kumar, which just makes me plain jealous. (Seriously, it's positively embarrassing the crush I have on Kal Penn.) Bikini body in March? Sounds perfect.

April - Ivana Milicevic

Rarely in movies where you'd be able to say, "That Ivana Milicevic!" but completely mesmerizing when she's on screen, I wanted to pay attention to IM because she was one of my favorite parts from that Paul Walker movie RUNNING SCARED that I love so gosh darn much. The mother of that little Russian boy with the ice blue eyes, you can see what she got cast. But damn, she is seriously a mega-babe under the radar.

May - Megalyn Echikunwoke

I hate that this woman's name is Megalyn Echikunwoke only because it's going to keep the troglodytes who could turn her into a famous face from not bothering to learn how to spell her name. If you look at her, watch some of her work, you begin to catch on - she's the next Halle Berry without all the c*ntish baggage. May or may she please find leading roles to prove that.

June - Morena Baccarin

For those of you who might think that it's too monochromatic around these parts, consider that sometimes what you think is white is not really all that washed out. For a woman who looks both exotic and casually average (her role on "Homeland" seems to be proving it to those people I know who watch it), I can't call her mono-anything.

July - Eva Green

It took me some time to come around to Eva Green but now that I'm here and we're talking about time, I figured the July birthday girl should get some attention on the MH 2013 calendar. She's strange and mysterious and French and smokes like a chimney but I'm still interested. You've seen that rack on her, right?

August - Jacinda Barrett

I have a soft spot for brunette Aussies. Jacinda Barrett might have gotten her start on "The Real World: London" but she made enough of a mark to catch the attention of someone other than me: she's been married to that Gabriel Macht fellow since 2004 and the couple have a kid together. Let's get her back on the screen for some more blockbuster end month time.

September - Christina Milian

Take me out to the ball game... Just don't get knocked up by The Game. Christian Milian kinda screwed up the trajectory of her career by doing an ugly dude and having a cute little baby with him but we'll still have those oiled abs in our minds since she's worked hard and maintained them, if not her career, throughout many calendar years.

October - Xun Zhou

CLOUD ATLAS might not have drawn in many viewers at the box office but Xun Zhou is one red-hot 37-year old who doesn't look a day over "HOT DAMN!" Alright, that was cheesy, but let's get real here... damn. This woman looks awesome and makes October feel all warm and tingly.

November - Olga Kurylenko

The beginning of the month's name "novem" stands for "ninth" but there's nothing but a complete 10 when it comes to the package that is Olga Kurylenko. She can pose in clothing, she can pose nude, she can appear in movies, she can appear in print and nothing keeps her from being the utter definition of perfection.

December - Alison Brie

You love her on "Community," I love her when she's Photoshopped in her undies. Well, not shopped into them, but pictured in them and then shopped because Brie can look odd from time to time without proper lighting and whatnot. And besides, what else makes you think of winter than women in lingerie?



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