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03.06.2013by: Cherry Liquor

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest WWE Divas

I am going to beg your forgiveness, those of you who look through this Ten Spot and concurrently are fans of the WWE. For I really know nothing about the majority of the women who have been infiltrating the wresting league. In fact, I didn't even pick this list. It was suggested to me by a young man named Joel Felix and the selections here, in the order listed, I must give complete credit to him. The words I write alongside them, I take full responsibility for and you may tongue lash me as you see fit.

10 - Torrie Wilson

A lot has changed since I was little and used to wake up early to catch G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, for those who aren't as old as I am). Now there are fewer beastly options on the ropes and more lovelies like Torrie Wilson. Joel has informed me that Wilson is now retired but is still considered by him and many others to be tops of the WWE Diva pops.

9 - Natalya

As I was looking through images to follow along with the list that I was given, I found so many pictures of Natalya, one of the currently active WWE Divas that led me to think that she's just peaches and cream. I love that inviting, warm smile of hers and the way that she has both cutesy images and cheeky images available to peruse. Multi-faceted badassedness.

8 - Kelly Kelly

When you want to get things right, don't just say them once, name them twice. Kelly Kelly isn't currently a part of the WWE Divas package but hot damn is she super-duper cute. Always seen posing in the ring with her arms wide and high, like a cheerleader. A cheerleader who could kick your ass. Which is just super sexy.

7 - Sable

I guess I should warn you that Joel has alerted me that his personal top ten WWE Divas aren't all currently wrestling ones. I have been told that there were so many who were at a peak that the newer divas have not yet achieved. Apparently Sable is one of those. Gorgeous, not overly buffened, and super sweet to her fans, from what I hear.

6 - Stacy Keibler

Well, duh. At some point I figured that Stacy Keibler was going to show up on Joel's list. She's about the only retired Diva that I am familiar with, being that she's George Clooney's main squeeze. I think. I try really hard not to pay attention to that nonsense. I can only picture how many times the lucky opponents got Stacy's 41 1/2 inch legs (that's 83 inches of squeezing) wrapped tightly around them.

5 - A.J. Lee

From what I can tell, the adorable A.J. Lee is the "tomboy" of the WWE Divas. Well, that's me judging based on the pictures that I found of her. Less focus on her boobs, butt or legs, more featuring her come-hither attitude, reminiscent of the men who have dominated the sport. She's got the demeanor which suggests, "Sure, try me." And that taunt is damn hard to ignore.

4 - Kaitlyn

Another absolutely cute Diva who is currently hitting the ropes, I would liken Kaitlyn to the Britney Spears of the WWE world. I mean that in a positive way. A pre-meltdown Brit-Brit. A cute, smiling, happy girl. You know, who's sexy as it gets.

3 - Eve Torres

OK, so I know that Joel chose this list and I understand that Eve Torres is retired and... well, I think I would've probably put her as my personal number one selection based solely on her looks alone. Gorgeous beyond compare to the rest of the list and in that approachable, nearly attainable way. Yum.

2 - Lita (Amy Dumas)

The only Lita that I was aware of prior to reading up about WWE Divas was Lita Ford. Retiree Lita (Amy Dumas) might just top the original Lita of my knowledge... if she can play guitar. I will hand it to Joel on this one and just go along with his second favorite. If she's tough, he knows. And at 18-years old, I have a feeling he knows what he likes to see as well.

1 - Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus... She's the number one WWE Diva in Joel's world. I can see the appeal, good looking, busty, and from what I was able to cull, she was one hell of a wrestler who was more about muscle than focusing too much on just being pretty. Which is sort of the point in wrestling, right?



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